Best Graphic Design Training Institute for Photoshop and CorelDraw Training
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Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw are two different software. They are considered as the leading tools to master if one has to enter graphic design industry. In order to master these software you need to join a professional graphic design training institute in Delhi since right training and dedication are the keys to unlock the door of your dream career.

Before we move on the question that is which graphic design institute is good to join; let’s first take a look at the differentiation of both of our software.

Adobe Photoshop vs CorelDraw

To edit the raster images which are also known as pixel based images, we use Adobe Photoshop. It deals with digital images editing. You can edit the photos which are not supposed to be printed and are going to present on digital screens for instance, web designing, web banners, e-mailer template, digital logos, illustration, etc. Every graphic that is being shown on digital screens can be manipulated or retouched in Photoshop.

What you can do in Adobe Photoshop software?

  • You can create cutouts and selections.
  • You can design posters and banners.
  • Most of the UI Designers use this tool to create their UI’s.
  • You can create plan renders as per the perspective of architecture interior industry.
  • You can also try texture and pattern making in it.
  • 3D effects such as text effects can be created.
  • This image editing software is capable of creating GIF animations with the help of timeline and frame animation options.
  • Digital paintings which are in trend nowadays can be produced using Adobe Photoshop.

So, you have seen that you have plenty of things to imagine, create, and edit in Adobe Photoshop. It is not recommended to use this raster tool to create things which are related to print media. Only electronic media graphics are recommended to create in it.

Many good Photoshop training institutes are there which offer highly comprehensive practical training on both online and classroom training modes and Graphic Design Institute is one such institution. This design institute is an ISO certified platform and offers professional-level Photoshop course in Delhi that you can pursue to master this amazing tool.

Now coming to next one that is CorelDraw.

CorelDraw is a vector tool. Vector tool means this software creates vector graphics. Let’s first know about the vector graphics. Vector graphics are made up of path which is a line that can be extended to infinite length. Vector graphics are scalable in nature; this is why they are used in printing industry. Since path is just a line without any depth in it, we can also create curves using it.

In order to create or edit vector graphics, we need to use vector software like CorelDraw.

In this software you can use tools like Pen tool and shape tool to create and edit straight and curve paths. CorelDraw is one of the most recommended tools to use to create designs for print industry.

What you can do in CorelDraw software?

  • You can create vector graphics such as logos, posters, hoardings, banners, and other stationery items which form a complete brand campaign. In stationery items we include, visiting card, calendar designs, magazines, newsletter, newspaper, press release ad, brochures, CD cover, CD label, envelope, letterhead, product packaging, etc.
  • We can also go for illustrations and digital paintings.

For mastering this vector tool, you can kick start with CorelDraw course in Delhi offered by Graphic Design Institute and get ready to become a complete graphic designer.

Once you get your hands on both Photoshop and CorelDraw; you can start working as a graphic designer in the industry. It is always important to have the knowledge of visual grammar and some sort of fine arts since these are must have skills to become an elite designer. By learning two software you won’t be able to include yourself in the list of top design artists.

Graphic Design Institute also offers professional diploma courses which are comprehensive in nature and cover 360 degree high intense training of not only software but also design fundamentals, fine arts and visual grammar. You can explore Graphic Master Plus course which is one of the most advanced level courses at our training institute.

Check complete list of graphic design courses in Delhi, pick up your favorite course and get set to make your career.

For any course related query feel free to contact Graphic Design Institute any time.

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