Promising Graphic Designing Courses to Learn in 2019
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Graphic Design is an art or skill of problem-solving through the use of visual communication, graphics, typography, illustration, etc. The job of a graphic designer is to create classic designs, visual, illustrations using the latest design applications to connect the viewers with the idea.

Do you also want to be a graphic designer? If yes then here is something for you.

This blog is all about the promising graphic design courses in Delhi that you can learn to pursue your dream job as a designer. Before we explore graphic courses let’s have a look at the career scope in the arena of design.

Career in Graphic Design

The Graphic Design industry is a growing sector which offers numerous job opportunities to the aspirants. It is being projected that the employment of graphic designers will grow 4% in the coming 4 years since the work of designers will continue to be significant in the industry.

Apart from the prosperous career, there is lots of competition that an individual is supposed to face while entering the graphic designing. To meet the most hiring skills and qualification it is necessary to join the professional graphic designing courses which are blooming in 2019.

Best Graphic Designing Courses to Join

Aspirants who want to enter the design arena must keep up with the latest design trends, techniques, and technologies. They can either learn their own or can go for advanced design courses.

Renowned training institutions which are specialized in graphic designing like Graphic Design Institute furnishes graphic courses envisioned to keep students’ skills and knowledge up to date.

These design courses provide aspirants with the prospect to create a professional portfolio of their projects. Have a look at the given graphics courses.

Graphic Design Diploma Courses

Graphic Design Diploma courses are the long-term programs which offer numerous job prospects for the individual looking for a career in the design industry.

Graphic Master Plus: It is a 12 months design course which covers the innovative training of visual designing, layouting, designing, photo editing, web interactivity, publishing and composting.

Graphic Master Course: It is an 8 months design diploma course which is an ideal course for the individuals who have an inclination towards designing, artistic creations that can be further used for printing and publishing.

Graphic Premium Course: This is a short-term diploma program in graphic designing which teaches the design basics, digital illustrations, visual designing, and advanced layouting.  This design course is the ideal one for the candidates who want to join the creative community.

Adobe Creative cloud CC Master course: This is a 12 month program which covers the training of graphic designing, web designing, UI designing, Image and video editing, motion graphics, animation and many more.

Photography Master Course: It is a 6 months advanced diploma course designed for the photography enthusiasts which covers all relevant concepts from basic to advance. 

UI Design Master Course- UI & UX Special: This is a 6 month Short term diploma course for those who seek career in web designing.

UI Development Master Course: This is a 6 month diploma course which covers advanced techniques of web designing and web development.

UI & UX Design Standard: It is a 6 months Diploma course of User Interface Designing and User Experience Designing.

Visualization Master Course: This is a 6 month short term diploma course which comprises layouting and composition that are the building blocks for designing.

Graphic Design Certificate Courses

Certificate courses are the short-term training programs which cover the essential areas only. These courses are recommended for individuals who want to have a durable understanding of graphic designing.

Graphic Standard Course: A 4-month certificate course which covers the professional training of Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW.

You can go for single application courses as well. Few of them are given below.

Name of CourseDuration of Course
Adobe Photoshop Master (Graphic Design Special2 Months
Adobe Photoshop Master Plus (Multimedia Special)4 Months
Adobe Photoshop Master (UI Design Special)2 Months
Adobe Photoshop (Photography Special)2 Months
Adobe Illustrator Master2 Months
Adobe InDesign Master2 Months
Adobe Lightroom Master1 Month
Autodesk Sketchbook Pro Master1 Month
CorelDraw Master2 Months
Graphic Standard4 Months
Photo Editing Master3 Months

To explore all the short-term design courses, go through Graphic Design Certificate Courses

Career Options After Completing Graphic Designing Courses

After completing such career prospering courses one can go for different career options. Some of them are given below.

  • Art Director
  • Industrial Designers
  • Multimedia Artists
  • Fine Artists
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Illustration Artist
  • Digital Painter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Books/ Magazines Designer
  • News Paper Designer etc.

Apart from these career options, there are some other professions which one can go for as a graphic designer such as print industry, advertising agencies, marketing companies, designing firms, educational institution, etc.

Best Graphic Design Training Institute in Delhi

To attain the complete practical training of graphic designing one must join an ideal platform where he can study the practical concepts of designing tools and focus on design theory aspects.

Fulfill your learning requirements with Graphic Design Institute a complete creative training institute in Delhi. Courses offered by GDI are having industry relevant curriculum and comprises of latest technologies which an aspirant need to comprehend to beat the tough competition.

Check out all the significant factors that make GDI one of the best graphic designing training institutes in Delhi NCR.

What Makes Our Design Institute the Best?

Here are a few reasons which make us one of the best design training institutes in Delhi.

  • Training on the latest software applications.
  • Industry-specialized trainer having more than 15+ years of experience.
  • Course curriculum and teaching mythology.
  • Fine arts classes by the art director.
  • Outdoor art and sketching sessions to let the students get in touch with still life and nature study.
  • Special workshops by pros on visual grammar and design industry
  • Practice lab for thorough comprehension.
  • Placement support from where students can start their journey to the real design world.

There is a wide scope in designing and for aspirants who want to go for this field have numerous job opportunities. But in order to have the skills that can make a mark on this sector, you need to join the professional graphic design diploma courses from an ideal institute like GDI.

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