CorelDRAW; an aide for Graphic Designers
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Ever wondered how an artist creates apt digital designs? Well, one of the oldest running graphic design software called CorelDRAW is at our disposal. As a graphic designer myself, I have come to terms that in order to create one of a kind digital art, I should be able to express what I have in mind through the strokes and layers within this software. 

If you are unaware of what I am talking about, CorelDraw is a popular vector graphics software that has been around since 1989 (I couldn’t believe this software is older than me!).

Special Talk on CorelDraw from a Beginner’s Point of View

It is a versatile tool that is used by designers to create a wide array of visual and digital designs – from logos to illustrations, product packaging, and more. The software offers a wide range of tools and features that are useful to designers of all skill levels, so beginners do not need to worry 🙂 

Although, it might be confusing at first especially if you have used other software like any Adobe Graphic Suite programs, but you’ll learn to get around it quickly. Since the software is designed to be user-friendly (with features that are accessible through an easily navigable toolbar), it will not be long before first-time users can navigate through the software like a walk in the park. 

Besides, everything in this software is straightforward.

How CorelDraw is an aide for graphic designers?

In almost two months of me using the software for a campaign, I had learned to like it for some of its tools and features.

Pages Feature

Unlike other software where an artboard is used, CorelDraw uses pages which makes it easier to segregate designs and is best for a presentation-type of designs and catalogues. 

Calendar Design in CorelDRAW
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In making a calendar for example, I was able to create separate designs for each of the twelve months in a year including the cover page. To top it off, saving them into a PDF (all pages at the same time) was just one click of a button. Amazing, isn’t it?

Smart Bitmap Tracing Feature

Another cool feature of CorelDraw that I really like is being able to convert an image into a clipart – editing the Bitmap. Seriously, this method worked for me and I could change the background of the graphics as well. 

It made my work easier rather than tracing the image and clipping it manually. This works best for illustrations and images which you include in your design and would want the raster quality of it to be replaced by a vector quality (for those not familiar with this, it just means that the image will not be pixelated and will have smooth edges).

Color Management

The list of cool features in CorelDraw just goes on and on; one more feature that I liked is that it includes a range of color management tools, making it easy to select and manage color schemes. Imagine, if I want a specific color shade, I can just press the Ctrl button and adjust the color to the shade I want – if you ever want to see what magic is, this is what it is!

Wide Range of Brush Strokes

Now as for the tools, one of the most useful tools that CorelDraw has is its Brush tool. Using this tool is quiet fun and you have various options to choose from, you can create designs from a wide range of brush strokes. 

Brush settings in CorelDraw
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In CorelDraw, you can create custom brushes which can be used to create unique textures and designs (brushes even have actual drawings in them).

Drop Shadow and Transparency

CorelDraw is indeed a versatile software with its tools like Drop Shadow and Transparency – both are included in my list of favorite CorelDraw tools – having several preset options. 

Adding shadows to elements couldn’t be easier with these presets. 

Speaking of texture, the Transparency tool can also be used to add texture to an element.

Transform Docker

Out of all the great features in CorelDraw, the tool that I found the easiest to use (that is supposed to be complicated) is the Transform tool for making connected shapes, or better yet, packaging. I was able to create the outline of a packaging in less than 5 minutes – I even took a longer time measuring a guide box’s dimensions.

Closing Remarks

Honestly, I took CorelDraw lightly and just realized and appreciated what it can offer as I am writing this blog. 

Never had I realized that these features and tools I mentioned above are native only to this software. If you are all for simplicity more than complexity, then CorelDraw is definitely the way to go. 

CorelDraw is an essential tool to have in your skill-set for sure if you are planning to reach the level of a successful graphic designer and looking to create high-quality graphics with ease. 

Its versatility, straightforward interface, and advanced tools and features make it a valuable asset to all kinds of designers. Whether you are creating logos, illustrations, making campaigns and product packaging, this software is a tool that you should consider using.

About Author

Hi there everyone Sheila this side. I’m a graphic design course student at Graphic Design Institute in Delhi. I shared my learning experience in the form of this blog and tried to show how CorelDraw was actually an aide for me as a graphic designer.

For more details about CorelDraw; I recommended you going for the training under CorelDraw course in Delhi so that you can follow step by step learning.


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