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Main 5 Differences between Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design

Main 5 Differences between Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design

Desktop publishing and graphic design fields are not the same although they do have some similarities. Although some of the functions in both fields are same, they are quite different from one another. To understand the difference, it is recommended to join the best graphic design institute in Delhi.

Role of InDesign in Advertising Design and Desktop Publishing

Best InDesign Courses in Delhi

InDesign is Adobe’s product which is vastly used in the field of advertising design and desktop publishing market, and it’s mainly used for layout of newspapers, books, posters, magazines, and flyers. Practically anything with big quantities of message must go straight right into InDesign. It' s an effective tool for obtaining your graphic design work done. It's a powerful tool for getting your graphic design job done-- helpful for print as well as format style of all kinds.

Most Important Designing Rules to Learn to be a Good Advertising Designer

Adverting Rules to Learn

Think about all the products that you purchased because of the compelling tagline, or just because that product is endorsed by your favorite star.  This is how a good advertisement influence consumer.

A great advertisement is about how it drives and convinces customers to purchase the product. Advertisement is basically a strategy that a company uses to tell the world that I have a product, this is how it works & why you should only buy it. From recent times advertisements have become more creative, minimalist & subtle, setting the expectation bar too high!


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