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Hello all, welcome to the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi! Ever wonder what we’re all about? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve put together the answers to the top 10 questions people ask us the most. Whether you’re curious about our classes, facilities, or anything else, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start and explore the top frequently asked questions on graphic design institutes in Delhi that you need to know to make the right career choice!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Graphic Design Institute in Delhi

Q1. What Courses does the Graphic Design Institute offer in design?

ANS. Graphic Design Institute in Delhi provides two types of courses which include Diploma and Certificate courses.

Diploma Course – Our diploma course offers comprehensive training in graphic design, covering essential skills and tools needed to succeed in the design industry. Some of our popular diploma programs are mentioned below:

Certificate Course – These are short-term courses as they are not career-oriented courses.

The institute covers training for various applications essential for graphic design, including Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and Lightroom.

These software programs are crucial tools for graphic designers and are commonly used in the industry for tasks such as image editing, vector illustration, layout design, and photo retouching.

Some of the most popular certificate courses:

Check all of our graphic design courses in Delhi to pick the best program for you.

Q2. How long do the design programs typically last?

ANS. The period may vary, as Diploma courses typically last for 1 – 2 years, and short-term certificate courses can range from 1 – 4 months.

Q3. Are the design Courses offered both online and offline?

ANS. The Graphic Design Institute offers both Online and Offline Classes.

Offline Training:  Our training is not theory-based; it is virtual training conducted through live one-to-one sessions by our experienced teachers who also teach at our center. This kind of approach helps in quality education, where students get personalized attention and guidance throughout their journey.

Offline Training modes: 

  • Regular – Alternate days (TTS, MWF) 
  • Fastrack – 6 days a week
  • Weekends – Saturday & Sunday

Online Training: Students will get both group mode and classroom mode at our graphic design institute. Our lectures are not video-based; instead, our faculty provides live classes similar to a traditional classroom setting. Our live online sessions provide students with one-to-one mode to accommodate personalized attention from our instructors, ensuring a tailored learning experience for each student.

Online Training modes: 

  • Regular  
  • Fastrack
  • Weekends 

Q4. What are the admission or total fees of the programs in the institute?

ANS. For the diploma program, the average program fee is around 45,000 rupees. For certificate courses, the fees typically range from 10,000 to 30,000 rupees

The fees can differ based on factors like the specific program, duration, and any additional resources included in the course.

It’s crucial to consult with the institution to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding tuition fees for each program.

Q5. What are the admission criteria for enrolling in the Graphic Design Course, and are there specific requirements or prerequisites for admission?

ANS. Admission to the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi or online type is a straightforward process for both Indian and international students. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Program Selection: Choose the particular course you want to do. The Graphic Design Institute offers various courses catering to different skill levels and expertise areas.
  1. Registration: Fill out and complete our registration form from the website with our information.
  1. Documents Required for students to apply for any course are:
  • 12th or graduation mark sheet
  • Identification proof (such as passport, Adhaar card, etc.)
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Completed application form
  1. Batch Planning: After registration, schedule your classes according to your preferences. Our institute offers flexibility in batch scheduling to accommodate your needs.
  2. Confirmation: Once scheduled, you’ll receive confirmation of your admission and class placement in your chosen graphic design program. Prepare for your studies at the Graphic Design Institute and get ready to embark on your design education journey!

Q6. Does the Institute have any eligibility criteria for students to apply for the courses?

ANS. Eligibility criteria for Graphic Design Courses vary but commonly for diploma courses completion of 12th or its equivalent from a recognized board is required.

For Certificate courses, students need to know visual grammar or commercial art.

Get detailed information on course eligibility from our experts at +91 8826626959

Q7. What qualifications and experience do the trainers have in this field?

ANS. Our institute is proud to have IT and Media field experts with over 20 years of experience as trainers. Some of our most experienced trainers include:

  • Ravi Bhadauria
  • Anuradha Sengar
  • Deepak Bhadauria
  • Nishu Tomar
  • Promila Dhanderwal

Book your free demo from our instructors today

Best Graphic Design Courses to Join
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Our professional trainers bring a wealth of industry knowledge and practical insights to our training methodology and try their level best to prepare students for their dream professions.

Q8. How does the institute help students transform them into job-ready?

ANS. The institution provides support to students in building their portfolios, resumes, personality, and confidence

This includes industry visits, special sessions and events where students work as a team, personalized guidance, and regular reviews to help students showcase their skills and experiences effectively to potential employers. Our live projects and internships play a big role in it.

Q9. Does the institution organize outdoor activities or industry trips to enhance the learning experience?

ANS. Yes, the Graphic Design Institute arranges outdoor activities or field trips to enrich the learning experience for students. These activities provide opportunities for hands-on learning, industry exposure, and networking.

Students may visit design studios, institutions, printing presses, museums, galleries, or other relevant locations to gain insights into real-world design practices and trends.

Additionally, outdoor activities such as art, photography, and cultural sessions, can foster creativity and collaboration among students.

Q10. Does the institution organize quizzes or competitions related to design to enhance student learning and engagement?

ANS. Yes, the Graphic Design Institute organizes quizzes or competitions related to design very frequently. This increases students’ engagement in learning. 

These activities provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge, showcase their skills, and compete in a supportive and creative environment. 

Quizzes may cover various design concepts, principles, and historical references, while competitions could involve designing projects, creating artwork, or solving design challenges. 

Participating in such events can motivate students, foster healthy competition, and encourage collaboration and innovation within the student community.

Q11. Does the institute recognize outstanding achievements or awards among its students?

ANS. Yes, the Graphic Design Institute recognizes outstanding achievements among its students through awards such as the “Star of the Month” and “Star of the Year.” 

These awards acknowledge exceptional performance, dedication, and contributions to the institute’s community and academic excellence. 

Students who receive these awards are recognized for their hard work and achievements, motivating them and their peers to strive for excellence in both academia and their professional pursuits.

Q12. Do students have opportunities to engage in commercial art, sketching, and painting sessions as part of the curriculum or extracurricular activities?

ANS. Students are provided with options to participate in commercial art, sketching, and painting sessions as part of the curriculum or extracurricular activities. These sessions offer hands-on experience and skill development in various art forms, nurturing creativity, refining design sensibilities, and enriching the overall learning experience.

Q13. What is the placement success rate for graduates of the design programs?

ANS. The placement success rate for graduates from the Graphic Design Institute is 100%. 

With hands-on experience and skill development through portfolio making, resume building, and internship.

In portfolio creation, students have live training and projects and personal guidance from our trainers.

We also prioritize assisting students in crafting effective resumes to highlight their skills and experiences for potential employers.

Then, we also offer internship opportunities directly at our institute, providing students with practical experience and real-world skills in their field of study.

Q14. Can you provide examples of companies or organizations where students have been placed?

ANS. The students have been placed at top-notch companies after graduating from the Graphic Design Institute. Some of the companies are Tech Mahindra, EY, HCL Technologies, Brandbuzz India, Foodpanda, and Appiventiv.

Q15. Are there internship opportunities available for Graphic Design students?

ANS. The Graphic Design Institute provides internship opportunities directly at the institute itself. These internships offer students hands-on experience in a professional design environment, allowing them to apply the skills and knowledge gained from their courses to real-world projects. 

These internship opportunities allow students to work on live projects, collaborate with experienced trainers, and help build their portfolios. 

For internship, students will go for a 3-month routine and work on live projects to enhance their skills, and knowledge and get working experience. The maximum time span for an internship at the Graphic Design Institute is 6 months.

Q16. What options are available for student accommodation?

ANS. The Graphic Design Institute provides hostel facilities that are also there if any student is from outstation or living outside India. The rooms are well furnished, with both sharing and separate rooms for the students to choose from.

Q17. Where can I contact for further assistance?

ANS. For further assistance, you can contact the institution’s administrative office at the number provided below. All the information related to your admission process will be provided here.

Contact number: +91 8826626959

Additionally, you may find contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, or a contact form on Graphic Design Institute website. You can contact our personalized assistance and guidance for more details.

Or, you can choose Live Chat where you can inquire about the course you are interested in.

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