What are the Basic Rules of a Good Design
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A Good Design is something that is innovative, functional and enthralling yet serving its purpose at its best. There is no single way of getting a good layout or state of art. Multiple perspectives are considered according to the content for which the whole project is needed. It is very important to go for the best graphic designing courses from the best graphic design institutes where you can attain qualified training to understand the core concepts of the graphic industry. This will be a great help as you can visualize the art in a far better way.

Very well said by Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

To make it work, you need to add essential elements. A good design completes with the good elements that you need to string together in the way one string pearls together to form jewels. To form the elements in the right way, there are some rules that every graphic artist should know and follow with consistency. But what are those rules? This is what we are going to see in this blog.

So, let’s have a look at them!

Important Rules that Make a Good Design

The following are some of the important design rules that you can start following to instantly improve designing skills. These rules will assist you in working in a meticulous and advanced manner.

1. KISS – Keep it Simple and Stupid

Good Design Rule: Keep it simple and stupid
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Yes, you need to understand this KISS concept in order to make your design perfect. Your work can convey your message and the sort of ideas to the viewers very well if you made it simple and crystal clear. A clear picture gives more visibility than an image full of text and graphics.

When you add stupidness into a design it becomes classier. Stupid-ness allows you to think out of the box. Thus, making your work out of the box and simply providing an amazing output.

2. Use Creative Fonts

Good Design Rules: Use Creative Fonts
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To attract and hold the attention of viewers, fonts play a very significant role. Smart artists know this very well hence, they play with TYPOGRAPHY and get most of it which later proves to be vital. By using creative fonts, you can also do this. You need to make a balance between your fonts, font sizes, and other elements. You can do a lot from a simple font since it adds value.

There is a big role of TYPOGRAPHY in design since it can grab viewers’ attention without any graphics.

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3. Use Negative and White Space

Negative and White Space in Design
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Negative space often misinterpreted as “White Space” is the area that is being used between or around the image or object in the layout. On the other white space is the area which is left blank. You can call white space an empty space too. Both Negative and White spaces are important which most beginners ignore. Using Negative space with White space in a balanced way can increase the charm of the design. It’s really not good to ignore such an important part. In reality, Negative space similar to fonts, adds value and gives a breathing area and White space provides an area for proper balancing. It’s, in fact, good to have an empty portion.

4. Contrast

Good Design Rules: Role of Contrast in Design
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To drive focus and attention to any portion of your design, using contrast is an idyllic choice. It helps the designers in accentuating the pivotal area and making the layout composed as well as visually striking. The contrast works with colors and to make its best use, you need to comprehend the color theory and visual grammar very well.

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5. Golden Ratio

Good Design Rules: Role of Golden Ratio in Design
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To drive the attention of the viewer to the most important element of your design, there should be a Rule of Golden Ratio which creates a well-balanced composition. The composition is derived from the mathematical ratio of “Phi” which is the key to beauty.

We find the Golden Ratio not only in a design made by a designer but it is present in nature too. Nature Around is a live example of a beautiful composition made by the Golden Ratio. Thus, no doubt, we can’t ignore the Golden Ratio.

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6. Rule of Thirds

Good Design Rules: Role of Rule of Thirds in Design
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Rule of Third draws a road map for your layout elements and helps in selecting the most suitable areas for the important portions. It basically divides the design into 3 equal horizontal and vertical lines resulting in a grid that later provides the idea of the focal point where you can place your key elements. To create a stunning design, it’s good to have a Rule of Thirds.

7. Hierarchy

Good Design Rules: Role of Hierarchy in Design
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Hierarchy in design is important to communicate your message to the target audience since it aids in compositing the elements in a sequence and presents the vital parts in an intuitive flow. So, to increase the focal point, use hierarchy.

8. Repetition

Good Design Rules: Role of Repetition in Design
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Last but not least, repetition is one of the imperative points you can’t miss. It is vital to repeat some of the aspects of design since it makes a sense of consistency and creates a hierarchy structure throughout the layout. You can repeat patterns, colors, columns, rows, etc. to add a sense of harmony to your work.

This is it for today! These rules are proven and can instantly improve your design. So, start using them and make them a part of your design.

Conclusion of the blog:

These key points mentioned above are the best package points available to get a good layout with perfection and balance in it. Missing even a single one can create an imbalance and can spoil your layout completely. To guide you with the best Graphic Design Institute which is the best graphic design institute in Delhi offers the best graphic designing courses. Do not wait and get a demo class to take your final decision. I am sure this will lead to a better future and career.

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