Free Graphic Design Resources Every Graphic Designer Should Know

Free Graphic Design Resources

Graphic designer is a unique combination of creativity, skill, patience, and an excellent communication all of which need constant nurturing to stay up-to-date in the market. If you are reading blogs, watching tutorial videos to learn new shortcuts, or reading up on your favorite designs, design resources are significant to a thriving career and making stunning graphic design portfolio. When people think of Facebook, they think of what they see and how they interact with it. Real images, mental images, brand images, identity: They're all designed by graphic designers.

Check out our list of best 11 online resources which every graphic design should know and will help you in making your life easier

1. Kuler

Adobe’s Kuler is the best source for all color related things. It will help you in case you're trying to determine colors for an existing pallet or starting completely from     scratch. Simply moving the dots around the color wheel you're able to select a wide range of , analogous, triad, shades, or custom colors, and Kuler will give you the RGB and HEX codes which will help you in creating a masterpiece.


2. FontShop


 Typefaces can be found anywhere. There are variety of typefaces you can download for free from Behance and ones created by the   stars of typography like Hoefler and Frere-Jones. It comes with a content tester feature, which allows you to see what your work is going to look like, and the related fonts tab that shows you other typefaces you might be interested in.


3. Book Cover Archive

Book Cover Archive

This is the best place for those who are interested in book designs. This site has a collection of book covers designed by some of the renowned designers to get inspired from. Here all the book covers can easily be sortable by photographer, art director, designer, title, author, and genre, the site will not only inspire but will also educate you.


4. The Noun Project

The Noun Project

The Noun Project is an excellent resource for iconography. This site is extremely helpful for those designers who are looking for icon inspiration or for stock icons. If you are an icon designer, you can also upload your own icons for sale. It offers more than 100,000 icons of various themes.

Website :

5. Graphics Fuel

Graphics Fuel

This is an online resource which provides Photoshop freebies with the original source files in .PSD format, backgrounds, logos, text effects and much more. Rafi is a graphic designer who spends a lot of his time creating quality graphics just to give them away for free – so make sure you check out his design collections.

Website :

6. Pixeden


Are you looking for lots of free graphics and web resources all in one place? Pixeden has a little bit of everything. With plenty of graphic design and web design templates, icons vectors, separate section for print and web – you just name it and you will get it. You can join for free but if you want a little extra, you can upgrade to one of their premium plans too.

Website :

7. The Dieline

The Dieline

It is the world’s most visited packaging design and highlights the importance and value of packaging design for brands in today’s world. This is one place where the public can examine projects, individuals can learn more about the design process, and stay informed of latest industry trends, it encourages designers and brands alike to question their own work and hold themselves to the highest standards possible.


8. Dafont


It is an amazing site for free fonts. The interface is great -- it shows you all the fonts in great big letters. Thousands of free fonts for download can be found on this website. You can even input your own text to compare fonts – perfect for deciding on logo and headline fonts.


9. Dexigner


It is the leading online portal for designers, architects, illustrators, engineers, artists, and creatives of all kinds. It is the best source for latest updates on graphic design industry as it publishes the latest design news, events, competitions, books, resources.


10. Logoed


It is a site that showcases beautiful and meaningful logo designs. The single-page site has been around for over a decade and so has a great variety of logos in its archives. It displays simple and neat layouts, thumbnails for every design. They are arranged vertically, requiring users to simply click on each for more information and get inspired.


11. Awwwards


Do you want to showcase your work? If yes, then this is the site for you.  This site will let users vote on designs and then crowns top designs of the day, month, and year. In addition to getting your work in front of millions of people, you can also browse through a seemingly limitless amount of some breath-taking designs.


There are so many great graphic design resources on the web. Apart from going through these resources, it’s also important to know the correct way to utilize these resources. The best is way is by joining graphic design courses from best graphic design institutes in Delhi where you will learn all professional level techniques. Put these resources to work to help you become a better graphic designer. post your graphic design websites in the comments section below which you think we have missed.