Some common mistakes in photoshop
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Hola folks the designer here from Graphic Design Institute with an article which will be a lifesaver for  a beginner on topic common mistakes to avoid while learning Photoshop .

Before we dive deep into it let’s take a look at few things

For anyone who hasn’t started taking classes yet, Photoshop is a software used for photo editing in a nutshell obviously.

Now you would probably ask the question,

What is a photo editing?

Say a friend of yours clicked a photo of you and some third person is also on that picture and now you want that stranger to be removed from that picture so how would you do it? This where Photoshop comes into play it is THE software that can do anything with a picture and right person off course. This is what we call  an editing.

Photoshop is bound only by the user’s imagination and creativity. The more creative you are, the better you will be able to use this software.

Starting with Photoshop

Photoshop is a software created and published by Adobe Inc. since the year 1990. At that time it was a mere photo editing tool but since then it has evolved and upgraded so many times that now it has widened its branches to all the digital fields and is considered canon if you aspire to become a Graphic Designer or Web Designer learning this software is very important for you.

Where can we use Photoshop?

As said before it’s quite involved in any type of designing media so basically it’s used by photographers, video editors, graphic designers, and in print media.

Common Photoshop Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some mistakes you should avoid when starting to learn Photoshop

Don’t rush Yourself

Whenever we start with something new we are tempted to grasp everything in one swoop meaning we start looking for guides and online tutorials which actually misguides us from the learning path given by your tutor. I’ll recommend following that first and when you are half way in  through the learning process and know your way around the photoshop workspace then only you should start exploring.

Not using keyboard more often

Using the keyboard will make your work easier in the future. Start using these as soon as they are taught and make it a habit. Practically using a mouse for doing the stuff that can be just done with one shortcut is easier.

Customize your workspace 

Photoshop offers a completely customizable workspace from shortcuts to right sidebar. You can actually create a customized workspace for your different type of work. Say you are a graphic designer but you also have to create a layout so you create workspace accordingly one for graphic work and other for your web work.

Resolution, Color Mode and Unit

There are different resolutions, color modes and units used for the different types of media. Often we forget this and use these wrong. Always use the right set of these values when working.

MediaResolutionColor ModeUnit
Web72ppiRGBpixels (px)
Print300dpiCMYKInch(In), centimetre(cm)

Not using Layers

Beginners often forget the way layers are supposed to be used and many try to skip them. Let me tell you straight away it’s a bad idea. We use them whenever we need to do any changes to the given image. The reason behind doing this is simple: we can delete or turn off those changes on the go. Every simple thing has to be done on a different layer remember. You can also make groups of layers to keep it from getting messy.

Not Practicing Enough

There is a lot in photoshop and if you don’t practice regularly you will never be able to use the photoshop at its max potential ‘cause you never practiced properly so you’ll definitely forget most of the stuff taught. The best way to practice is to follow what your instructor taught in class and this can be done easily by taking notes and noting every step involved in the process.

Some Extra Tips 

Copy the file to a different folder and only then start working.Constantly save the file throughout your work.Using the right extension when saving the file is also important when you are going for the final render.

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