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GDI is affiliated with ADMEC, an ISO certified institute, therefore you will get your certificate/diploma from the same.

We have both options, but if you pay in lump sum, you can avail various discounts from the Institute.

There are maximum 4-5 students in a single batch of computers while sketching and workshops have no limit. Students can also complete training individually but for that they need to pay little extra fee

For designers, it is necessary that they should know sketching, thus considering it as an essential part of our training, we offer sketching classes and they are totally complementary which means there is no extra charges for that.

If you want to explore our free courses, please Click Here

No, Recording any lecture in any mode (Classroom or Online) is not allowed. You can ask your doubts in doubt sessions or after class from your respective faculty.

Student Coordinator

We have a dedicated student coordinator to manage student related queries.

Online Portal

We have an effective way of communication. Contact us via mail or phone.

Flexible structure

Choose class timings and schedule and mode according to your convenience.

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