Top Creative Summer Courses for Delhi Students in 2024
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Are you ready for a summer full of Fun, Creativity, and Learning? 

Join us for exciting art classes made just for kids like you. Here’s something for everyone starting from drawing, and painting, to graphic design. Students can learn and explore the variety of skills available at the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi.

These courses are available for all age groups above 10 years of age to college-going students.

Summer Courses available at Graphic Design Institute:

Join Our Fun Summer Art Classes!

1. Art and Sketching

art and painting
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Keen on learning drawing and doodling? Our summer camp provides art and sketching classes where kids can learn the basics of drawing, some cool sketches, and colorful artwork. You can join our batches this summer to explore your love for drawing.

Curriculum: In this course, students will learn basic drawing, Pencil shading, oil pastels, colored pencils, doodling, perspective, calligraphy, Madhubani art, mandala, portrait, still life, and Figure study.

Duration – 1 – 2 months approx.

Day – 3 days a week 

Age Group – Adults & Children above 10 years of age

2. Painting

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Splash some paints on your imaginative artwork in our summer course class. You will learn to make pictures, portraits, and art using different shades of color and styles.

Curriculum: In this course, students will learn Theam poster, Canvas, and Portrait using different techniques (oil colors, pastel colors, watercolors, and acrylic colors).

Duration – 1 – 2 months approx.

Day – 3 days a week

Age Group –  Adults & Children above 10 years of age

3. Digital Painting

digital art
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Here painting is made more fun using computers or laptops. We’ll teach you how to make paintings digitally using tools and software on your screen. This will include image manipulation, landscape painting, and still life painting.

Duration – 1 – 2 months approx.

DAY – 3 days a week

Age Group – Adults & Children above 12 years of age

4. Photo Editing

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Want to capture memorable moments? Learn how to edit, color-correction, and special effects like a pro in a few months at our summer camp. You will also get to know how to add funny stickers, emojis, colorful filters, and many more.

Duration – 1 – 2 months approx.

Day – 3 days a week

Age Group – Adults & Children above 14 years of age

5. Graphic design

Graphic Design
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In Graphic Design Course, students will learn how to make logos, posters, and illustrations. Get creative and learn how to edit, add shapes, and make logos with software applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw at our summer school.

Duration – 1 – 2 months approx.

Day – 3 days a week

Age Group – Adults & Children above 14 years of age

Reasons to Join Summer Classes at Graphic Design Institute in Delhi:

  • Explore Your Creativity: Find out what makes you unique by trying creative artwork. Our summer courses are all about exploring yourself and what you are good at and letting your creativity fly. Whether you enjoy drawing, painting, or designing. You have plenty of options to explore and choose different courses available at our institute.
  • Learn from Experts: Our teachers are really good at what they do, and they are here to help you become even better. They have a lot of experience and know the best tips and tricks. At our institute, you’ll get personalized help and advice from our mentors, so you can learn new skills and improve them in no time. 
  • Build Skills: In today’s world, it’s important to have practical skills that can help you succeed in school, work, and life. Our classes teach you things like problem-solving, communication, and time management, which are useful no matter what you do. Plus, you’ll learn how to draw, paint, and design like a pro!
  • Connect with Peers: Making friends who love art as much as you do is really cool! In our summer classes, you’ll meet other kids who share your interests and passions. Students will be provided to complete work, and projects and You’ll get to work together on skills and projects with each other. It’s a great way to make friends and have fun while you learn.
  • Prepare for the Future: By taking our classes, you’ll gain skills and experiences that can help you succeed in whatever you want to do in the future. Whether you dream of becoming an artist, starting your own business, or just enjoying art as a hobby, our classes will give you the confidence and know-how to chase your dreams. With our institute, you will be provided with the best mentorship which will help you with your future journey of becoming a developer.


Join us at the Graphic Design Institute in Delhi for a super fun summer full of creativity and knowledge. Explore the basics of drawing to digital painting and master your skills in a short period at our summer course classes. Unlock your creativity, and learn photo editing and graphic Design Courses while making memories with us.

Here is the list of more summer courses that are available at ADMEC Multimedia:

  • Video editing
  • animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Programming
  • Social media marketing
  • UI designing

Students who are interested in joining these Multimedia courses in summer vacation at our summer camp can contact at or visit the website.

Phone no.: +91 9811818122

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