About GDI Institute

Graphic Design Institute (GDI) is a completely practical training institute which offers from 1 month basic courses to 12 months duration advanced courses in Graphics Designing. These courses are covering all the important applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, Pre-press, Post-press, Art-Sketching classes etc. We offer numerous diploma programs and certification courses. Our goal is to make you successful - to give you the knowledge, skills and practical training you need in today's competitive workplace.

Why are we the best for Graphic Design Training?

The creative lab at GDI contains the latest Apple Mac computers with Bamboo Pen Tablets. In addition, students will learn to use the tools that they will use in the industry.

We offer a world class infrastructure necessary for the training. We have only one and completely dedicated center in India i.e. fully equipped with latest applications, internet, library, highly qualified instructors with week-end classes, and online graphic design training facility.

We think the most important things out of all are good teaching methodology and placement assistance and GDI is completely committed for the both. Few important points are given below to know more about us.

Strong Graphic Design Training Environment

At GDI, our motive is to focus more on both practical and theoretical training. We believe that this commitment to teaching is demonstrated in our record of exceptional retention and our graphic design students' placement record which remains almost 100%. We offer small classes and focus on providing individual attention. Apart from all this we do organize many graphic design related events such as quizzes and design competitions to pour the skills of leadership and team work in our graphic designig students.

Graphic Designing Classes for All

We let you choose the timings that are most convenient to you for the classes. Our graphic design institute is open for all 7 days. First batch starts at 8am in the morning and last batch ends at 8pm. We also provide graphic designing weekend classes for working professionals. If you are not able to come down at our institute due to your hectic schedule; then you can go for our Online Training Program for Graphic Designing also.

Strong Evaluation and Assessment Procedure

Our institute believes in evaluating and assessing the performance of the graphic designing students always. We have a routine graphic designing assessment process where every student has to go through a 100 points 5 rounds assessment phase just after completion of a software.

Extreme Focus on Conceptual Thinking

Our institute offers creative (sketching/drawing) workshops everyweek at the center to thrust the conceptual exercises in our students. We don't want to make them a non-designer computer operator so we offer a platform to make them highly creative design professionals.

Our students are good in Visual Grammar

Only creative sessions are not enough to nurture the creative talent in students. They must be good in visual grammar too. It is a grammar of design where students learn the basics of design such as principles, elements, meanings of shapes, colors, and typography etc.