Importance of Adobe Illustrator in Graphic Designing
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Adobe Illustrator is a popular vector graphics editor program for designing that primarily manipulates vector graphic which is used by both the artists and the graphic designers to create vector images. it is by far the easiest way to generate and edit scalable content to be reproduced in a variety of media at any size. We can create designs with small file sizes which can be printed in high quality. It is most commonly used to create company logos, illustrations, graphs, charts, cartoons of real photographs, any promotional advertisements and other promotional uses or even personal work, both in print and digital form. Creating and editing any objects are easy with Illustrator as it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of drawing or painting. We can create anything as in freehand drawings. Importing photographs is a masterstroke in this program which works as a guide to trace and recolor a particular subject turning that into an artwork giving a similar view of freehand drawings. There are many Adobe Illustrator Training Institutes in Delhi which offers professional level training and makes all important concepts from basic to advanced level should be covered.

Importance of Adobe Illustrator in Graphic Designing

These are the certain points which give reasons or the importance to Adobe Illustrator to be used in graphic designing.

  • Freely Express Ideas
Importance of Adobe Illustrator in Graphic Designing
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With Adobe Illustrator we have the freedom to create any designs. We can mold our ideas and express our creativity in any way we want which can be drawn with the help of tools on the artboard and they will always turn out well.

  • Creating Aesthetic Logos
Creating Aesthetic Logos
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Illustrator is meant for making art forms using the vector images which put logo designing first in line. So, with the help of pen tool we can create the basic shapes for our logos. Also, we have a great choice of colors that can be applied on logos and other designs.

  • Drawing Any Objects
Drawing Any Objects
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The objects and drawings can be done realistically using this graphic design application. With the help of mesh tool and gradient tool any image can be look as real objects. These tools help to provide smooth surface and fine shades to the drawings which surely can impress the clients.

  • Cartoons Characters Can Be Drawn
Cartoons Characters Can Be Drawn
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Cartoon characters can be created with the help of pen tool and they can be decorated and color filled by the gradient tool and the color palette.

  • Resize any Image Without Compromising Quality
Resize any Image Without Compromising Quality
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Since we make vector images in Illustrator which allow to re-size and scale without losing the quality of the picture. It doesn’t distort and the details are always being clear. It is the add-on feature which means that no matter how big we make the image still it gives the best resolution.

  • Draw Information Graphics
Draw Information Graphics
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Information graphics that show statistics and figures which are published in newspapers, magazines, posters and websites are perfectly made. We can also create pie charts, graphs, bars etc.

  • Creating 3D Graphics
Creating 3D Graphics
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An infinite number of cool shapes and elements that can add a whole new dimension can be generated by using 3D functions available in Illustrator . You can also add further depth by shading these elements.

  • Vector EPS Files can be Saved
Vector EPS Files can be Saved
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Adobe Illustrator has the ability to save the file as EPS. It is a file extension for graphics file format used in vector based images. EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript, which makes easy to print sharp outputs.

  • Printing with Colors Seprations
Printing with Colors Seprations
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At times in printing color separations are needed but Illustrator works very well with color separations. You can manage overprinting and various other color cutting requirements in this software. Designers can export their Illustrator files in Photoshop as well to finalize the designs easily.

  • Export as Portable Document Format or PDF For the Print and Web
Export as Portable Document Format
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Generally, files are exported from Illustrator with one of two intentions: print or web. There will be drastic difference between a file optimized for print use from a file used for web, and can ultimately have a huge effect on the final quality of the work. To save a PDF, select “File” “Save as…”, this will open the Save As dialog box. Select “Adobe PDF” from the “Format” drop-down menu. Don’t forget to navigate to an appropriate file location and name the file before selecting “Save”. An ideal file format for printing a document created in Illustrator is a PDF. PDFs will be larger than many other options, but will also provide the printer with more information. This file will also not lose quality over time and use.

As a graphic designer, knowing which graphic design software to use is a crucial decision. With so many software available in the market, it is not easy to pick the correct one out. By choosing Illustrator, designers can create artwork with seamless alignment by drawing pixel-perfect shapes. Illustrator comes with its own plugins that help in making a blank web page into a brilliant looking web page. It’s features and Creative Cloud version, makes it an ideal graphic design software. Being part of Creative Cloud, you get to use the app on both your desktop and Mac. The best way to learn all the features of Illustrator is by joining Adobe Illustrator Courses in Delhi from a professional graphic design training institutes in Delhi.

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