Top 10 Advertising Agencies in India
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In today’s world of digitalization, we are bombarded with hundreds of ads each day, yet we only tend to remember some. Why is that the case?

The realm of advertising has evolved to a point where merely being yourself is insufficient, it is necessary to have a transformative approach to capture attention in 2024.

Consider, for instance, the brands that hold a special place in the hearts of design students. It’s not just their name that resonates, often, it is the memorable tagline that is associated with them.

A tagline serves as a sufficient yet powerful encapsulation of a brand’s essence. Some taglines withstand the test of time, becoming timeless classics. When a brand changes its tagline, it shows that it can adjust to what people like and want at that time. The journey of tagline reflects the dynamic nature of branding in a world flooded with constant change and shifting consumer preferences.

In India’s vibrant advertising landscape, not every agency manages to reach the pinnacle of success despite the nation consistently producing impressive ads. 

Albert Lasker and Alyque Padamsee are known as the father of modern advertising respectively in the world and in India.

Creating an advertisement that catches the attention and remains in consumers’ memory demands a blend of psychology, marketing expertise, and creative imagination.

Now let’s tackle the burning question: which design firm excels in delivering excellent exceptional work in 2024? Here are some selective lines up of top advertising firms renowned for their inspiring and impactful campaigns, all adhering to the principle of “jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai(what is seen, sells).

List of the Best Advertising Agencies in India in 2024

1. DDB Mudra Communications

Db mudra communications
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Introduction: Holding the esteemed title of India’s leading and most expensive marketing communications services firm, DDB Mudra Group excels across four domains: Media, Outdoor Advertising, Retail, and Experiential. Leading the pack in the industry, Aditya R. Kanthy currently holds the positions of Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at DDB Mudra Group, contributing to its success and creative prowess.

History of DDB Mudra Communications

Established on March 25, 1980, by A. G. Krishnamurthi its main base is in Mumbai. It commenced operations with a modest team of 15 employees, a 500 sq. ft workspace, and a startup capital of Rs 40,000. however, in 1990, Mudra forged a collaboration partnership with DDB Needham Worldwide.

In 2011, the Omnicom Group acquired the Mudra Group and integrated it with DDB Worldwide. Presently, they operate three agency networks, six specialist agencies, and eleven strategic business units, reflecting their commitment to providing comprehensive marketing and advertising solutions.

In 2011, Mudra Group was acquired BY Ominicom Group and named as DDB Mudra Group and was merged with DDB worldwide. Currently It has three agency networks and six specialist agencies and eleven SBU.


It has bragged most of the awards in national and international film festivals like Cannes, Spikes Asia, Clio, Adfest, ABBYs, OAA etc. 25 March is still celebrated across all Mudra offices as Mudra Day. On When comparing the awards, it has won a Silver at the Olive Crown Awards in the ‘Young Green Art Director of the Year’ category.


McDonald’s, Reebok, Colgate, Stayfree, Henkel, ACC Limited, Volkswagen, snickers, USHA, Bharat Petroleum, Puma, Linen Club, Aditya Birla Group, Pepsi, Peter England, among many others.

Iconic Campaigns by DDB Mudra Communications

1. McDonald’s – It’s Easy to Feel Good (#MealsMakeFamilies)

2.Volkswagen Taigun – #HustleModeOn

3.Snickers – Noobie Mistakes 

4.Stayfree – It’s Just a Period (This Daughter; ‘s day, talk to your sons)

Watch the story told by DDB Mudra Group


2. Grey India

Grey India
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Introduction: Grey India, as a division of the Grey Global Group, stands as one of the premier marketing and advertising agencies globally, renowned for its innovative campaigns and strategic insights.

Renowned for their remarkable and impactful campaigns, they have delivered notable work for some of India’s esteemed companies. Their Mumbai office oversees projects in retailing, visual designs, and fixture design, solidifying their presence and expertise in the Indian markets.

History of Grey India

The company originated in the United States by Lawrence Valenstein in 1917. With numerous subsidiary branches worldwide, including Grey India, G2, GHG, GCI Group, MediaCom Worldwide, Alliance, G WHIZ, WING, Grey EMEA, and ArcTouch, it maintains a global presence and provides a diverse range of marketing and advertising services.


Cadbury Silk, Kinder Joy, Britannia, Fortis Healthcare, Pantene, Sensodyne, Dell, Crocin, BNatural, Gillette, Indian Air Force, Tic-Tac, Ferrero, and many more.

Iconic Campaigns by Grey India

1.Britannia cheese wafer: zyaada cheesy, zyaada fun

2.Ambi Pur Flood

3.KinderJoy – Barbie & Transformers

4.Britannia Cake (Shararat)

5.Dell Latitude

6.Gillette (Man Enough)


3. Rediffusion (Y & R)

Rediffusion (Y & R)
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Rediffusion, a member of the WPP group, ranks among India’s foremost advertising agencies. The company is well-known for offering various services like advertising, consulting, web design, social media management, promotions, and event planning.

History of Rediffusion (Y & R)

The founding faces behind the establishment of Rediffusion were Ajit Balakrishnan, Diwan Arun Nanda,and Mohammed Khan. Its founding year was 1973. The main mission of this company was to produce some passionate, bold, and fearless projects in the arena of advertising. As part of the Young & Rubicam network, Rediffusion-Y&R operates globally with 187 offices. With offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, and Sri Lanka, the agency provides innovative and creative solutions to its clients.


Eveready, Emani, Handard, Tata Motors, Ambuja, ITC Stationery

Iconic Ads by Rediffusion

1.Tata Intra (Badle Soch, Badle Zindagi)

2.Shyam Steel (Experience)

3.Catch Spices (Two States)

4.Anmol Twinz

5.Resurgent Rajasthan


4. McCANN-Erickson India Ltd

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Introduction: McCann is one of the premiere advertising agencies in India, consistently ranking among the top companies in the industry. With offices spanning 120 countries, McCann boasts an extensive global network, enabling it to reach diverse regions and cater to clients worldwide.


With the world’s famous advertising trademark, “Truth Well Told,” McCann was established in 1902, and in 1912, it achieved a significant milestone

The agency operates at the forefront of innovation, crafting creative ideas, that emerge from the convergence of technology solutions, measurable performance, and a deep understanding of people.

McCann has been recognized on numerous occasions, with Adweek honoring them as the Global Agency of the Year thrice. Additionally, they have earned the prestigious title of  “Global Agency of the Year in 2023” for their outstanding performance in the marketing industry.


Air India, Gyan Diary, Microsoft, Loris, Cococola, Maybelline, Spirite, Master card, etc

Ads by McCann

1.Air India: Safety Mudras

2.Gyan Dairy – Ghee Film

3.Coca Cola (#SayItWithCoke)

4.NESCAFÉ Cartoonist (#ItAllStarts)


5. Ogilvy & Mather

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Ogilvy & Mather stands as a renowned and top-tier advertising company in India, renowned for its commitment to 360-degree branding on both local and global scales. The company has solidified its dominance in the digital sphere, establishing a formidable presence and leveraging its strengths to excel in the digital landscape.

Operating the principle of  “We sell or else”, Ogilvy & Mather emphasizes the importance of delivering results in the advertising industry.

Ogilvy & Mather’s exceptional achievements have been duly recognized, as evidenced by its remarkable feat of winning the coveted title of Network of the Year at Cannes for three consecutive years.


Founded in 1948 by David Oligavy, the agency has expanded its reach to over 150 countries worldwide. With its presence in six cities across India, Ogilvy & Mather has emerged as one of the foremost advertising agencies in the country.


Savlon, American Express, IKEA, UPS, Philips, Coke Zero, IBM, Dove, NASCAR, Cadbury, Nationwide and Tiffany & Co.

Ads by Ogilvy & Mather

1. Not just a Cadbury Ad – Cadbury 

2.Coca-ColaThe real magic of Pujo

3.Savlon healthy hands chalk sticks

4.Apsara Absolute Pencils


6. JWT-India

JWT India
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Introduction: JWT India, the Indian division of the esteemed J. Walter Thompson advertising agency, boasted a rich legacy since its establishment in 1929. As one of the nation’s premier advertising agencies, JWT India was revered for its innovative campaigns and exceptional creative talent.

However, in 2019, J. Walter Thompson merged with Wunderman to form Wunderman Thompson, and its operations were integrated into this new entity.


It is a prominent advertising company in India, founded in 1896 with its headquarters in New York. operating in over 90 countries worldwide, the company acquired Hindustan Thompson in 2002, solidifying its presence and influence in the Indian market.

Notable Clients

maxx, tata gluco, Nestle, Unilever, DTC, etc.

Most Popular Designs by JWT India

1.The killer pack Maxx flash

2.Tata Gluco energy the game on

3.Milky Bar thematic

4.Everyuth – Zydus Wellness (Everyuth Naturals)


7. Triverse Advertising

Triverse Advertising
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Introduction: A prestigious advertising agency based in Gurgaon, specializing in brand architecture and design language, social media management, and advertising services. Registered under the Registrar of Companies, Delhi, as a non-government entity, it exemplifies its dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and professionalism.


Established on 9th May 2008 by Suresh Tiwari, this agency has effectively managed the communication needs of various national and regional brands. Their expertise lies in creating work that mirrors the standard of international ad agencies catering to both luxury & mass-market brands.


Fortuna, Vardhman, Brijwasi, SMC, Pari India.

Notable Campaigns by Traverse Advertising

1. NS Arcus Absolute Concrete

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2.SMC: moneywise. be wise.

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3.Fortuna Holdings SFO

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NS Arcus Absolute Concrete
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8. FCB-Ulka Advertising Ltd.

FCB Ulka Advertising Ltd
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Introduction: Since its inception, FCB-Ulka has maintained a consistent presence among the top 10 advertising agencies in India, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. It has played a vital role in reshaping the conventional image of ad agencies, breaking stereotypes along the way. 


was founded in 1961 by Bal Mundkurwas, FCB-Ulka has its corporate headquarters in Mumbai. With a global presence spanning 92 countries and 150 offices worldwide, the agency commemorated its 50th year of brand-building excellence last year. Today, FCB Ulka stands tall as one of the top three agency groups in India, boasting 53 brands that lead their respective categories.

Many of these brands were built from the ground up, virtually nonexistent, before the agency took on their business.

Notable clients

Zee, Abbot, Amul, HP, Levi’s, Nerolac, Indian Oil, ITC Sunfeast, Tata, Candy Man, Hero, Whirlpool, Wipro, etc.

Iconic Campaigns by FCP Ulka Advertising

1. Amul – Gulkandi Kulfi

2.Horlicks – Junior

3.Nerolac – There is a Little Bit of Nerolac in Your Life

4. Amul Milk – Mother’s Pure Love


9. Chaitra Leo Burnett Pvt. Ltd.

chaitra leo burnett
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Introduction: Chaitra Leo Burnett Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic advertising agency dedicated to delivering innovative and impactful marketing solutions.

Chaitra Leo Burnett Pvt. Ltd. prides itself on its dedication to creativity, strategic thinking, and ensuring client satisfaction. It strives to make meaningful connections between brands and their audiences.

Recently, it has been rated among the top 10 advertising agencies in India in 2024, it operates on the principle of fulfilling people’s purposes and needs.


Leo Burnett is an advertising company founded in 1935 in Chicago and has been operating in India since 1992, with regional offices located in  Bangalore, Karnataka. With over 100 offices spread across the globe, Leo Burnett is a prominent player in the advertising industry, known for its innovative and creative excellence.


Altria, P&G, Kellog, Coca-Cola, lays, whisper, Fiat, Samsung

Iconic Campaigns by Chaitra Leo Burnett Pvt. Ltd.

1.Limca Phir Ho Ja Shuru 

2.Lay’s Smart Farm

3.Fiat operation no grey

4.Bajaj V – Postcards Of Pride

5.Whisper the missing chapter


10. Dentsu Aegis

Dentsu Aegis
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Introduction: The company you’re referring to is likely Dentsu Inc., a leading Japanese PR and advertising agency headquartered in Tokyo. Originally established as Telegraphic Service Co. Japan Advertising Ltd. by Hoshiro Mitsunaga, the company has transformed remarkably into a formidable force in the global advertising industry.

Dentsu Inc. is renowned for its innovative campaigns, which seamlessly combine creativity with cutting-edge technology to deliver impactful results.


Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Bengaluru, India, Dentsu Communications Pvt. Ltd. has swiftly expanded its footprint to encompass key cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. As a subsidiary of the esteemed global advertising and PR agency Dentsu, it benefits from a wealth of expertise and resources. This strategic positioning enables Dentsu Communications Pvt. Ltd. to deliver innovative and impactful campaigns to its clientele. With its widespread presence and solid backing, the company is poised to further enhance the advertising landscape in India.


 Microsoft, Nissan, MasterCard, TVS,swiggy, meta, Toyota, Reebok, etc.

Iconic Campaigns by Dentsu

1.Swiggy – Voice of hunger with Swiggy India

2.Facebook – Taproot Dentsu: Facebook 

3.TVS Jupitar – Zayaada Ka Fayada

4.Toyota TVC

5.Nission Top Ramen Noodles


Final Words on Top Advertising Agencies in India in 2024

If you’re a design student aspiring to work with India’s top advertising agencies in 2024, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the numerous advertising firms across the country. 

While I may not be an expert in the Indian market, I can suggest some major agencies like Ogilvy, McCann Worldgroup, DDB Mudra Group, JWT (now Wunderman Thompson), Leo Burnett, and Publicis India. These agencies have significantly impacted India’s advertising landscape and offer valuable opportunities for budding designers.

If you dream always of working with India’s leading agencies! Join our advanced courses in Graphic Design now and make your dream come true guaranteed with our huge experience.

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