Benefits Of Attending Commercial Art Classes
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Are you considering a future in graphic design, advertising, and visualization? If you are already into graphic design training then attending commercial art classes at a Graphic Design Institute in Delhi could be the perfect stepping stone towards achieving your goals. Whether you’re at the starting point of your journey to be a graphic designer or want to polish your designing skills, these sessions provide the way to get the secret of making a perfect design. These sessions can provide you with a design sense that typical software classes can’t offer.

Let’s understand what exactly is commercial art.

What Is Commercial Art?

commercial art work
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Have you ever seen any painting, poster banner, or brand logo and do you know how it got formed? These creations are the result of the fusion of creativity that defines commercial art. In commercial art, every brushstroke is like an invitation to connect and engage with the ideas. 

Jump into the world of commercial art, where you will get to know about the fundamentals of design theories like color, layouts, balance, etc. on a simple paper to make it on software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Take a look at some of the common artworks design students create while learning graphic design at our graphic design institute in Delhi.

Abstract Art of Lord Shiva
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Abstract Art of Lord Shiva

Still Life Painting
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Still Life Painting

Why Attend Commercial Art Sessions at a Graphic Design Institute?

commercial art classes in delhi
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Our Graphic Design Institute is among the very first in Delhi to offer diploma courses in commercial art. Attending commercial art sessions at a Graphic Design Institute offers numerous benefits for students looking to enhance their design sense and skills. 

1. Development of Creative Mind 

Graphic Design is merely not about operating software it is more than that, thinking creatively which can only be done through commercial arts. These sessions create transformative experiences where students shift from using software to the visionary observer. they delve into creative sense boost, abstract art, and words with a feel that helps in developing a creative sense of designing.

2. Boost Creative Thinking 

Commercial art sessions ignite creative thinking, transforming students into visionary thinkers rather than mere software operators or desktop publishing technicians.

3. Stronger Design Theory & Fundamentals

Commercial art classes not only teach design theory but strengthen it within students, empowering them with a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles that make effective design. Design principles like balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast provide the blueprint for captivating compositions. 

Graphic design concepts such as typography, imagery, and layout arrangement ensure messages are conveyed effectively. Knowledge of color theory guides designers to choose the right colors for the design that make an impact.

4. Covers All Stages of Design Production

Commercial art sessions cover all stages of design production, ensuring students grasp the entire process from start to finish. This holistic approach sets them apart, empowering them to create a wide range of designs for brands and businesses with confidence and proficiency.

5. Betterment in Career 

Joining commercial art sessions boosts students’ skills and opens up better career opportunities. As they become more proficient in design, their ability to create impactful visuals increases, making them more valuable to employers. 

This often leads to higher salary offers, as companies recognize the value of their expertise and creativity. In short, commercial art sessions not only improve students’ skills but also enhance their career prospects and earning potential.

Why Choose Our Graphic Design Institute in Delhi for Commercial Art Sessions?

Choosing our Graphic Design Institute in Delhi for commercial art sessions offers additional benefits to learners. We try our level best by providing an industry-oriented curriculum, flexible class hours, personalized attention, and guidance for student growth as a graphic designer.

Quick benefits of joining commercial art sessions at our institute are:

  1. Attend classes from instructors with 10+ years of experience in commercial art. The expertise of our instructors brings real-world experience to the classroom which enhances the learning process of young design students.
  2. Our institute provides design labs with required equipment like a lightbox, canvas, pallets, colors, sketchbooks, clay, etc. to let the students try different mediums while learning commercial art.

Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of joining commercial art classes at our design institute.

1. Positive Learning Environment

Graphic Design Institute in Delhi fosters a positive learning environment that encourages students with creativity and a lot of innovation in ideas to create unique designs.

These sessions are creativity booster sessions with a mission to develop creative thinking ability in students. 

2. Connecting Nodes with Software 

Our commercial art sessions cover the curriculum that is designed in such a way to let beginner students become a designer who starts by drawing his/her ideas on paper and presenting them digitally through software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Commercial Art classes provide 4 stages to students which are:

  • Idea layout making – scribbling the ideas coming in according to the topics 
  • Rough sketches – out of the scribbled idea we choose 2-3 rough sketches to make layouts.
  • Color layout – After selecting the layout, students try variations of color considering the color schemes and pick up the one that goes well with the idea.
  • Digital color layout –  The last stage, where ideas on paper are presented through digital screens of software applications like Illustrator.

3. Outdoor Sessions

Commercial art sessions also cover 3 days-long outdoor classes where students get the chance to explore the horizons of nature and learn about perspective, different approaches to capture real-life visuals in art, studies related to light and shadow, and many more.

4. Industry Visits

Our sessions also include visits to art galleries, exhibitions, and seminars for students to give them industry exposure and inspire them with the innovative work style of legends and ongoing trends. These visits provide an understanding to graphic design course students about how big the graphic industry is and what scope there is in it. Delhi is a hub of art shows, exhibitions, and galleries and our institute takes most of it by conducting at least one visit in 1-2 months.

5. Commercial Art Competitions

To boost the carving of learning more and becoming better students, our design institute conducts art competitions. These are healthy competitions where students are divided into 2-3 teams with a team leader and mentor leading their way. 

These competitions can be of one day and sometimes take 2-3 days too. Students get challenges like providing solutions to a particular problem through designing. Only students actively participating in commercial art classes can come up with innovative visuals that provide solutions efficiently. The efforts of each team are evaluated carefully by our experts and recognized with awards.

Diploma Courses covering Commercial Art Classes at the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi

Check the Graphic Design Courses that cover commercial art sessions at the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi:

Best Graphic Design Courses to Join
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Choosing to attend commercial art classes at our Graphic Design Institute in Delhi is a gateway to becoming a designer with visualization skills not like an ordinary software operator. 

With a focus on practical skills, creativity, and a supportive learning environment, our institute offers the perfect platform to nurture your creativity and career aspirations through 

From mastering design fundamentals to gaining hands-on experience with industry-standard tools, our sessions provide the essential building blocks for success in the dynamic world of commercial art. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Commercial Art Classes

Q1. Who will be our trainer for the commercial art classes?

ANS. The trainers for commercial art classes will be Promila Ma’am. She has experience of over 13+ years in this particular field. Her teaching method is different from others as she explains in such a way that relates to industry needs.

Q2. How long will the classes be?

ANS. The duration of classes will be 2 hours. The classes will be 2 days a week on an alternate basis, which will help students to complete their homework.

Q3. What will be the main topics covered in the classes?

ANS. The main topics covered in the classes will be fine arts, abstract art, still life, perspective, canvas painting, etc. However, they typically include fundamental concepts of design like typography, color, layouts, balance, etc. 

Q4. Are the commercial art classes available online?

ANS. Yes, our classes are available online on alternate days, offering flexibility and convenience for students to join commercial art training from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q5. Is there any course covering commercial art only?

ANS. Yes, we offer a Program on the Basics of Commercial Art, with a duration of 04 Months, specifically focused on commercial art, providing comprehensive training in various aspects of abstract art, still life, etc.

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