Create Ebook in Adobe InDesign
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Hello readers, read this blog till the end to know how to create e-book in Adobe InDesign.

Introduction to the Author

Hi there, this is Sakshi Goel. I’m a graphic design student and currently pursuing 12 months diploma at Graphic Design Institute in Delhi. My learning joureny at Graphic Design Institute with its expert is amazing so far. Many applications are there in my diploma program from CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, to Adobe Illustrator and InDesign is one of them. 

Let me share my views on InDesign and want to know about yours too in comment section :).

A Quick Intro to Adobe InDesign

I’ve got to know a lot about Adobe Indesign from my mentor Deepak Sir. InDesign is very different software as it handles the designing of the multi-page layouts very well. From posters, magazines, books, e-books, flyers, brochures, to newspapers, we can work on any kind of multi-page layout in it.

For me, InDesign is a combo of Photoshop and Illustrator as it shares lots of similar options and features. It has the most adavanced typography settings and styles that I’ve not seen in any other software before. I can say that this software is fully based on styles. Without style it is nothing. 

InDesign allows you to make styles of paragraphs, character, objects, tables, hyperlinks, etc. 

Overall it was a very helpful software for me being a novice designer.

Now, I’m very excited to share my knowledge with you all. In this blog, I’m going to briefly discuss the steps to create an e-book in Adobe InDesign. 

So, let’s jump on the main topic of this blog now.

What is an eBook exactly?

So, firstly we will know what is an eBook and what is it mainly used for.

E- book

An ebook is also known as electronic book in which publications are made in digital form. 

It consists of all things such as text, images, as well as hyperlinks. These types of documents can be accessed in all sort of digital screens from computers, laptops, tablets to smartphones. 

People nowadays prefer reading on digital screens and e-books are the best source for their knowledge. I like one thing the most and it is that their is no cost on printing in going with ebooks

How to create an eBook in InDesign?

Now then we know about the e-books, let’s talk about the steps to create them in Adobe InDesign.

Step 1. Firtsly you will create a multipage layout with the relevant images, headings, paragraphs, hyperlinks, etc. that we want to see in ebook.

See the reference given below.

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If you don’t know how to add hyperlink then check the bonus point given below.

Bonus Point: To add hyperlinks, select the text first then right click > Hyperlinks > New Hyperlinks

Follow the below added image for reference

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Then set the setting and click ok.

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Let’s see the export now. This is the last part to complete when you are done with designing.

Exporting eBook

Now, go to File menu then select Export, decide location to save and give a suitable name to the ebook file.

Don’t forget to save the file as Adobe PDF (Interactive) format. This is the main step.

Check my reference image below.

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We’ve not done yet. Now it is time to look into the PDF settings.

Once you select the PDF Interactive format, InDesign opens a settings dialogue. Under its General tab, choose export as pages not spread as I did below.

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Next tab is Compression where we see 2 options: Quality and Resolution. Make quality high and resolution should set at 72ppi as we are exporting for Internet Media.

You can ofcourse increase the resolution value but please remember that it will increase the file size too and e-book will load very slowly which is not good. 

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I’m leaving the Advanced tab as it is, no need to make any special change to it.

Now we have the last tab which is Security. Using this option is very crucial if you want to make this e-book password-protected. Give a password under the Document Open Password area and you are done.

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Once you click on Export button, your e-book will be ready in few seconds. 

Now it is time to share it on social media, publish it on your website and get most out of it.

Don’t forget to test it once in your laptop or mobile phone before sharing to others. All hyperlinks should work fine. Always remember to give time to proofreading.

Ending Words

Creating ebooks are really fun and I hope this guide on how to create an ebook in Adobe InDesign is useful for you. 

You can also learn 6 topics in Adobe InDesign.

So, start making your own ebook today to read wherever you want and have it in your pocket all the time without any printing cost.

If you want to learn InDesign from scratch just like I did under the guidance of Deepak sir then InDesign course is available at Graphic Design Institute which covers the training of software from its welcome screen. Don’t stop at InDesign, there are many more tools for you to learn and you can learn them all under top graphic designing courses in Delhi at GDI.

Thanks a lot.

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