About Online Graphic Design Courses

GDI is a portal of ADMEC Multimedia Institute which is a prestigious name in education. Begin your graphic design learning journey with online Graphic Design Courses at GDI. By joining professional online graphic design courses under expert’s guidance.  

In online Graphic Design Courses, you will explore a wide range of fundamental topics like: essential tools, principles and techniques of graphic design.  

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in graphic designing industry. By joining our online courses in graphic design, you can take your skills to next level by learning digital designing software such as:

  • Photoshop 
  • Illustrator  
  • InDesign 
  • CorelDraw 
  • Adobe XD 
  • SketchBook 
  • And many more 

By industry professional mentors who have many years of experience both of teaching and indusial graphic designing work. 

Commercial Art and Visual Grammar 

Most important skill for becoming a successful designer is the skill of designing. In online graphic design courses, we include special Commercial Art and Visual Grammar classes. These classes teach students basic things of designing like 

  • Typography 
  • Color Schemes 
  • Design Trends 
  • Custom font Design
  • Grid Systems
  • Types of Layouts
  • Logo Designs
  • Design Thinking
  • User Experience Design etc. 

These classes are very helpful for developing basic design thinking. Without the knowledge of basic design knowledge an individual cannot establish him or herself as a graphic designer.  

Offered online graphic design courses at our institute

At Graphic Design institute, we offer many online courses from short-term certificate course to long term diploma course.  

Quick overview on each graphic design online course 

Here is the list of all online courses 

Advanced career-oriented courses 

All of these courses are long-term diploma programs and each of them covers many designing software application plus commercial arts and visual grammar classes. These courses enable the students to get many career opportunities with wide range of different job titles.  

Graphic Design Master Plus – This online course in graphic design can be considered as the all-in-one course. In which you will get to learn basic to advance level of graphic designing. Basic of web, UI and UX design. You will also learn photography and image editing.

Graphic Design Master This graphic design online course covers all the essential element of graphic designing from digital designing software applications to art classes. Which makes you able to work in

  • Design studios 
  • Post-production houses 
  • Publishing houses 
  • Ad agencies 
  • And at many more places

Graphic Design Premium – This graphic design online course is specially made up for those individuals who want to equip their selves with the leading digital design software application of industry. This course not only covers all leading software applications but also contains basic design classes for learning principles of graphic design.

Advertising Design Standard – This online graphic design course is the best suitable for those candidates who wants work in advertising industry. This course covers basic to advance level of graphic designing and all essential tactics of advertisement such as 

  • Brand understanding 
  • Product photography 
  • Essential of marketing and communications 

Visualization master course – This online master course is specially designed to create visual creativity among the students.  In this online graphic design course the students will learn

  • How to apply visual elements 
  • Understanding of visual elements such as 
  • Typography 
  • Iconography 
  • Signage  
  • Layout  
  • Color theory etc. 
  • This online course also covers all essential designing software application. 

Short-term online courses

These short-term courses cover only one to two software application according to the user use. In some publishing agencies they only need a person who have a good command on CorelDraw, illustrator or other designing software applications. For getting that kind of jobs learning online short-term courses will be enough.  

All these short-term online programs teach you every tool to create basic design like poster, banner, book cover, magazine cover and image editing/photo manipulation. 

Graphic Design Standard – This online graphic design course covers industry leading software like Photoshop and CorelDraw. It also includes visual grammar classes and portfolio development.

Visualization Standard Course – This online visualization course will teach you basic of graphic designing that includes color theory, sketching, drawing, poster banner making, logo designing and important software application like adobe illustrator etc.

Adobe Photoshop Course  In this online Photoshop course you will learn retouching and blending of images, how to use layer, use of special effects and filters, healing tool, patch tool etc.

Adobe Illustrator Course – Adobe Illustrator is a very important software by which you can create cartoons, web designs, patterns, line art etc. by joining this online Adobe illustrator course you can get jobs of logo designer, flat designs creator, 2d cartoon designer, etc.

CorelDraw Course – CorelDraw is in high demand software due to low production cost. It is widely used to design logo, poster, and banner. By the help this online CorelDraw course you can make digital design easily with cheap post production cost.

Adobe InDesign Course – InDesign is usually used by designer to create a multi or single page document. In this online InDesign you will learn how to create brochures, magazines, books and flyers digitally.     

Online Photography Courses

The online photography courses are made up for those peoples who wants to make career in photography industry. if you are a photographer and wants to learn photo editing application to take your work to next level. Then these courses are best for you. 

Photography Standard Course – it is ultimate online course that includes all the fundamentals of digital photography that will enhance your skill to next level. This online course teaches you 

  • Advanced raster and image editing techniques 
  • Color balancing 
  • Special effects and filters  
  • Digital camera anatomy 
  • Photography types etc. 

Photography Master Course – this is short-term online certificate course in which you learn essential application like Photoshop and Lightroom. By learning this, chances of getting superb jobs becomes easy for you.

Lightroom Master Course – if you are an amateur photographer and wants to improve your photographs. Then join this online Lightroom master course in which you will learn 

  • Advanced image editing techniques 
  • Color branding  
  • Lens corrections and camera calibration and many more.  |

Photo Editing Master Course – this online image editing course is the best for those peoples who want to become professional image editor.
In this online program you will learn 

  • Raster techniques 
  • Shadow and lightening 
  • Matte paintings 
  • Masking and collage etc. 

Photography Special- Adobe Photoshop Course – Photoshop is most famous image editing and manipulation software application. It is widely used by designer all over the globe for creating stunning photographs. 

This course will teach you:

  • How to adjust images by using curves 
  • Dodging techniques 
  • Adding beautiful borders 
  • Application of blur effect  
  • Album designing etc. 

ADMEC Multimedia offers following given courses too. Please click to check on our main website if interested.

For more information about these online graphic design courses, contact us or you can also ring us on +91 9911782350 or mail us on info@admecindia.co.in.

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