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Adobe Illustrator

At GDI, we have highly experienced and professional team of experts who has more than 10 years experience in graphic designing, they will make you familiar with latest tools and features used in Adobe Illustrator CS5 including how to create logos, professional type effect etc. If you are looking for highly advanced training and professionalism type of work like Designing of Visiting Cards, Letter Head, Envelopes, Brochures etc. for a company or schools and institution then surely our professional training in Illustrator will help you out in this.

Who can join this course?

Person having creativity skills, good designing sense, an unprofessional graphic designer or a person who want to hone their software knowledge with Professional approach can join this course.

Learning Outcomes
Dur: 2 Months

Adobe Illustrator is an industry standard used by professional designers from all over the world to create and edit graphics. It is the most popular and user friendly software. The latest version of Adobe Illustrator is named as 'CS5′. Illustrator can be used for just about anything outside of photographic images. Illustration plays a great role in advertising or promoting products for a company. The features of Adobe Illustrator are tools that are specifically designed for the creation of vector-based graphics.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Illustrator Basics
  • Chapter 1: Working with Illustrator's Interface
  • Chapter 2: Working with Illustrator Documents.
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Drawing and Painting Techniques
  • Chapter 4: Creating Objects, Graphs, and Symbols
  • Chapter 5: Learning How to Select and Edit
  • Chapter 6: Understanding Color, Gradients, and Mesh
  • Chapter 7: Using Illustrator to Organize Objects
  • Chapter 8: Working with Type
  • Chapter 9: Using Creative Strokes and Fills with Patterns
  • Chapter 10: Applying Transformations and Distortions
  • Chapter 11: Using Path Blends, Compound Paths, and Masks
  • Chapter 12: Using Live Trace
  • Chapter 13: Working with Graphic Styles and Effects
  • Chapter 14: Creating 3-D in Illustrator
  • Chapter 15: Customizing and Automating Illustrator
  • Chapter 16: Understanding PostScript and Printing
  • Chapter 17: Creating Web Graphics
  • Chapter 18: Illustrator Workflow

Projects: Logo, Illustrations, Compositions, Wallpapers, Poster, Print ad, Board, Banner, Visiting cards, Letter head, Envelopes, Covers, Prospectus, Brochures, Catalogs, Packaging, etc.

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