Important Questions and Tips for Graphic Designers
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Graphic designing is a well-off field having lots of career opportunities for beginners as well as experts who are also striving hard for conquering their dream job.

One of the daunting challenges that come right into the path of every designer is INTERVIEW.

But there isn’t any need to get afraid of it since with a little advice and perfect graphic designing courses, you’ll be well on your way to achieve your design aspirations.

And this blog can be an enhancement for your interview preparation as we have complied off the top checklists to consider before nailing any graphic design interview. So, let’s explore it!


1. Preparing a Professional Portfolio


Preparing a Professional Portfolio
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Well said by graphic and interactive designer Jacob Cass of Just Creative “A portfolio is the backbone of a creative as it shows what you’re capable of,”.

As a graphic designer, you must have a portfolio to present your most creative and unique work. It’s better to carry a hard copy along with online copy of the portfolio.

Useful Tip: Create your account on popular digital portfolio platforms like Behance which enables you to display your creative work online subsequently will boost career opportunities for you.

For physical portfolio, you can present a comprehensive design file which should have planning, analysis report and the design process you followed while producing your work. Make sure to present your file in a comprehensive way and mention each and every step, you taken to reached at the final project.

Useful Tip: Don’t show off each and every stage you’ve done so far. Head to variety. Pick up only the strongest ones.

Interviewers are interested to know your quality work rather than focus on quantity. Your work should be impressive, different, and more important should be original and updated.


2. Preparing a Resume


Preparing a Resume
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Become considerate while preparing your resume and think about what you can include in it. Make sure to update it as per the job requirements. It’s good to carry a minimum of 2 to 3 printout copies along with your physical portfolio file even if you have shared it already. You can attach your resume on the back side of your physical portfolio.

Useful Tip: It’s good to explore the background and crucial details of the company, where you are going to appear for interview.


3. Don’t take Your Appearance Lightly


Don’t take it in a funny way for the reason that it really matters. You shouldn’t take your appearance lightly. Most of the time, interviewers judge how a person is dressed up. The outfit should be professional and should not look casual.

Useful Tip: Being a graphic designer, you should let your look be creative and it should depict in your personality too!


4. It’s Good to Be Punctual


It’s Good to Be Punctual
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Time is the most valuable thing. You can earn more money only if you value time. Nowadays, no one tolerates it if you are coming late. Don’t make it a negative factor for you. Arriving 10 to 15 minutes early would be good for you. You can go for a rehearsal to use that free time.


5. Don’t Ignore Some of the Important Graphic Design Interview Questions that can be Asked


Don’t Ignore Some of the Important Graphic Design Interview Questions that can be Asked
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Apart from the examine your portfolio work and creative skills, the interviewers will of course put up some questions related to graphic design applications, design planning, how you execute the work, and many more like these. You should prepare yourself to face such questions.

Stumble through the below given questions which can help you to leave a lasting impression in your interview.


  • Give your introduction.
  • How long you’ve been in graphic designing? Do you have any experience in it?
  • Why did you enter in graphic designing?
  • What are the major steps of your design process? How would you describe them?
  • What are the software you can work on?
  • What will be the latest graphic designing trends according to you?
  • Let’s walkthrough your portfolio. Which piece of design are you most gratified of?
  • Tell us about your weaknesses as well as strengths
  • What sort of challenges did you experience and how did you handle them?
  • Can you tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure and how you overcame it?
  • How do you work on any project? from where you start?
  • What makes you stand apart from the others? What except your design skills you have to offer us?
  • How strong is your marketing skills? Are you able to convince the client to accept your design?
  • How do you overcome with your mistakes?
  • How do you measure your design’s success?

For Graphic Applications Interview Questions & Answers Head to the following Blogs:



6. Make a List of a Few Questions that You can Ask to Interviewer


Make a List of a Few Questions that You can Ask to Interviewer
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To demonstrate your interest in the position, you can put some questions at the end of the interview.

You probably get this opportunity when your recruiter will ask – do you have any questions to ask. So, it’s better to prepare 6 to 8 smart and open-ended questions in advanced. It shows your curiosity and enterprising approach.

Right here are some of the useful questions you might put up at the end of the interview.


  • What includes my daily tasks?
  • Who will be the company’s potential audience in coming years?
  • What are your expectations from me?
  • Can I get a little more knowledge about the team I’ll be working with?
  • What would be the next stage of this interview?

Portfolio, resume, punctuality, personality, appearance, logical ability, awareness, and sound command on graphic designing are the keys to crack any interview in your life.

So, be focused on each and every checkpoint and prepare yourself for it.

Don’t miss any point. Have a great resume with creative and beautiful portfolio designed by you with right skill-set to make you stand apart from the other.

Last but not least, add a Thank You letter to make your standing stronger.

So, here’s the end of this blog. Hope this blog was able to help you in finding out the important things to be considered before nailing any graphic design interview. If you want to explore more about graphic designing, then, you can go for our other blogs on visual grammar, creative thinking and designing as well.

If you interested in learning graphic design training with latest applications and trends then check out the Best Graphic Design Courses by Graphic Design Institute, which is a trusted training institute in Delhi NCR. Pursue diploma courses from GDI to achieve your dream job.

Want to share your thoughts with us? Feel free to mention in the comments section given below.

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