Best Graphic Design Institutes in Ashok Vihar
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Made a plan for learning something creative and skillful this summer? Going for graphic design courses is the best way out for you without any doubt especially if you are in Ashok Vihar. Delhi’s thriving area of Ashok Vihar has become a center for high-quality graphic design institutes. And this is what we are going to talk about today in this published blog. We’ll go through the list of the top 5 best graphic design institutes in Ashok Vihar for learners like you. This blog talks about everything you need to know to start your graphic design training this summer in 2024. So, let’s begin.

I’ve seen people observing the impact of graphic designs and talking about them these days. Everyone has started figuring out some new skills to achieve in summer vacations in their free time and I recommend trying to learn some creative design software and visual grammar to be creative in the 2024 Summers!

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Why Graphic courses in 2024 especially in Summers?

It is obvious that we have questions in mind so why not to get their answers? See, I can explain with my own experience. I love to see the logos, posters and banners published by the top brands outside the showrooms and malls. They have colors, images, and a message that attracts our attention as viewers. Do you know that to create all these sorts of designs, a designer needs to learn software applications and the grammar of visuals and commercial art? And this art of graphic design is not as easy as it looks. It is a blend of art and science where art comes from our creativity aspect and science brings the rules, principles, and of course the complexity of software applications.

Another reason for this is the rapidly growing demand for designers and creative artists in organizations, MNCs and agencies. With this demand, painters and artists are shifting to digital mediums to present their art and this is what brings the attention of the audience.

Let’s check out some promising reasons to go for the graphic design training in Ashok Vihar.

Benefits of joining Graphic Design Institutes in Ashok Vihar:

1. Comprehensive Curriculum: Ashok Vihar graphic design institutes provide a thorough curriculum that aims in the efficient development of students graphic design abilities.

2. Practical Training: By offering hands-on instruction in industry-standard programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, institutes enable students to acquire the skills necessary for their chosen field in Graphic Design.

3. Professional Portfolio Development: In order to present their work to potential employers, students must have the chance to build a professional portfolio that highlights their creativity, technical proficiency, and problem-solving ability.

4. Opportunities for Networking: Students can grow their professional networks by joining these graphic design institutes in Delhi and connecting with mentors, and business experts.

5. Facilities: Joining a Graphic design institute in Ashok Vihar provides you so many facilities like you will get labs during your training, online project facilities, expert trainers, and supportive staff you will get everything according to your needs during the course.

6. Training staff: Experienced trainers with 20+ years of experience, who teach you Graphic design, they are supportive. Their main objective is to enhance students’ designing skills and grow their careers. They provide class mode classes as well as they provide online classes according to students, which mode of class do students want?

7. Placement: The Graphic Design Institute in Ashok Vihar provides 100% job placements to students and also provides internships to students and gives them a chance to handle projects.

Best Graphic Design Institutes in Ashok Vihar:

  • Graphic Design Institute in Delhi
  • ADMEC Multimedia
  • DG Royals
  • Pepper Animation
  • Maac

1. Graphic Design Institute in Delhi: 

Graphic Design Institute in Delhi
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The Graphic Design Institute in Delhi is the Best Graphic Design Institute in Ashok Vihar which provides a wide array of certificate and diploma courses that are suited to the various requirements of students.

Our short-term certificate course includes a 3-4 month time duration and the diploma course includes a 1-2 year time duration. A graphic design master plus course is also available here; the duration of this course is 12 months. This is a most advanced course in graphic design offered by Graphic Design Institute in Delhi, it promotes the variety of design study options available to students. It focuses on UI designing and UX planning for print, web, and television media. This long-term graphic design diploma course aims to train students to build multimedia design for all popular communication platforms.

Top Popular Graphic Design Courses offered by the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi are:

Our expert trainers have over 20 years of experience, and this institute based on practical training is one of its main points. Through working on real projects, industry-relevant homework, and individual design portfolios, students acquire real-world experience.

This institute gives students the chance to work on actual design problems, developing their talents and creating a good portfolio while cooperating with mentors.

Trainers at Graphic Design Institute in Delhi: 

Faculty of Graphic Design Institute
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We have skilled expert trainers with 20+ years of experience in the teaching field. They will teach you different subjects, which you must know about Graphic design. Graphic Design Institute’s ability to succeed depends on how knowledgeable and committed its instructors are. 

Trainers at the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi are renowned for their outstanding support of students. The instructors are highly qualified individuals with a wealth of industry expertise in graphic design. 

They ensure that students receive hands-on training by having extensive knowledge of industry-standard programs including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign etc.

Lab Facility at Graphic Design Institute in Delhi: 

campus of Graphic Design Institute
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At Graphic Design Institute in Delhi, we provide equipped lab facilities to our students. We have a lab for training where students learn practically, we offer a stimulating learning environment for students.

Internships and Placements: 

alumni of Graphic Design Institute
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At Graphic Design Institute in Delhi, you will get 100% placement. Before entering the industry, company, or organization students can obtain significant knowledge and on-the-job experience by participating in internships offered by the institute. Students benefit from these internships by expanding their industry networks and developing their professional portfolios.

Our institute helps students find fulfilling career possibilities after completing their graphic design courses by utilizing their strong industry connections and offering dedicated placement assistance. 

If you want to join our institute for a graphic design course then have a look on the given details and contact us :

Contact Information

2. ADMEC Multimedia:

ADMEC Multimedia
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ADMEC Multimedia Institute provides more than 100 courses ADMEC is the best place for you to enroll in a Graphic Design course, so if you’re searching for a professional training facility that operates efficiently.ADMEC, an ISO-certified institute is the product of a few professional’s efforts in the field of aesthetics and art. 

We have expert trainers with 20+ years of experience in industry expertise, the knowledgeable instructors at ADMEC have been able to ensure superior quality in graphic design since 2006. 

ADMEC enriches the educational experience by offering students hands-on projects, art workshops, design competitions, internships, and award ceremonies.ADMEC Multimedia’s mostly Graphic Design courses run between six and eight months certificate course but its Diploma courses in Graphic Design have 10-12 months time duration. 

The classroom’s state-of-the-art equipment provides a dynamic learning environment where students may work together on real projects and acquire practical skills. Students who completed their course and an internship have higher chances to get jobs quickly in companies.

The ADMEC Multimedia Institute standard graphic design diploma curriculum is broken down into three sections: portfolio development, digital design creation, and creative thinking foundation creation. 

Students begin by learning the principles of commercial art and visual grammar, which is very helpful for them as they develop their sense of design. After learning this material, students create their paper layouts and sketches on digital canvases by practicing with programs like Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. Following this criteria with the practical methods, students are directed toward the creation of their portfolios and real-world projects.

Contact Details:

3. DG Royals: 

DG Royals
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The institute was founded in 2018. Providing students best career courses and training to brighten their future. Dg Royals specialized in graphic design, Motion graphics, UI/UX design, animation. DG Royals is distinguished by its dedication to student security and mentorship.


4. Pepper Animation: 

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Pepper Animation Institute provides thorough instruction in Graphic Design Course along with a dedication to 100% Placement Assistance.It is established in 2015. Our instructors are committed educators with years of expertise in the field.


5. MAAC: 

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MAAC Pitampura has trained hundreds of students for employment in graphics its completed 22 years of excellence. The MAAC Institute offers high-quality education through globally recognized career courses that result in excellent job placements. 


Job Opportunities After Graphic Design Course in Ashok Vihar

After completing the graphic design course in Ashok Vihar you have so many job opportunities, few are given below:

1. Graphic Designer: 

As a Graphic Designer, your job is to develop visual designs with computer tools to convey ideas to audiences that will inspire and educate them. Creating layouts and producing business reports, brochures, ads, and other media are among the responsibilities. Proficiency in design tools, problem-solving techniques, understanding of design concepts, and communication skills are all necessary.

2. Motion Graphic Designer: 

As a motion Graphic Designer your job is to Produce compelling videos, animated visual effects, and animations for marketing, multimedia presentations, and movies.

3. Print Production Artist: 

As a Print production artist, your job is to make sure digital designs are appropriately prepared before printing them on printed materials like posters, business cards, brochures, and packaging. It is necessary to possess proficiency in print specifications such as color modes, hues, and file formats.

4.  Commercial Art Director:

As a commercial art director, your job is to oversee the creative projects’ visual elements, directing the designing team to guarantee that their objectives and the client’s vision are met.

5. Freelance Graphic Designer:

As a freelance graphic designer, you can work freely on a range of projects and demonstrate your creativity and creative abilities with different clients. Freelance graphic designers frequently manage their schedules and choose their own jobs by working on a project basis. To ensure design accuracy, they must have excellent communication skills, and be proficient in design applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. What is the fee structure and payment option of the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi?

Ans. Starting fees of courses start from 15000/- fees are different for every course and to make courses affordable monthly EMI options are also available for fee payment.

Q-2. Will I get a Placement at the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi?

Ans. Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. After completion of the graphic design course, students can get fulfilling employment prospects with the support of the institute. We provide internships, which let students obtain useful work experience.

Q-3. What are the eligibility needed for a graphic design course at the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi?

Ans. Students who have finished their 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board are often accepted into the institute. 

Q-4. Are the courses available in both online and offline versions?

Ans. Yes, we provide graphic design courses in both offline and online modes to meet the demands of various learners.

Q-5. Which software and tools are covered in the course?

Ans.  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are covered in the course. Students get practical training about the use of tools to create designs.

Conclusion: Ashok Vihar fosters a vibrant atmosphere where creativity thrives and is a refuge for aspiring graphic designers. With its well-known institutes and vibrant environment, Ashok Vihar provides the perfect environment for people to hone their graphic design skills and pursue fulfilling careers.

The Graphic Design Institute in Delhi make sure that students get practical skills and a competitive edge in the job market by providing them with exposure to real-world design projects and hands-on instruction in industry-standard software through Graphic Design courses in Delhi. Graphic design institutes in Ashok Vihar offer the tools, knowledge, and career paths required to succeed in the dynamic field of design, regardless of your level of experience.

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