Professional fonts for Graphic Designer
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There are various paid and free fonts are available for designers to choose from nowadays. But every graphic designer wants a typeface that stands out – maybe for your creative resume or a new logo design? We have compiled a list of professional fonts which will certainly give your designs a touch of sophistication.

1. Raleway

Raleway is a stylish Google font earlier designed in one weight, but later got expanded to nine weight families. It goes well with sans-serif as well. It can be downloaded from

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Example: Above text showing usage of Raleway Font

2. Museo Sans

One of the beautiful geometric sans-serif font is Museo Sans. It’s used by a lot of websites these days. Paired with a serif font it makes a beautiful visual experience.

Museo Sans
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Example: Text in Museo Sans font

3. Playfair Display font

This serif font is used mostly for titles and headlines. Although it’s trendy to use sans-serif fonts on the web, combination of serif and sans-serif fonts make a beautiful and long-lasting experience. It is a modern Google font that’s easily paired with sans-serif fonts like Raleway, Roboto, and much more.

Playfair display font
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Example: Use of Playfair Display font by YourMajesty Company

4. FF Din

FF Din is a very popular choice among designers. It is made by Dutch type designer Albert-Jan Pool between 1995 and 2009. Its use is recommended for advertising and packaging, logos, branding etc.

ff Din
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Example: Joash Guevara has used FF Din font in a book

5. Proxima Nova

It is used by more than 25,000 websites, like Buzzfeed, Wired and Mashable. It is a professional font which is the most popular choice amongst designers. The widespread family is available in seven weights; (thin, light, regular, semi-bold, bold, extra-bold and black), with matching italics, small caps and condensed and extra condensed widths.

proxima font
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Example: Web Ad using Proxima Nova font

6. Trojan

Trojan was developed by creative genius Alex Trojan in the year 2012. The professional font Trojan was used extensively throughout Wallpaper. It is created by classic Roman structures; Trojan has a very elegant set of glyphs, which gives this font a classic contemporary appearance.

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Example: Alex Trochut has used Trojan Font for a magazine cover

7. Rockwell

Geometric slab serif Rockwell was inspired by a 1910 font named Litho Antique. Designer Morris Fuller Benton redesigned Rockwell in the 1920s before it was redesigned and published in 1934 by Monotype, in a project headed by Frank Hinman Pierpont. Guinness World Records used Rockwell in some of their editions.

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Example: Rockwell font specimen

8. Soho

It is a highly versatile and modern slab serif and is widely used for document headings on the web and in print. It is a font designed by type designer Seb Lester. The superfamily has over 40,000 glyphs.

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Example: Perfect usage of Soho Font

9. Mallory

It is created by Tobias Frere-Jones. Mallory is a beautiful professional font, which began as an experiment in mixing typographic traditions, building a new design with a combination of British and American traits.

He wrote on his website: “Mallory was built to be a reliable tool, readily pairing with other typefaces to organize complex data and fine-tune visual identities. Each style comprises over 1250 glyphs, to accommodate a wide range of content: small caps and old style figures for running text, lining figures and uppercase punctuation for headlines, tabular statistics and more than a dozen currency symbols for financial data.”

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Example: Use of Mallory Font in Invoice

10. Aviano

It was created by type designer Jeremy Dooley, owner of Insigne. Aviano is named for a small town at the base of the Alps in northern Italy.

It features extended characters for a formal feel, sharp, powerful looking serifs and geometric and consistent letterforms.

It consists a number of advanced OpenType features including alternates, 40 unique ligatures and old style figures.

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Example: Inspired by power of classic letterforms

As a designer, it’s important to keep up with industry trends and famous typeface. Typography plays a major role in great user experience, and to make this happen every individual needs to be updated with latest modern and beautiful fonts. Hope this list will be of great help and you will be using in your projects depending upon the requirements.

Every designer has their own choice, and we would love to hear what you think about this list of fonts! If you have a favourite font that you want to recommend, feel free to post it below in comments section.

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