Tips to Become a Good Graphic Designer
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To become a good graphic designer one has to possess very good knowledge of page layouting. Page Layout is the systematic process of placing, arranging, and rearranging text and graphics in a meaning full manner on the page. In other words we can say that page layout is the actual documentation of page created with Desktop Publishing Software (DTP).

Beyond the technical operation of the software, good design needs to be treated with the appropriate colors, exciting layout concepts, and tried and true elements such as balance, contrast, and white space. Grids tie the elements of a design along and provide a framework for the page layout. Read the following articles to find out best way to do page lay-outing and how to fine-tune your layout.

We have broken out this topic in various small-small articles for the better grasp. So, please click and read from all the following topics as per your requirement.

  • Arts Courses after 10th in 2024 in India for arts students

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  • A Guide to Choosing the Best Online Graphic Design Courses

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  • Graphic Design Trends of 2024: What’s Hot and What’s Not

    Ever Notice how Graphic Design is always buzzing with new trends and ideas? It resembles a tornado for creativity, swirling endlessly with new ideas and inspirations. Every year, the excitement stimulates us to see what’s hot and not in this design world. So this year, I took my curiosity to another level by listing the…

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  • Practical Approach to Creating Logos in Adobe Illustrator

    Imagine Adobe Illustrator as a special wizard’s wand for designing logos! It’s like drawing with magical colors and shapes on a computer, making logos look super cool. Curious to know the secrets? Come along on our blog journey, and let’s discover the right practical approach to creating logos in Adobe Illustrator together!  ​Adobe Illustrator as…

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  • From Student to Professional: Making the Transition into a Graphic Design Career

    If you are a student who is passionate about graphic design and considering a career in this field, it can be both exciting and daunting to think about the transition from being a student to becoming a professional. However, with the right mindset, skills, and resources, you can make this transition successfully and build a…

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