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Expert Tips for Creating an Inspiring Resume as a Graphic Designer

Expert Tips for Creating an Inspiring Resume

I have grown up watching the brilliant designs by Saul Bass, Alan Fletcher, Paul Rand or David Carson. My fascination with art landed me into Graphic designing and today I’m successfully working as a Multimedia designer.

Graphic Design helps us to combine our artistic approach with technology and create some brilliant visuals. It helps us to unearth our true passion for art and design.

Learn to Create Gold Skin Effect Using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, a tool that you have been listening to since childhood may be confusing in the starting but when you will get to know each and everything about it, I am sure you will find it promising tool. It is a very powerful tool as it helps in making your simple photos incredibly outstanding as well as different.

15 Must Read Books for Graphic Designers

15 Must Read Books for Graphic Designers

Be it any art form- Dance, Painting, Literature, Music or Designing, each one of them has a large chunk of history and for every artist out there, history is their first mentor.

In order to find your unique individuality, you must need to learn and understand about the people that have come before you. History helps you in discovering your own unique self.


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