Differences between Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
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Whether we talk about photo editing or consider typography tool, Adobe has given industry standard software that professionals can use to create projects faster and in a much efficient way.

Adobe Creative Cloud is capable of supporting designers in any kind of project. Be it vector illustrations or motion graphics or video editing, Adobe has developed a perfect software for every kind of digital problem.

As the creative industry is changing dynamically so is our designing strategies. The perfect blend of technology and art has given a next level of creative freedom to the creators.  They can now produce high quality work in much less time. Graphic raster and vector software have given a flexibility to create and edit designs as per their convenience.

Let’s focus on static graphics part today. We have some industry leading software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign which help the designers in creating stunning work projects. Whether they want to create logo, banner, social media graphics, brochure or multi page magazines, these applications are turn out to be a perfect tool for them.

The Creative Cloud collection is really crazy yet powerful combination of tools and each software in the collection is full of amazing features and elements. The collection comprises of various software that designers can choose according to their project needs.

Today, we are back with yet another interesting article. Most of the creative artists spend their lives in switching between major software and in this article, we’ll be discussing about the uses and difference between two industry leading applications – Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

 So, let’s first get started with the basic understanding about the software

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is stunning vector-based software developed by Adobe in 1989. Illustrator gave a much-needed push to Adobe in vector market. With CorelDraw as its competitor, it wasn’t easier but still Illustrator manages to create a unique space for itself.

Used widely by professionals across the globe, it has become a common household tool for people who are interested in experimenting with vector shapes and paths

The application gives the creative freedom to designers to convert their vision into reality. With dozens of tools, shapes and other elements it enhances the creativity of designers.

One can create several things using illustrator like vector illustrations, business cards, banners brochures, letterhead, envelopes, mascots and many more.

Illustrator is a vector-based software that means whatever we create in Illustrator can be either reduce to the size of pea or can be scaled as big as the size of a billboard and all this without compromising the quality of the project.

A design created for business card will look identical on the banner. This versatility of the software makes it the top most favourite tool for designers to create Logos.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is another vector-based software backed by Adobe. The application was released by Adobe in 1999. With the emergence of this software, there was a drastic shift. Before this, people were either using PageMaker or QuarkXPress but as soon as InDesign made its debut in the industry, it replaced every other product of the industry.

People started preferring this software over other application. The strength of vector layouting application lies in its ability to handle multi page projects. The software is used heavily by artist to create magazines, newspapers, digital books and other layouts that contain heavy text layouts. 

Similar to Illustrator, InDesign is also a vector-based software meaning that even in InDesign you can resize your composition according to your need without losing the quality.

So now when we have learnt about the applications, it is time to know when should we use this software to get better results.

Single and Multi-Page Projects

When we talk about handling and creating layout for multi-page design, both software has the capability of handling the multi-page layouts. Though Illustrator can handle the multi-page documents but InDesign has an edge over it.

InDesign comes with the master page option which allows the user to create and edit several pages simultaneously. In InDesign, you can automatically number the pages which makes it ideal software for Multi page document layouts.

One can create e magazines, books and newspapers using the software. The software is widely used in multi- page layouts because it helps the artists to give and maintain a uniform and professional look throughout the layout.

Comprehensive Drawing Features

Both Illustrator and InDesign are splendid drawing software but it is important to learn which software is best from others. For an artisit who wants to create an enhanced and high- quality layout, Illustrator is the right tool.

Illustrator offer multiple artboard area which makes it easier for designers to work on different forms at the same time also, there’s a lot of space for artist to experiment.

Illustrator comes with an extensive library of tools and elements that designers can use to create amazing work. With Illustrator, you can create Vector illustrations, logos, banners etc.

InDesign too, has some designing tools but they aren’t as crisp and sharp as of Illustrator. So, whenever there’s a project that involves a majority of work you can always choose Illustrator over InDesign.

Logo Creation

I just mentioned that illustrator is the right choice for extensive work project. You can also create Logos in InDesign but in Illustrator you’ll be free to experiment enough. Logos needs to distinguished and unique in nature and with Illustrator as a tool, you have a wide scope to enhance your work.

Also, Logo are needed to be placed on different places of different dimensions. Logos created in Illustrator can easily be adjusted several times without losing the quality.

Choose the right tool for the right job.

Awesome design is produced when you choose the right software. One of the most important reasons of using Adobe software is that they work seamlessly with each other. You can easily switch between the apps and can create a kick-ass composition that will blow everyone out with amaze.

Both Illustrator and InDesign are industry leading software and it will be beneficial for you to master both the software to rule the creative graphic industry. You can also add Photoshop to this combination to become a professional creative graphic artist.

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