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Graphic designing software are indeed boon for designers. This perfect blend of technology and art have created a hike in the industry, and today in our blog I’m going to discuss two most sophisticated software of the industry. Illustrator by Adobe and CorelDraw by Corel Corporation are two best vector based software of the industry. But just like people have preferences and taste in clothes, food, and places, they have preferences in case of software too! Some people prefer working on Illustrator while some go with Corel. Let’s look at the reasons behind that.

Differences Between Industry’s Two Best Software – Illustrator & CorelDraw

1)  Created By :

CorelDraw was the first vector based software of the industry created by Corel corporation, whereas Illustrator was backed by Adobe. Before that, Adobe has produced Photoshop that was majorly used for web work however after studying the competitive market, he decided to launch Illustrator that can give a tough competition to CorelDraw in the industry.

Created By
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2)  Launch Year :

Being the flagship product of Corel, CorelDraw was launched by them in the year 1987. With the gap of two years, Adobe released Illustrator in 1989. From then they both have successful in ruling the industry.

Launch Year
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3)  Workspace :

In term of workspaces both the software offer multiple space to work on. The difference is just that Illustrator offers you multiple artboards whereas CorelDraw works on multiple page system.

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4)  Used In :

Being vector based software both are seamlessly used in the print industry. Here Illustrator has an edge over CorelDraw. Being a versatile software, Illustrator is used in Web Industry also.

Used In
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5)  Used By :

CorelDraw was majorly used by graphic designers whereas both Graphic and UI designers work on Illustrator.

Used By
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6)  Time Taken :

In this also,Illustrator gives a competitive edge to CorelDraw as it is comparatively faster and smoother than CorelDraw. Time taken by CorelDraw is much more than Illustrator.

Time Taken
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We have a look over few differences between Illustrator and CorelDraw but this doesn’t mean that any of the software is less than each other. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. There are certain areas where CorelDraw outshine Illustrator and in some areas Illustrator is better than Coreldraw. But what matters the most is that a designer should have command over both of theses software. This will help him to earn a good package in the design industry.

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2 Replies to “CorelDraw vs Illustrator – Major Differences in a Pictorial Way”

  1. I do not agree that coreldraw is not used for web design, and that illustrator is faster, I use both and apparently core is faster, on web design it is spñp um rgb space and working in pixels … I don’t see the difference ….

  2. illustrator most important role like cartoon design, sketching clothing, make abstract bedgrounds, web and mobile app design etc.

    photoshop most important role like retouching, photomipulation, photo editing, color correction, brush effects, mockup design, margining images, etc.

    coral drew X9 most important role like stationary design, product design, social media design corporate design corel is master combination of illustrator & photoshop ..etc.

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