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Prepress and Postpress- Very Important for Every Graphic Designer

Prepress and Postpress- Very Important for Every Graphic Designer


Printing process includes a lot of steps and every step has its own importance. There are a lot of activities even before the printing like Design, Preflighting and after the actual printing is over, like cutting, folding, assembling and binding. But it is not always necessary that all printed items are subjected to these processes. For example, advertising pamphlets does not require binding.

Role of Typefaces in a Design

role of typefaces in designing

“Typography speaks louder than words”, how many of you of you believe in this statement? Surprisingly, not many of you because there exists many high quality designers who don’t know the role and value of typography in design.  Assorted words are used in web and graphic design to portray brand identity, services and many other things relevant to one’s business. However the most important factor to be considered is how one can express his business to millions of people all around the world. The sole answer is, right and eye-catchy Typography.

Role of Colors in Making of Design

role of colors in designing

It‘s not an extravagance to mention that color played crucial role in creating a mood. It will stimulate our imagination to express taste, smell, and emotions. Since technology has modified it all, and never before have there been so numerous colors obtainable, the flexibility to form our mood with color is especially true for a computer screen.


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