Why Join Graphic Design Courses Training in 2021?
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Check out this blog to get to know whether you should go for graphic design courses training in 2021 or not.

Let’s get the answer.

2020 was one of a kind year. The months-long lockdown and strict norms of social distancing have changed how the world used to work. The virus, even after almost a year, continues to disrupt what was considered to be normal.  It has forced every organization, irrespective of the field it belongs to, to sit back- think and act to evolve again. Even while the world has started to bring back itself to the “new-normal” trajectory, it is still far from its former shape.

Similar to every industry, the year has drastically shaped the digital industry too.

However, the silver lining in the cloud is not everything was gloomy and there were several opportunities too, with every business, turning to the online platform, digital marketers, graphic designers, web developers were in great demand as the requirement was to reach the audience who is locked inside their homes and they are the only magicians of the field.

Definitely, coronavirus took the design industry to an entirely different route but what is cool about that design evolved in that place and started navigating the entire world. Graphics became the buzzword and while there were physical restrictions, designing allowed people to go and look beyond the physical boundaries.

How did brands respond to these challenging times with their revamped designs?

Though Covid was busy taking a toll on people, the graphic industry was quick to respond to all the changes.

While Mastercard separated its two overlapping circles, which used to symbolize the connectivity, to emphasize the social distancing, we saw Twitter bird wearing the mask. Companies paid special attention to safe packaging options and updated their entire packaging designs. 

McDonald, Volkwagen, Coca-Cola, Nike, and other major brands brought a visible change in their iconic logos to educate people about social distancing.  The luxury automotive company, Audi separated its rings and KFC paused its tagline considering the situation.

All these changes were enough to tell people that graphic design is here to stay and new trends will always there to up the trends in the industry.

Not only has it provided immense opportunities to already-existing people, but it has also created a favorable environment for people who want to step into this industry, and today we’ll be understanding why 2021 is the best time to up your game with graphic skill by joining any graphic design training institute.

Top reasons to enter the Graphic Industry in 2021 by joining graphic design courses

Promising career opportunities, love, and passion for art, and tremendous freelancing options are just some of the few lucrative reasons to enter the graphic industry by joining a good graphic design course that suits your requirement. Many people are choosing this offbeat career option, making it favorable day by day. Let’s learn a few reasons that bring so many people close to this industry.

1. Increasing Demand

Let’s get on to some technical stuff- Huge demand and less supply- the rule is applicable in all the fields and the same goes for the graphic industry as well. Marketing is the essential element of business and by the time business continues to expand or bring new start-ups into work, creative artists and graphic designers will have a lot of work by their side. Graphic designers are responsible for articulating businesses’ ideas and thoughts to the general audience.

Amidst the pandemic, when organizations are forced to change their creative designs, it was designers who came to the rescue and in these times the demand for designers has already increased.

2. Freelancing

When millions of people were forced to stay inside the house, it reshaped their entire working life. While many lost their jobs, some were also forced to shift to work from home. The Graphic industry is one such industry that was already offering designers a lot of opportunities to work from home.

  • Being a freelancer and working from your comfort place is one option that is not available in every kind of job and probably this is one such reason which makes graphic designing a favorable career option especially in these times.
  • It gives a viable option to many creative artists to work and collaborate with international brands without moving out of their house.

3. Secured Job

With automation taking over every department and technology refuses to slow down, several industries can witness a lot of people losing their job. But, graphic designers are in a relatively safer place. Designing involves creativity and robots cannot ever overtake this at any moment.  No matter how much advance we get with technological equipment, we will never be able to replace human creativity with it.

  • Also, considering the prevailing situation, statistics have shown that the advertising and digital industry will rise in the coming future which means there will be growth in employment opportunities also.

Not only the big players of the world including Google, Tesla, Microsoft, but also companies like Zomato, Netflix, Swiggy are investing a lot in their designing section.

4. Experience Freedom

Creativity is such a field that will always allow you to transcend the physical boundaries. You can visualize things and turn them into reality using software available in the market. It gives you the freedom to express yourself in a distinguished way. You can create your own mark while still going with the essential design rules and principles.

5. Financial Gains

What can be more interesting than getting paid for being creative? Passion takes the first position when you are going to make a career choice, but it is money that takes the second important place. Graphic designs indeed get a fair amount of money for creative ideas as they are responsible for bridging the gap between customers and businesses. The more interesting your creative seems to be, the more it will have customer engagement.

6. Serve other areas

If you think as a designer you will only get to work in the media and advertisement industry, and then you are wrong.  Design is gives what a business needs for its survival, at least in today’s time. Demand for designers is not limited to only one industry rather they are required in every field- be it hospitality services or food delivery applications. It opens the door of options for designers. If you always had an interest in sports, you can join the internal content creation team of a sports brand and create interesting graphics for them.

7. Learn and experiment daily

Graphic designing will never make you feel monotonous. Every day will be new learning.  You will be continuously evolving while working as a designer. You will always find new problems knocking at the door. You will make mistakes but will also do uncountable experiments to find the solution to the problem.

8. Gain problem-solving skills

No two days will be the same for you. As a designer, it is obvious to come across new experiments as well as challenges every day. That’s the part of our life. Designing will help you see the larger picture, by allowing you to go beyond small issues. Through design, you will gain more skills than you will ever realize. Problem-solving will not only allow you to overcome common issues but will also make you an asset to the organization.

The world is becoming more and more dynamic thus leaving us in the state where you can expect a guarantee at no stage. Every moment is unpredictable but what is definite in these challenging times is that the digital industry will only move upward and forward. As one of the best design institutes, Graphic Design Institute brings you an array of graphic design courses which you can take up to learn and improve your designing skills. 2020 has already pulled us back but don’t let 2021 do the same to you. Check out our interesting graphic design courses here.

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