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Welcome to Graphic Design Institute’s blog. Today we have brought a very basic drawing tutorial for you. Let’s get to know what it all about is below.

We can create lots of different vector designs in CorelDraw. It is an amazing and very simple tool to create design for print work. It comes under vector design software which means it create designs which are made up of paths. Paths are mainly a line with anchor points. In CorelDraw, we call anchors nodes. In this blog, we will learn how to create vector pencil drawing using this Corel software. Follow the given below steps and see how easy is to create a pencil design.

Steps to Create Pencil in CorelDraw

Step 1. Create document and decides its size of your choice.

Step 2. Add a background color on your master page. To do so, double click on rectangle tool which is present in toolbox on left hand side. This will bring up a rectangle of master page size at the center.

Step 3. Decide any color from the color pallet on the right hand side and fill it in the rectangle. To fill color in the shape you want to use left click of your mouse and for filling outline color go for right click.

Step 4. Let’s start designing of our pencil. To do so, first create 3 rectangles and place them one after another like the given below image.

Pencil Shapes in CorelDraw
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Step 5. Add colors to each rectangle of your wish. In this example, we will see how to create a red and black colored pencil. So, after adding colors, you will find an image like the given one.

Basic Vector Pencil Shapes in CorelDraw
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Step 6. Now we add curves to our shapes so that it looks like a real one. For this, select all three shapes and press Control + Q command. This is the command of “Convert to Curve” option.

Now your shapes can be edited by the Shape Tool which modifies the paths.

Step 7. Select the red rectangle and go to the shape tool. Select the right node and right click to select the option of “To Curve”.

Adding Curve to Shape in CorelDraw
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This will add handles which allow adding a curve in the shape.

Step 8. Adjust the handles to give a proper curve like the upper edge of pencil.

Step 9. Move to the top pinkest rectangle. Now we will give a sharp pointing core look to it. To do so, first select its top right node then click on delete node option from the property bar. It will look like this.

Pencil Shape in CorelDraw
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Now, select the top point and drag it into center. That’s it. Your top core is ready and will look like this one.

Pencil Vector Shape in CorelDraw
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Step 10. Select the top shape and create its copy. For creating a copy of the shape, use “+” key.

Step 11. Now, add black color in it and decrease its size from center. For center scaling, use Shift key. Now place it to the top just like the given below image.

Pencil top part drawing in CorelDraw from Graphic Design Institute
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Step 12. Now work on last the black shape that is on the bottom of our design. Select it and go to shape tool. Add one curve on the bottom left node and adjust the curve like the image given below.

Pencil Drawing
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Step 13. Create a line and fill black color in it. Multiply it with 2 more lines and place all 3 lines on the red rectangle with equal distancing. Now use power clip option to clip the lines into the red rectangle. For power clip option, you need to first group the 3 lines together and then right click to select the power clip option.

Step 14. At last group the whole pencil shapes and remove outline.

Your final pencil design will look like this one.

Vector Pencil Drawing in CorelDraw from Graphic Design Institute
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So, this is how we create a vector pencil design in CorelDraw. Isn’t it easy? Well it might be difficult in the beginning but if you follow our blog till the end then you won’t find any difficulty in understanding the given steps. This blog gives a quick glance of how a simple example can make hard things easy.

Similarly experts at our Graphic Designing Institute in Delhi make complex things easy for the student by explaining the concepts using the right and simple examples. You can too learn to create such types of vector designs going from visiting cards, to posters, envelope, packaging, etc. under the guidance of our industry experts by joining our CorelDraw course in Delhi.

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