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Delhi is the hub of training institutions and coaching centers. It is the city where all types of courses are available ranging from basic computer courses to professional level diploma programs. Whenever it comes to Graphic Design training; Delhi comes at top in the list of best cities where professional level training is provided. There are many training platforms where one can start. But not all are delivering the valuable knowledge as per the standard of the industry. So, it becomes very crucial to join the right center for the training.

As per the top ranking training institutes in Delhi for the graphic design courses, Graphic Design Institute in Rohini, places among top 5 institutions. It offers valuable industry standard training through its unique methodology of teaching. This institute is among the least centers where visual grammar and commercial art classes are provided.

Graphic Design Institute in Rohini, Delhi is one amongst the well-established and renowned institutes in Graphic Design Industry in Delhi, NCR, bestowing advance training and learning in Graphic Design Courses. This institute is providing all the diploma & certificate courses with professional orientation and are recognized worldwide in association with today’s big name in the multimedia education i.e. ADMEC Multimedia Institute in Delhi, India. Moreover it is a certified Adobe Testing Center and ISO 9001:2008 for quality and management. And for this reason our students have outstanding placement records in graphic designing courses both in India and abroad. 

Through in this piece of abstract, we focus on the factors that make our institute- one of the best training institutes for graphic designing courses and why our graphic design courses students have good placement record from the other institutes in graphic design industry.

Factors Unique to Graphic Design Institute Rohini, Delhi

Typically a graphic designer is a mix of both creative and technical skills. Creative skills are usually inherent to an individual while technical skills can be acquired by joining a good graphic design training institute. Furthermore, a graphic designer should have artistic spark, a flair to adore challenges, open to take criticism and alike abilities. Now let’s see some of the factors that make Graphic Design Institute unique and different from others.

Industry Oriented Graphic Design Courses

At GDI, our graphic design courses– Graphic Master, Graphic Premium, and Graphic Standard feature industry relevant curriculum alongside offering world- class facilities fully equipped with use of both modern & traditional equipment.

Types of Courses at Graphic Design Institute

Courses at this institute are divided into 2 categories: Certificate and Diploma.

Diploma: Long-term programs which cover a good list of design software applications along with the mixture of visual grammar and fine arts training. These programs are most in demand and offer versatile career options for the creative aspirants.

Certificate: These are short duration courses which maximum stretch up to 4 months. Joining a certificate course is recommended for those who want to test themselves first. If you are not sure about this field then you must go for certificate programs. These courses are like eye opener and provide a dose of software knowledge.

Our courses are flexibly designed to place students at the Centre of learning by employing a range of teaching and assessment approaches that take into consideration your individual interests, skills and ambitions in Graphic Designing.

Exceptional Evaluation Procedure in Our Institute

If there’s a teaching system then there should be a graphic design evaluation system also. GDI is the sole institute that proffers an internationally acclaimed assessment procedure. So far no institute has produce legends for the graphic design industry without following a strong evaluation mechanism. We have a tendency to issue certificate to deserving candidates only. Under our evaluation mechanism students can gain employability skills, much needed experience & exposure to navigate a successful career path in today’s competitive creative industries.

Live Projects Training in Graphic Designing

At Graphic Design Institute, students during the tenure of their respective programs will work on the LIVE INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS, which lays a foundation and brightens the future prospects of the students. Such in-house training program at GDI emphasizes upon developing the student’s ability to visualize dynamically and to widespread their logical ideas. Furthermore our institute’s faculty of graphic designing will render full guidance & support to the students so that they can easily adapt with the future technologies requirements in the industry.

Industry relevant curriculum, out of the world teaching methodology, live practical/project training at Graphic Design Institute enables our graphic design students to pass out as experienced graphic designer instead of merely a machine operator. Besides this artistic vision, creative mindset and rich industry experience of our graphic design faculty also pays a crucial role in shaping the career of our students. 

Best Affordable Graphic Design Training in Delhi

To attain an affordable training, Graphic Design Institute is the best platform to rely on. This institute has been delivering valuable training to students for last 15 years and has made career of more than 8,000 + students so far.

Courses at Graphic Design Institute are categorized as per the above given classification. Out of the list of top 30 programs, Graphic Master Plus course is one of the most popular courses at our design institute. It is a 12 months diploma program which covers the training of essential design elements, software applications, grammar of the design and fine arts.

Some of the quick qualities of our institute are:

  1. We deliver updated and trending content in the form of its career courses.
  2. We are one of the few design training centers in Delhi NCR which conducts outdoor and special sessions on commercial art.
  3. By enrolling in the diploma programs, you’ll learn to compose the fine art skills with software technical knowledge to create a classic piece.
  4. Practice lab and library facilities give students a complete exposure of learning.
  5. Regular class assignments and strong assessment procedure are two crucial things offered by our institute which check the growth rate of students.
  6. Weekly doubt sessions are there which are conducted on every Friday so that no student feel like lost with his doubts.
  7. Even in each session, instructors take care of this thing that their students are completely clear with the ongoing topics and do not have any irrelevant doubts in their minds. All instructors carry a half an hour discussion for the doubts related to last session before starting the new topic.
  8. Internships and placement assistance comes at the end of the program. Our institute offers life-time support for its students to help and guide them in finding their job.

These are few qualities which make us different from other graphic design training institutes in Delhi. Get in touch with our experts to decide the perfect course for you, contact us today.


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