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Ever Notice how Graphic Design is always buzzing with new trends and ideas? It resembles a tornado for creativity, swirling endlessly with new ideas and inspirations. Every year, the excitement stimulates us to see what’s hot and not in this design world. So this year, I took my curiosity to another level by listing the latest Graphic Design trends in 2024.

Join me as we explore Graphic Design trends of 2024. It will be exciting, full of joy, and an ‘aha’ moment along the ride.

Let’s dive into the trends!

Why do these Trends Matter?

Connecting with Your Audience: Graphic Design trends aren’t just about following the crowds – they are about creating designs that speak to people in such a way that feels at home to the audience. When you are up-to-date about the new trends and techniques and tuned in with what’s happening in the world then it feels like speaking their language.

By staying on top of these trends, you are not just showing off our designs but you are also showing that you are tuned with the latest happening around the world.

Let’s not forget about technology! Trends often go hand in hand with the new tools and techniques, by knowing them you are also keeping yourself up to date about the new skill sets.

Continuing from last year’s aura trend, this year’s trends are bursting with energy, embracing vibrant colors, bold typography, and many more. The designers are opting for a more dynamic and expressive approach, though taking a departure from the simplicity of the past.

Time for Top Graphic Design Trends 2024

1. AI Tools

ai enhanced tools
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In today’s ever-evolving tech world, AI and designs are increasingly intervening and are teaming up to shake things up. They are becoming a dynamic duo in this creative world.

They are not just making pictures, but they are lending hands to help the designer everywhere.

AI-driven design tools use vast data to analyze data, adapt to trends, and deliver top-notch creative assets in real-time.

The AI tools are there to help the designers to automate a lot of their tasks such as resizing images, removing background, correcting the colors or even generating new landscapes. Leading software applications like Photoshop and Illustrator are using AI in their workspace to speed up the workflow.

Here’s how they do it with an AI tool called Adobe Firefly:

Photoshop Gerenative Fill Feature

Illustrator Generative Recolor Feature

With this designers can easily divert their focus from tedious tasks to big projects like ideation, planning, and concept finalization that will help in making their designs better.

Not only this, with new functionality added in the generative AI tools, creative minds started out  generating very cool realistic graphics such as the given one below:

AI generative image of Pope wearing a white jacket

pope in white jacket
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Have you heard about Uizard, Midjourney, Designs AI, and Remove. bg? They’re awesome AI tools for designers! You must try.

2. Quirky characters

Quirky characters
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I get why quirky characters are your go-to favorite! They are personally charming and funky. There’s something unique about them, they are funk character illustrations with fluid-like liquid bodies, drawing inspiration from abstract and organic shapes giving them an eye-catching look. Instantly recognizable because of their long limbs, quirky proportions, and whimsy touch to any design.

Bearking Burger Brand
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Image Source: Bearking Burger Brand

3. Nostalgia

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Embracing and going back to the retro vibe of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s in 2024 can be a winning point in today’s fast-paced technology of designs.

When opting for this graphic style, it is crucial to understand the outcome you desire. Are you aiming to evoke nostalgia and create a sense of familiarity? Or looking for retro vibes? Whatever your goal is, it’s crucial to make and have a clear vision of what kind of design you want.

Whether going for the neon colors and big hairs of the 80s or driving into the funky patterns of the 90s, embracing this nostalgic fair is a guaranteed way to connect with your audience.

Going ahead and creating a design that is rad- it’s sure to be a hit!

Example: Nostalgia is making a major comeback in branding these days. Take a look at last year’s Barbie film and Pepsi’s 90s logo revival—they’re prime examples of how big brands are embracing nostalgia.

barbie movie poster
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Image Source: Barbie Movie Poster

pepsi old logos
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Source: Pepsi heads back to the 90s

4. Doodles and Hand-drawn Art

Doodles and Hand drawn Art
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In this age of advanced technology, a noticeable shift is happening in the world of design. We are seeing a growing appreciation for doodles and hand-drawn illustrations and sketches. In 2024, this trend is taking off as designers strive to inject more personality and authenticity into their work.

These hand-drawn elements add charm and humanity to digital designs. With AI rising high in the design arena, it is important, not to leave the human touch in the designs. Because sometimes, a simple doodle can speak volumes and touch millions of hearts, where no algorithms work.

Biscuit Basket Brand
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Image Source: Biscuit Basket Brand

Big brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and MailChimp are going with Doodles to promote them.

doodleboy nike
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Image Source: Doodle Boy Nike

5. Bold Minimalism

Bold Minimalism
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You know that feeling when you see a design and it stops you in the middle? That is what the power of minimalism is known as but in the year 2024, it’s getting a bold makeover.

Think of designs with clean lines, bold typography, and plenty of space. It’s about making statements with just a few chosen elements. What’s the best part is that minimalism isn’t just about looking good- it’s also incredibly effective at giving your message across, whether it’s in print or digital.

Next time designing something remember: less is more!

6. Textured 3D Designs

Textured 3D Designs
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Stepping into the future of digital art with textured 3d designs. You should take inspiration from the hyperrealistic 3D trends that have been turning heads for years.

What makes these designs different? Instead of just adding depth to characters or illustrations, textured 3D designs put limelight on hyper-realistic textures applied to the text itself. It is giving the world whole new dimensions, because of the rapid technological advancements, especially in AR and the metaverse. 3D textures are ready to take the cusp of an exciting journey, ready to elevate our digital experiences to unprecedented heights.

Fatboy uses 3D benefits with nearly zero effort– Fatboy, a Dutch design company renowned for its iconic lifestyle products like beanbags, has found success through its innovative partnerships.

According to Tom de Vos, Fatboy’s Director, this collaboration has been a game-changer. With CGTrader’s help, they’ve effortlessly integrated 3D technology into their design process. All they had to do was provide 2D pictures, and CGTrader worked their magic to create stunning 3D visualizations.

“This partnership allows us, a relatively small design brand, to suddenly be one of the frontrunners in the augmented reality, which is a big asset”

says Tom De Vos, Fatboy eCommerce Director

7. Vibrant Color Pattern

Vibrant Color Pattern
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Get ready to turn up your brightness and vibrancy in 2024! According to Sarah Macpherson, creative director at Halo Design Associates, bright and attention-seeking colors are going outraged.

Sarah explains, ‘Contrasting colors are a surefire way to grab attention and make your design stand out’. Think of neon shades, bold gradients, and high-saturation hues, these colors not only catch the eye but also leave lasting impressions.

Looking to make a bold statement in your designs, don’t be afraid of making these bold color choices.

Brands like Wayfair and Slack use important presents a vibrant set of colors in their logos.

Not only this Spotify also uses vibrant color patterns in their infographics and designs that present its importance.

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Source: Spotify

8. Pixel art

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Pixel art is a blast from the past that is making a comeback in the year 2024. It’s not about reminiscing, it is about making a bold statement in the field of design. The iconic design style, with its blocky pixelated look, rings a sense of authenticity and simplicity in this digital era.

Pixel art isn’t just about pixels- it’s about creating stories. Each small block resembles history, reminding us of the early days when digital graphics were just starting.

pixel art by pizza hut
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source- Pizza Hut pixel

For example- high-end brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci have embraced the pixel art trend, incorporating pixelated designs into their collection.

A Final Look of the Year 2024 Creative Evolution

The graphic design trends of 2024 are shaping up to be incredibly diverse and exciting offering something for everyone in this design world. These trends aren’t just about following the crowd – they are about staying connected to the latest happenings in the design world and adopting new tools and techniques. From AI-enhanced designs to quirky characters and vibrant colors, in the world of design, there’s something for everyone this year.

Whether you’re drawn to the retro vibe of nostalgia or to the sleek sophistication of minimalism, there is no shortage of inspiration to be found.

In a world that is always in flux, design has this amazing power to connect us all and spur us into action.

Connecting to embrace these trends, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and continuing to create designs that leave a long-lasting impression.  Here’s to a year brimming with full of innovation and creativity!

Let’s make it an unforgettable journey with professional graphic design courses and professional training at the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi!

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