Graphic Design Trends for 2018
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In the epoch of digital art, graphic design trends can vanish as rapidly as they emerged. What has been contemporary for the past few years may look entirely outdated in 2018. As design professionals, it’s significant to bestow some time every year to sit down and analyse the trends that are starting to impact the industry. To make the whole process simpler, we have summarized some of the most astonishing graphic design trends which are expected to be followed in 2018. If you want to add some contemporary and voguish flair to your designs, check out graphic design trends that will help you wow your customers. 

1. Gradients

Use of Gradient
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Gradients are modern-day comeback as a flat design enhancement. This enhancement is part of a design update and known as “flat 2.0” or “semi-flat design”. They are found on every website button, page header or be it any PowerPoint presentation. Their adaption by industry leaders Instagram and Stripe have confirmed their popularity once again, and in 2018 they will be seen in the form of vibrant UI, branding, backgrounds, illustrations and overlays.

2. Responsive Logo Designs

responsive logo designs
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It’s been a decade now since responsive design has transformed the web, and since then it has become the industry standard. The rapid upsurge of mobile browsing on assortment of devices and screen sizes, traditional websites are facing critical usability issues. After doing a lot of experimentation, Designers and developers came up with a solution “responsive design”, where a single design will render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes.  Organizations are redesigning their logos into modern, simplified versions over the past few years and responsive logo design will be the next logical step in meeting the demands of today.

3. Dynamic Duotones

dynamic duotones
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Duotones are conventionally created through a halftone printing process where one halftone is printed on top of another of a contrasting color, generating a two-toned image. This essential printing technique has become popular in digital media. With the help of imaging software, it has become simpler to create duotones and other related variations like monotones, tritones, quadtones. The perfect example for this is Spotify who has used duotone images in their app and promotional microsites. With bold colors used in duotones, they are prophesied to be one of the hottest trends of 2018.

4. Bold Typography

bold typography
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In 2018, designers will opt for bigger and bolder typography. They will be opting for creative effects, extra-large font sizes and huge headlines. Helvetica-inspired sans serifs (extra-bold family members) have dominated digital spaces, and while they’ll remain as fashionable in 2018 as well. It will also witness use of more decorative and hand-made fonts serif fonts. With the serif’s cumulative acceptability on screens (likely due to better screens and Google Web Fonts’ impressive options), we can expect a ripple effect. This trend will be seen in both print and on screen. Polaroid Originals has used bold typography in their website. This year will also showcase new and artistic typography, additional creative layouts and placements involving imagery, and bolder variations in alignment and kerning.

5. Animation and GIFs

animated logo of Uber
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When we talk about animations, GIFs and SVGs are some of the most important tools used for communicating ideas, concepts and processes while making content more engaging for users. GIFs have come a long way and have evolved to fit in spectacularly with the modern web. In 2018, it would be seen more in the form of ads, email newsletters, illustrations, icons and logos. Animated GIF logos have really become a trend of their own and it’s easy to see why—they’re slick, clever and extremely appealing. UBER has used animated gif in their logo.

6. Abstract and Geometric Patterns

abstract patterns
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Color schemes from the 80’s and 90’s will gain popularity in 2018. Designs with more abstract and geometric patterns inspired by that era will be seen. 80’s and 90’s patterns will become more prominent and influential and this trend can add visual excitement as well as a touch of nostalgia to the designs. Bliss Thai, a beauty therapy centre in Australia used 80’s inspired abstract design for their brand identity.

7. Custom Graphic Art and Illustrations

illustration example
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The accessibility of stock photos left drawing, painting, calligraphy, artistic typography, photography and illustration underutilized in the modern era. Custom artwork and illustration helps create a visual language which can really enhance and add character to any brand or business. In 2018, a lot of artwork in a wider range of styles will surface as graphic designers will begin to divulge in the potential of these underused assets. Above image of New Enterprise Associates website has used customized and hand drawn illustrations to represent their workflow.

2018 year is going to be a fascinating year in the history of graphic design. The graphic arts will be revitalized as we’re beginning to see a resistance to the flat design movement. The design scene will get a lot more interesting this year as designers will focus more on uniqueness and the distinctiveness of brands and their target audiences. With so many old and new styles on the table, it will be a time of taking risks and not following old patterns. To know more about latest industry trends and ensure a bright career in this field, enroll with some of the best industry relevant graphic design courses which will help you unleash your creativity and will touch new heights in graphic design industry!

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