Relation between Graphic Design and Visual Communication
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When we talk about the relation between Graphic design and Visual Communication, it seems little bit confusing. Thus, this blog has created to explain the relation between the both in detail. Before entering into topic, first learn what are they?

Graphic design is an art which includes many tasks and practices of presentation of key message of the brand to the viewers. It is used in situations where new formats, posters, logos or other graphical representations of data are required.  As a graphic designer, you’re in charge of all the digital art that will be used to advertise a business that is the main work in the life of a graphic designer.

Question rises how visual communications and Graphic design are related?

Visual Communication

Visual communication is a method of expressing or sharing information in a visual format, such as a graphical representation it’s a quick and easy way to interpret data. There are a few items we need to do to represent our data using charts, infographics, flow charts, visual reports, mind maps, and more. There are also a few elements such as text, graph, visualization, and other main elements to remember.

Why Graphic Design needs Visual Communication?

The art of visual communication demonstrated how to communicate without using words. This is a fascinating way of expressing the present state of affairs. Since everything is now largely done online, we need to provide our clients with less words and more imaginative work, as most people these days rarely glance at any poster, logo or design.

Our creative work depends mostly on the how well we know about the Visual Communication concepts!!

  • Many authors did the exclusive work on Visual Communication. They did excellent in pointing every single concept very clearly, about the abstract objects, colors and their meaning, structure and their views, how beautifully one can use the positive and negative spaces in their designs and many more.
  • Graphic Designs are used variety of applications, including marketing & advertising, user interface, packaging, motion graphics, art and illustration. Everywhere we look, we see examples of how to catch the attention of viewers.

Another fascinating fact is that in every design, every aspect, such as form, color, and the emphasis we place on space and how well we use negative space, is important. When we use all of the mentioned elements in a balanced way, it becomes an easy task to produce more appealing designs.

Few Uses of Graphic Design

Marketing & Adve­­­­­­­rtising Graphic design

The primary aim of any advertising or design is to attract customers. People are engaged by great marketing because of their desires, needs, understanding, and satisfaction with a product service, or brand. Graphic design assist organizations in promoting and connecting more effectively because people will often find visual content more engaging.

User Interface

User interface (UI) design is how well user interacts with any web, app, electronic devices, machines etc., the main goal is to make the user to use it in a simple and efficient way. This requires both Graphic design and typography for usability. The design goes in this way: first we create a mind map, rough sketches, wireframes, final design (we decide the colors according to the theme and typography) and we prototype the pages depends on our requirement.


We’re not sure why a graphic design is needed for packaging! Although a package doesn’t require any design, it is a unique way to sue the design. Packaging design is an innovative way to have photography, graphics and a visual identity for a package because it touches so many disciplines.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, simply put, are graphics that move. Animation, music, typography, graphics, videos, and other effects used in online media, television, and film are examples of this. The popularity of the medium has soared in recent years as technology has advanced and video content has taken center stage.

Art and I­llustration

Art, illustration, and Graphic Design are distinct in their own right. An illustrator has no intention of conveying a message or attracting the attention of the audience. Designers are the only ones who work to present something in the form of an art. A graphic designer’s goal is to communicate a message to the public. The designer makes use of color, typography, and other design elements. Each and every graphic design element serves a specific purpose.

Some Important Elements of a Graphic Design


Using random colors in a template will not express our intended message. Colors have various connotations. For example, when designing a website for kids or a poster, logo should have a cool and warm color scheme that looks fantastic. As a result, different websites must use different colors to express different meanings.


The value of typography is equivalent to that of text. The words will describe what a design is about; however, how we convey the words is equally critical. The font design form, and size all have their own significance. 

Positive and Negative Space

What do you suppose with the differentiation of positive and negative space. Well the answer is hidden in the foreground and background of any image. They referred to positive and negative space respectively. Positive space is the picture’s primary focus, while negative space is the empty space that adds to the picture’s meaning. One more interesting thing is that optical illusions can be created using these positive and negative spaces.

Look at the given image to under the idea of this point.

Birds and Fishes make excellent use of positive and negative space. Everything has the potential to be used in a novel way.


Graphic design is a field that offers a wide range of career opportunities. Graphic designers may work for design consultancies or branding agencies that specialize in the industry, or they can work for publishing, marketing, or other communications industries. Many graphic designers work in-house designers in non-design-oriented organizations, especially since the introduction of personal computers.

One can be able to do Graphic design only if he has knowledge on Visual Communication. Hope this blog was able to clear up your doubts related to the relation between graphic design and visual communication.

We got answer of many questions like – How a Visual Communication is related to Graphic Design? What are the main concepts in Visual Communication and Graphic Designs? The main reason Graphic design used now-a-days is everything is been digitalized. Clients require their design to be unique and in innovative way. It is more helpful to represent/convey our intention to the people using Visual Communication.

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