Scope of Graphic Designing in India
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Graphic Design is defined as the process of visual communication which combines words, images, and ideas to present the information to the audience. Pictures are the most effective means of communication and graphic design implies this wonderfully well.The graphic designer is a specialist in solving the problems associated with visual communication. The competent graphic designers have the desired skills in Drawing, Layouting, Typography, Lettering, Diagramming, and Photography. They develop the layout and production design of newspapers, magazines, corporate reports, journals and other publications. They also create marketing brochures for services and products, promotional displays packaging, design distinctive logos for businesses and products. Due to tremendous growth of the media industry and excellent employment options available, many people are opting for professional and advanced level Graphic Design courses.

What to expect from Graphic Designers?

Most of the times graphic designers are given a brief by a client, which expresses what issue needs to be addressed and a specific outcome should be achieved. The challenge is to collect data and evaluate it to figure out with the best possible solution which can be conveyed via an image or design. The success of a good design is determined not just by how attractive the design looks, but also it should convey the message to the target audience.

A graphic designer should have expertise in

  • Lay outing
  • Typography
  • Diagramming
  • Drawing and Lettering

They should also have a strong sense of aesthetics to know the correct selection of colors, artwork, photography, and other visual elements for the design. Graphic designers use an eclectic variety of visual channels to communicate messages via shapes, fonts and colors on print design, websites and social media. A good graphic designer possesses strong interpersonal and marketing skills, in addition to an eye for details and strong knowledge of graphic design applications.

Pre-requisites for Joining Professional Graphic Design Courses

  • An eye to see objects differently
  • People who have a natural flair for drawing and creativity
  • Passion to learn graphic design applications

Why Join Graphic Design Institute?

There is specialized training required to become a good graphic designer. Students aspiring to be a good graphic designer must have an inclination towards artwork. One has the option of either opting for long-term or short-term diploma courses in graphic design after completing your Class XII or graduation.

The course imparts on training in software being used for graphic designing and enhances the artistic talent of the person as well. It will train you about visual grammar, audio-visual media, publishing, manufacturing, printing as well as art and sketching. Apart from theory, hands-on experience in all aspects of design would be given as part of the course.

Career Prospects of Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers have a wide scope in almost every sector. Graphic designers can opt and work for a profile such as

  • Design professional
  • Brand identity designer
  • Logo designer
  • Layout artist
  • Artists
  • Creative directors
  • Design Consultants
  • Magazine Layout Editors etc.

In addition to these career prospects, one can also pursue their career as a graphic designer in design studio, advertising agencies, print industry, web designing firms, educational institutes, manufacturers, marketing firms, and publishers. As per Bureau of Labor Statistic’s report, “the graphic design field is expected to grow by 5 percent through 2026”.

Pay Package Details for the Year 2020

For fresher’s who want to build a career in this sector have lucrative job opportunities. As per payscale, for starters, the pay package ranges between Rs. 15, 000 to Rs. 25, 000 per month and for senior designations the pay scale depends upon the experience, quality of their work and the organization for which they are working. As you keep climbing the ladder you will see lot of opportunity coming your way other than your regular job, from which you can make lot of money.

India is home of creative people there is a huge opportunity as well as potential in graphic design field. There is a huge demand for graphic designers in India and it is only set to go up in the future. “At least 40% of communications that a company does with its customers is visual. Every product first needs to sell visually first before a buyer picks it up. The best way to learn techniques and trends in graphic design by joining graphic design training institutes.

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