What are the Pros and Cons of CorelDraw that Mostly Designers Might Not Know?

Pros and Cons of CorelDRAW

Graphic design is a craft that let you communicate with your audience through visual content. It gives you the freedom to explore yourself and unshackle the inner creativity. Whether you are creating a basic illustration or developing an asset for the larger project, the understanding of Graphic design software plays a critical role.

Polished software skills help you to have a competitive edge over others in the industry. There are many apps available in the market that you can use to showcase your thoughts and ideas, however, there's a software that remain ignored by designers most of the times and that software is CorelDraw. One who is interested in learning the CorelDraw course should have a basic understanding related to the pros and cons of the application.

Created by Canadian Organization, CorelDraw is an industry-acclaimed Graphic design software and has recently became 20 years old in the industry. The software comes with innumerable features that let you create stunning graphics, business stationery and edit photo. In initial days some versions of this software are supported by Mac too but later it became complete window-based software and now after observing the competitive environment the latest 2019 version of this software will run on Mac too.

The software comes with friendly user interface that makes the tasks of designer simple easy and fast. It offers its users a reliable work space so that they can be more productive in their work. Just as every coin has two sides, CorelDraw also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Let's have a deeper look into that.


Pros of CorelDraw

CorelDraw is a leading industry software and it is with an extensive tool palette that let you create and edit graphics with perfect precision. Although the tool has in numerous features, it gives you the freedom to customize your design space. now, let’s look into its advantages in detail.

Easy Curve Management

Easy Curve Management

CorelDraw, developed in 1987, is the first graphic design software that supports vector graphics. It is a fantastic vector software. If you are a technical illustrator then you'll love how precise and accurate its curve management is. The Bezier tool lets you control all the nodes and makes the illustration process simple and easy.

Creativity and Control

Creativity and Control

Dare to Design differently" that's what CorelDraw suggest. Whether you want to design logos, banners or any other graphics, you'll be amazed to see the customization it offers to its users. It has an unmatched quality that will complement your style. Though you can relocate and resize the menu and toolbar, it strikes a balance between manual and automatic controls

Now for Mac too!

Now for Mac Tool

CorelDraw, before 2019 version was a complete window-based software but the organization understood the competitive environment strategies and designed it latest version for Apple mac too



CorelDraw is one of the expert tracing software. You can easily customize that with precision. You must try CorelDRAW trace once to experience the top-notch quality and as a bonus to it they also have a font recognition routine in their X4 version.

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Cons of CorelDraw

Print Preview

Print Preview

Corel also comes with few cons that make it less famous than Illustrator. Though it was a first software that supported vector graphics as soon Adobe released its Illustrator, people got more attracted towards that and the main reason behind that was Colour Preview. If we look at the Print Preview of both CorelDraw and Illustrator then we can conclude that Illustrator is winning the game here since it renders the print preview very accurately.

File Transfer and Compatibility

File Transfer and Compatibility

The designer mostly uses Adobe products like Photoshop and InDesign and they work seamlessly with each other as it is easy to transfer file and thus saves the designer from creating the same design again and again. But In case of CorelDraw it is a problem because it is a Non-Adobe product

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CorelDraw is no doubt one of the most sophisticated software and still 60% of the industry uses CorelDraw software because of its smooth learning curves. So, this makes the sense that Corel is still in the list and one can definitely find short term employment in CorelDraw which is much easier than finding in Illustrator

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