Should beginners invest time in learning Adobe Illustrator?
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Graphic Design Institute presents blog on what is the importance of Adobe Illustrator for beginners?

Let’s read.

Artistry goes way back in mankind’s history; from the time human skin was used as a medium to the birth of the most popular medieval artists who painted on what we nowadays call as canvas.

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For centuries now, a variety of media are being used – paint, wood, glass, etc. One can even use materials that can easily be found at home – take eggshells, paper, glue, paint, and voila… you have a mosaic!

As a result of society’s adaptation to new and advanced technology, the modern-day canvases in the form of software and programs have been introduced. New age artists have started utilizing such software to express their creative juices. Among others, Adobe Illustrator, a powerful vector graphic design program, is worth recommending especially for novices like myself.

Hello readers, I’m Sheila a student of graphic design courses in Delhi and today I’ll be sharing up my learning as well working experience with Adobe’s most loved application the Illustrator. So, let’s read this blog till the end.

My Designing Experience with Illustrator as a Graphic Designer

In just a month and a half of use, I have managed to cover all the features of the program and got accustomed to using the tools.

As a beginner you need supervision of somewhere experienced for your Illustrator training

With the right amount of practice and guidance from my exceptional instructor like Anuradha Sengar, I was able to achieve complicated elements using a variety of features such as blend, transparency, and the likes.

I love Illustrator’s short commands

Additionally, shortcuts are an absolute lifesaver. Who would have thought that we will have the ability to undo, redo, and use a specific tool with just a press of a button?

It’s better to start slow and take time

Adobe Illustrator might come off as an overwhelming tool but is the easiest Adobe program as soon as you get the hang of it. Having to learn how to manoeuvre around Adobe Illustrator is indeed a fulfilling experience.

Best Practice: I started from learning the basic use of tools and creation of shapes and other elements such as texts and that is what recommended for you too.

Jump on advanced tools once basics are done

Once basics are done then came exploring effects, swatches, gradients, leading to the more advanced designing techniques. One instance, for example, is how I can just take a template for a chess piece, trace one side of the piece and be able to create a 3D model of it.

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 I loved playing with gradients and mesh

Talking about gradients, I learned to apply realistic effects on a plain flat shape as well; adding gradients and using the mesh tool will do the trick. Settings were so easy to understood for both Gradient and Mesh tool.

Importance of Adobe Illustrator for beginners cannot be overstated

If you are looking to design logos, campaigns, and product mock-ups, Adobe Illustrator is the way to go. Within the span of 3 weeks, I managed to complete a campaign which consists of a stationery set and branded merchandise, taking into consideration that I am a newbie in this industry.

It is unbelievable how much you can create within just one program – as the saying goes, “the sky is the limit”. I often get astonished with every new discovery on what Adobe Illustrator can do.

As a beginner in this field, seeing myself be able to execute edits and designs that go beyond my imagination is such a wonderful feeling. Generally, I would recommend Adobe Illustrator mainly due to its ease of use. It is really significant tool and indeed importance of Adobe Illustrator for beginners in the world of creative industry is huge.

Closing Remarks

Creators and artists transitioning from the traditional to the digital form of designing would not sweat trying out the program for the first term of use.

Must try learning Illustrator!

Check this 2 months Adobe Illustrator course in Delhi and get set go to be creative.

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