Add Gradient on Editable Text in Adobe Illustrator CC
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Spend your 2 minutes and get to know how you can add gradient on the editable text in Adobe Illustrator CC.

In this jet age, social media has become a major influencing platform for brands to capture audience attention. With the increasing popularity, social media has become a marketing platform for companies and they are investing heavily in the design category. 

The rapid technological improvements have brought transformations in every sphere and Graphic Design is no less than that.

Graphic Design revolves around digital software. Combining creativity with technology has been one of the best decisions ever made!

Software has enhanced the artistic approach. With software, they have the power to push their virtual cages and work beyond their imagination. Whether we talk about a novice designer or professional one’s, they all are in awe of what software can do for them.

These tools have multiplied the creativity concepts. Designed with user friendly intuitive, graphic software can be used effectively by both beginners and experts.

There are many design software in the industry which has successfully made a distinctive position for themselves and among them Adobe Illustrator will be the centre of this article today.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector based software used to create vector illustrations, logos, packaging designs and brand identity.

With limitless options to explore, the software gives you creative freedom to create exceptionally beautiful designs.  `

Today in this section, we’ll discover how we can add gradients in the text using Adobe Illustrator.

Check out the steps below to add gradient into the text :

  • Take type tool and write down something in which you want to add gradient
  • Then, select that text and open the Appearance Panel (Press Shift+F6 or go to windows menu and open appearance panel from there)
  • Choose a new fill and select gradient. Your text is still editable and you can change gradient anytime. Easy, isn’t it?
  • Add gradients to your text and make them funny and quirky.

Adobe Illustrator is leading software used by professionals across the globe. Master the software and become a digital artist with our professional Adobe Illustrator course in Delhi.

I hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more interesting articles, also to learn the same join the graphic design courses in Delhi offered by us. Till then keep exploring!

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