Advantages of adobe illustrator training
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We all have seen unique logos of different companies, amazing banners, and posters of movies, serials and cartoon scenes at various places both in virtual and manual form and special creative patterns made up of different shapes. However, do you ever have think about how these illustrations are formed. Therefore, knowing about these illustrations formation lets first learn about illustrator by which these creations can be created. We will also see how does Adobe Illustrator course training helpful for you.

Adobe Illustrator is a computer software application used to create vector graphics based illustrations, icons, typography, logos, banners, posters and designs for web, print, video, apps, animations and advertising industries.

It is widely used by designers in many designing industries for example:

  • Graphic designers specially used this software to design logos for numerous brands and companies.

This software develops special patterns with different shapes that can’t be form in any other software. It permits you to see your images or designs with high resolution and clarity due to its vector projection of image.

Key features of Adobe Illustrator

  • It has got the tools and options that let you trace your ideas on its digital art board perfectly and design the logos of your dream. One such tool is shape builder and also we can’t forget Pen tool to mention here.
  • Using wrap options and shape modifier tools, you can craft beautiful custom fonts and lettering in no time.
  • Zoom at any level and see the crystal high quality image of your compelling designs.
  • By using the professional tools available for creating graphs, pies, charts, and tables you can show any complex data beautifully.
  • From print to web to video, work for any media.

Top tools of Adobe Illustrator: For creating your crazy creations

Whenever a learner pursuing Adobe Illustrator courses or a professional user enters the main workspace of Adobe Illustrator software, you can see that a toolbar appears on your computer screen at left side vertically. This toolbar contains many tools and each of them performs different tasks to help designers and artists to create designs of their choice and creativity.

Here is the list of top tools and all of them play an exceptional and outstanding role which permits you to design or plan your imaginative creation. 

Please note: It really doesn’t matter whether your creation has actual existent or not in our logical world, everything is possible to create with Adobe Illustrator.

Shape Builder tool:

Shape Builder tool
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I just love this tool as it is used for creating our desired shape by adding or subtracting two or more shapes. Isn’t it sounds cool? It is widely used in logo making. It is actually an amazing one to try if your Adobe Illustrator course has just started.

Blend tool:

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Now, it’s time for blend. This tool is used for blending two colours or shapes. It can also work as an intermediate to blend colour from one shape to another shape to make them that they are part of each other. That is why it has got blend name. We can create many cool things using this tool.

Once you will join Adobe Illustrator training from our graphic design institute, our trainers will cover up everything related to BLEND option.

Width tool:

Width tool
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This tool is used by designers for molding and modifying line or object by creating strokes. We normally use it in calligraphic icons or while creating custom fonts.

Pen tool

pen tool
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This tool doesn’t need any introduction. It is indeed one of the most popular and commonly used tools in the life of every graphic designer and digital artist who work on vector illustration and digital painting.

It is used to edit and draw the following things.

  • Add the Bezier curves or create straight lines
  • Use it for the addition and subtraction of anchor points

Eye- dropper tool

Eye dropper tool
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It is widely used by designers for picking and extracting colors from existing objects to copy it into a new object. This tool in Adobe Illustrator, allows us to copy the styles of the objects too for instance text; it copies colors and effects and pastes on plain text very easily.

Mesh tool

Mesh tool
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It adds anchor points on the object and fills colors in the form of gradient. It can be used to create perfect light shadow tones in any shape to give the feel of 3D surface like of water drop, juicy fruits, leaves, etc.

Graphs tools

Graphs tools
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Graph tool is used to create and customized different types of graphs in which planner can put information in a stylish way.

Other additional advantages of Adobe Illustrator training

Let’s see what else we can do with the training in this illustration and creative software.

Pattern making options

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Adobe Illustrator offers you best platform to create unique backgrounds by creating the patterns using different shapes, text and graphics that can’t be form in other designing software.

Or you can say it is mostly used by designers to create patterns due to two reasons:

  • First one is its high quality vector projection
  • Second one is the easy to draw options available in it

Character illustration

Character illustration
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Do you know apart from designing of logos, posters, banners, and other layouts, Illustrator is also used for preparing heart catching portraits and character illustrations? Yes it is true. Even you can create the portraits of amazing heroes like iron man, captain America, bat man, and spider man which all are fantastic and are heroes of today’s toddler and teenager generation.

With Adobe Illustrator skills, you can create anything!

Here, we have discussed about Adobe Illustrator and its working. But the questions that can arise in curious mind of every imaginative and creative individual are that how Adobe Illustrator courses training does helpful for making a successful career.

Well let’s then take a look at this point too.

Job options after Adobe illustrator course

We all learn and pursue any course or degree due to two reasons first for our sake of interest and second and most important thing for getting a good job for our survival and comfortable living.  So don’t worry after completing Adobe Illustrator training you can do various jobs with different job titles. Few of them are mentioned below.

  • Logo designer
  • Stationery designer
  • Portrait and character artist
  • 2D  Illustrator
  • Digital and storyboard artist
  • Background artist
  • 2D game illustrator
  • This queue doesn’t stop here.

Interested in starting your training? Check our Adobe Illustrator course in Delhi and get enrolled in it today.

See learning a software application doesn’t guarantee a successful career unless and until you got some extra ordinary qualities in you.

Let’s see what qualities are required to reach at a good level of career in the creative industry being a designer.

Essential qualities for successful career

For having a successful professional career you as a creator must have the following qualities. If you are deficient of these qualities then you should have to work on them as this is the only way to survive in the creative arena.

  • You need to have a curious creative mind
  • Unique imaginative thinking and drawing skills
  • Efficiency should be high to handle many work pressure
  • You need to be multitasking due to different types of design project being a designer you will have to handle
  • Good communication skill is the key and it needs to reflect both in your design and talk
  • Good hold on software applications specially on Adobe Illustrator
  • Knowledge of all shortcut keys for time management as speed is the game changer and it extends productivity too
  • Stay updated with the current fashion and design trends
  • Understanding of advertise and marketing
  • Stay on top of the edge with outstanding and eye catching portfolio
  • Dedication and passion towards your work is most important quality

How and where should you learn Adobe Illustrator course?

For those who wants to learn this Adobe Illustrator course can find countless institutes which are offering Adobe Illustrator training with many big promises like providing industry oriented course and training from experts but only few of them actually fulfill their promises.

That’s why starting your preparation from our Adobe Illustrator Training Institute is the best choice you ever made for yourself and for your future too.

But many people will ask why we choose Adobe Illustrator Training Institute for learning designing, illustration, layout making, etc.

Therefore, for knowing this let’s look on some quick benefits listed below.

Benefits of learning from Adobe Illustrator Training Institute

These are the following reasons, which make our Adobe Illustrator Training Institute the best option for your training.

  • Offers best industry oriented course curriculum
  • Training from industry experts having 18+ years of experience
  • Provides both offline and distant learning online graphic design classes
  • Live projects, quizzes and events
  • Outdoor sessions and industrial visits
  • Special workshops by design veterans
  • Computer lab for practice
  • Most important job placement facility

Our institute offers a list of professional graphic designing courses in Delhi you may interested in. These courses come with diploma and certificate accreditation.

Hundreds of students from our Illustrator institute have gotten jobs of their interest after completion of their courses.  If you want to start your learning journey from the best institute for successful professional career then in my opinion join Illustrator Training Institute. 

For more details, feel free to contact us.

I hope you will like this and it will help you to build a beautiful life and bright and amazing career.

Best blessings and wishes.

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