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When talking about a page layout, graphic designers often employee distinguished layouts according to their preferences. Types of layout can be classified as magazine layout, advertising layout, static, dynamic, adaptive or responsive.

In case you’re a graphic artist, user interface designers for websites, interior designer, fashion designer, or a motion graphic artist; you ought to have sound understanding of these terms i.e. what they mean and when each type of layout should be used. 

Types of Page Layout for Designers

Broadly page layout can be classified in 10 categories as:
  • Mondrian Layout
  • Circus Layout
  • Multi Panel Layout
  • Silhouette Layout
  • Big-Type Layout
  • Alphabet-Inspired Layout
  • Copy Heavy Layout
  • Frame Layout
  • Rebus Layout
  • Picture Window Layout

Now let us give you detail about these different types of graphic layouts in details.    

1. Mondrian Layout

Mondrian layout refers to the forms: square, landscape or portrait, where every field is parallel to the presentation field and loads the image in order to form a composition that is conceptual.

Mondrian Layout
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Mondrian Layout – Movie Poster

Uses of Mondrian Layout

When your design needs a conceptual composition about a topic or a story through text and images, which further shows a strong mood. It can be used in any of the designs where one need balance and easy screening of the design elements by the reader.

2. Circus Layout

Circus Layout doesn’t imply standard layout. It refers to the irregular composition of elements.

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Circus Layout – Magazine Spread

Uses of Circus Layout

Very powerful layout when you as a designer wants to express feelings of crowd, groups, irregularity, busyness, chaos etc. It is very good for schools magazines, exhibition, entertainment etc.

3. Multi Panel Layout

Multipanel layout is divided into various sections or theme in same shape such as rectangle, square, cube, etc.  

Multi panel Layout
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Multi Panel Layout – Web UI

Uses of Multi Panel Layout

It is one of the commonly used design layouts. You can arrange your content like pictures and texts putting them in clear blocks here. Very useful for education, sports, and youth related designs.

4. Silhouette Layout

Silhouette layout refers to the layouts in the form of illustration or photographic technique, highlighted only through shadow. Presentations can be shaped text-rap or spot color illustration or refracted smooth image pickup along- with photographic techniques. 

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Silhouette Layout Poster 1
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Silhouette Layout Poster 2
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Silhouette Layout Poster 3

Uses of Silhouette Layout

Looking for a classical feel, must go for Silhouette layout. As you know it uses shadow techniques so main objects get highlighted automatically, in result it is a very useful layout for getting attention over important objects quickly. It adds a good amount of suspense in your designs because of the shadows used in it.

5. Big-Type Layout

Big-Type layout lay emphasize on the font styles and big font sizes so as to grab the attention of the audience. Big-type layouts are usually used for creating headline. 

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BigType Layout Designs

Uses of Big Type Layout

It is a suitable layout for creatives if you don’t have huge text to adjust in your design. Big types in your design offers a sense of richness and creativity and adds a feel of spaciousness. It is very useful for artistic and minimalist designs.

6. Alphabet Inspired Layout

Alphabet- Inspired Layout focuses on the arrangement of letters or numbers in an appropriate sequence or forms a word or enhanced to give an impression of story or an idea for the advertisement.

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Alphabet Inspired Design
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Alphabet Inspired Poster

Uses of Alphabet Inspired Layout

First choice of artists and creative people is this layout as it offer a scope to play with texts using all of your creativity and knowledge of typography. Use it in creative designs like print ads, web ads, posters with less text or copy.

7. Copy Heavy Layout

The layout concentrated to the copy writing (dominated by text).

Some examples are:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Online Journals
  • Brochures etc…
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Copy Heavy Layout – Magazine Spread

Uses of Copy Heavy Layout

As its name suggests and mentioned above, this layout is a best fit for the designs where you have huge copy or text like Websites, Magazines, Newspaper etc.

8. Frame Layout

Layout with story or images with story in the frame.

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Frame Layout – Poster
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Frame Layout – Certificate

Uses of Frame Layout

Whenever you need to put your content in a frame in your designs, use it like certificates, ads, posters, website UIs etc. It provides an organized and balanced feel due to the border around it, which further suggests a feeling of satisfaction and calm. Frames suggest authenticity too.

9. Picture Window Layout

A vertical layout style characterized by a large picture at the top with a headline and body copy below.

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Picture Window Layout – Poster 1
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Picture Window Layout – Poster 2

Uses of Picture Window Layout

It is a quite modern techniques of making designs. It gives a feel of modern, fulfillment in contrast with tradition layouts. We would suggest you to use when you need to add an element of modernity and busyness both.

10. Rebus Layout

Layout shown text and image. The layout forming a story.

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Uses of Rebus Layout

You replace texts with images which make sense and improve the readability. It adds an element of surprise sometimes, and make designs rich. So use it when you need to add richness and surprise elements in a design. Surprise elements enhances readers focus and attention.

I hope this effort of our institute is helpful for you and you learned a lot or less about types of layouts related to web and graphic designing. I expect your feedback and doubts if you want to share with me in comments.

Thanks for reading this post.

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