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Graphic designing has become a popular field to join nowadays. Every person suggests going for graphic design programs to build a career in the in-demand creative design industry. There are many graphic designing courses in Delhi to join. One such professional program is Graphic Master. Let’s know about this course and the career options post-Graphic Master Course. 

This program provides valuable knowledge related to graphic designing which is an art in which the professional combines beautiful visual elements and text for preparing to convey a message. Students learn how to make a design capable of sending magical and alluring messages that allure people and attract them.

Basic details of this course

The graphic designer master course is an 8-monthly diploma course. This diploma begins with the aim of developing fundamental design concepts and digital designing skills in the novice with the help of design classes. The middle portion of this course teaches editing and lay-outing and the end portion of this course covers pre and post-press concepts. The advantage of joining this Graphic design course in Delhi is to gain manual to digital designing skills in one place. Another great advantage of joining online graphic design courses is that you won’t need to worry about transportation or time wasted. you can learn graphic designing at our own pace.

Career options after completion of the graphic design course

Graphic designing is the field of designers and artists. Everything around us is surrounded by beautiful things. See, whether people accept that fact or not but beauty has the power to attract attention. Graphic designers are such people who can fill beauty in their products with their knowledge of design and software skills.

That’s why they get many high-profile jobs. Every company hires a graphic designer for its product design that has the ability to attract customers attraction.

Career Options Post Graphic Design Course

Following is the list of jobs for graphic designers

Art director

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Professional who leads the team of designers for the designing of visual images and styles for the magazine, newspaper, product packaging, and the entire brand campaign. After having years of experience here you get the opportunity to work as a senior art director and creative director post.

Graphic designer

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Graphic designers are professionals who design banners, posters, magazine covers, and many other things. After getting years of experience they switch to various high-paid and profile jobs as mentioned above and below. A successful designer just needs creativity, design essentials knowledge, and software skills.

Photo Editor

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For editing the raw captured images, companies hire photo editors who have a strong command of applications like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Becoming an editor is easy; all you have to do is to understand the areas of a raster image, shadow, and light. A graphic designer can work as a photo and image editor too. As we all know many famous celebrity video editors have started their careers in photography and image editing. If someone has an interest then he can switch from the graphic design field to the video editing industry as well.

UI/UX designer

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Graphic designing and UI/UX design fields are related to each other in the matter of skills. Both of these fields required talented designers who have knowledge of design concepts along with sound command of software applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD. In order to become a UI/UX designer; a graphic designer needs to learn some coding languages such as HTML5 CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Campaign Manager

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He is like a marketing manager who is responsible for the advertising of brands and political parties. Their work is to hire a group of team members for designing and market of the brand with a special message and communication.

Video editor

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Graphic designing and video editing are quite similar to each other in some aspects. Graphic designers create graphics and video editors set those graphics and give them motion like in animation. Both graphic designers and video editors need to learn the sense of designing and its principles plus some software like Photoshop and After Effects. Not only a video editing interested person can also become a motion graphic artist and if you look for more upgrades then a dedicated person can achieve a postproduction director post too.

Salary structure of graphic designer

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When it comes to salary packages, graphic designers get good salaries. At the very beginning of their career the salary package, they will get is approx. 1.5 lakh to 3 lakh per annum. It may be a small amount for some people but after gaining 2 to 3 years in this industry, their salary packages will be 5 lakh to 7 lakh per annum and more than this. See, salary also depends on the company and location. Multinational companies offer high salaries than the local ones. Apart from working in a company graphic designers can also work as freelancers where they can get a chance to earn high.

The other to get a high salary is to switch jobs or develop additional skills. For instance, a graphic designer can become a video editor, UI/UX designer, campaign manager, etc. because all these fields always have requirements for skilled designing professionals. The main advantage of joining these fields is to have diverse work experience, knowledge, and a high salary. The highest-paying jobs are art director, post-production director and campaign manager which a person can achieve after completion of the graphic master course and with years of experience.

The average salary of a campaign manager is 6. 4 lakhs while the post-production artists get their package between 6 lakhs to 25 lakhs per year. The art director’s average salary is 8 lakhs per year.

So, these were some of the career options post graphic master’s course, so get ready to enter the creative industries by attaining the skills you need the most from Graphic Design Institute in Delhi.

I hope you’ve gained desired knowledge with this blog.

Graphic designing is one of the most demanding skills and with the right Graphic design courses you can successfully build a career in the graphic design field and can take your graphic design skills to next level.

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