Top Portfolio Websites For Graphic Designers
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If you are thinking of becoming a great graphic designer, world wide web is a place where you can show off your best and quality work by taking ideas from different and unique portfolio websites which will help them to have a strong USP (Unique Selling Point) before going for an interview.

But, the question is why portfolio is essential. Portfolio represents you and your work so that you get easily accessible by everyone offering a long queue of target audience from potential clients to buddies you have to work with.

A well-presented portfolio is very important if you want to be get visualized in the industry.

We notice every year when it’s farewell season, when most of the students pass out of the design industry with no recognition and job .The below sites will make you show your work to the outside world by taking help of these best portfolio websites. At some point during your degree, you will be probably asked to put together some sort of online portfolio, personal website or blog.

But where will you start? Luckily the days, where you will need coding skills are long gone. But you still need to do some ground work to shine yourself to the outside world.

Allowing the latest updation in portfolio, I am rounding up the best portfolio websites for graphic designers where they can display their work.

I have gone through all top portfolio websites to find out the options which are worth in terms of time and money. Some are great for simply displaying your art, while some are good for marketing purpose.

1. Cargo

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It is one of the best site that displays the work of true artists or graphic designers and one can create a collection of his pages which one edit, compose, drag every time by using different selections of typography in the form – network type, Google Fonts etc. It offers free services in which one can avail a chance of doing 12 projects and 3 pages.


2. Carbonmade

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It is well known for its beautiful and stunning themes related to color, and mood altering images. It has a huge collection of 1,000,000 portfolios. Its services are related to 3D modelling, Advertising, architecture, logo and motion design.


3. Dribble

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It is a great place to explore, learn and, of course, show off different screens shots related to the designs. It is the site related to build different connections throughout the world where one can appreciate others work. 

If you sign up in its pro plan, you can chat more and more to the designers, what one designers need if he want to be get hired . 


4. Behance

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Behance has a very active social network for the postings related to the jobs, comments, and provides us an opportunity to follow graphic artists and get part of the curated galleries that will praise your work. A great site for the fresher graphic designer to be get noticed for their work. One can sign up here for free and can upload his projects.


5. Adobe Creative Cloud

adobe creative cloud
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It give you an opportunity to share your dream ideas into the reality. A platform where you can build your own responsive websitel where you can use your own domain name, as well as have access to Lightroom photography and photos grids.It facilitates you to get the entire collection of Adobe creative apps – from Photoshop to Illustrator.


6. Wix

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One of the fastest growing and evolving website for the young graphic designers. Wix concept was developed by an Isralie company and it is very innovative site for the designers. Wix Code offers a built-in database and support for SEO, helps in customising data without HTML or CSS.

7. Kimberly Kight

kimberly kight logo
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Although new to this portfoilo industry, it is designed specifically for graphic creaters to showcase their online best portfolio work, as its concept evolve from London’s film and design industries. With Fabrik you can choose from more than 10,000 possible layout combinations involving different themes and can change these as as you wish as it works on 360 degree creative solutions.


8. Squarespace

square space
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It has a luxury gorgeous themes and templates — ideal for photographers looking for displaying photographs with style. A lovely, site builder for getting that high end look although the extra design options can be a bit more overwhelming.

While Squarespace is a universal portfolio site builder, there are a number of perks for hosting images. High-resolution images have multiple presentation options and the system allows photographers to set the focal point so that the image displays properly on every screen size. Squarespace also has a portfolio app application that automatically adjusts with your website; and you don’t need an internet connection to show off your images on a phone or tablet.

It’s slightly high in price than its competitors but is incredibly polished.  


9. Moonfruit

Moon fruit
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It is a U.K based company known for its coolest and most flexible design templets. It offers different features like styling fonts, spam filtering and SEO focused analytics and give a boast to designers for creating a beautiful website.

10. PortfolioBox

portfolio box
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It is designed specifically for graphics creatives, Portfoliobox is well set up for e-commerce galleries, blogs, gorgeous profiles, and more. It is easy to navigate for those focusing on the visuals, and has some truly beautiful portfolios to prove it. With Portfoliobox you are not forced to use a standard theme. You can use any style for any page that creates a truly unique website that reflects you and your work. More than 400,000 websites have been created with this site.


So, start creating and edit any type of content where no coding is needed so that free domain is included. Design your own templates and layout and include free web hosting. Try to create your own overall theme that restricts your design – create as many pages of you as you need.

I, think after reading this one can get a good idea of what ‘s hot and what ‘s not hot is happening in portfolio websites. Ready to make your portfolio? Don’t forget to have a look at some creative design portfolio for design inspiration.

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