Diploma Graphic Design Courses vs Certificate
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Graphic designing field requires lots of creativity and offers many job opportunities not only in India but in the entire world. At present time, choosing graphic designing is a great thing. However, the question that comes in our mind is what we should choose between diploma in graphic design and certificate? This is what we will talk about in this blog.

Reasons to choose diploma course over certificate

Huge population, huge competition

We all know that our country India is the 2nd most populated country among all the countries in world. Due to over population and less resources of income the competition between many people for one job is huge. Getting job is not an easy task in our country; you have to be hardworking and knowledgeable better than many peoples who are struggling for the same job. If you go for a diploma, you will be able to win over the persons who only have done certificate programs.

No. of software and skills

Certificate programs contain only few software applications.  These types of courses don’t offer a wide space of opportunities because of this it becomes little bit difficult to chase a good position at a reputed company or organization. Most of the companies hire a person who is well-versed with multiple software application skills.

However, if you pursue a diploma program; it not only comes with leading software applications but also cover design fundamentals and fine arts training. These skills are what make you an elite designer and a suited one for the creative industry.

Duration of the program

The duration of the diploma programs neither too long nor too short. They are perfect for those individuals who are looking for a 6 to 18 months course with good career options.On the other hand, certificates are short duration programs which can spread across 4 months. They help those learners who want to start from the basics and don’t have time to go for a long course.

Do not need special background of field

For doing diploma programs you don’t have to come up with a specific field. The things that you really need are imaginative thinking and a creative mind with lots of fantastic ideas. Same goes for certificate programs.

However, having a degree in Bachelors in Arts will be an added advantage for you.

Work experience

We all know very well that experience play a major role in every job. People with years of experience get more salary then the fresher one. Because they have a vast knowledge of designing, and have a good set of skills to deal with any kind of client. But this thing also depends on your skills. As per your skills level, you can handle the projects.

Since this type of programs have many software skills along with fine arts and visual grammar; students who pursued them can go for various types of projects and can interact with different clients.Since this type of programs usually has few software applications; students who pursued them don’t get projects as much as diploma students.
They can create different types of layouts and variation because of a wide horizon of thinking and planning.They can design limited variations.
Their growth rate is good. After gaining experience, they can also work as a freelancer.Their growth rate is low as compared to diploma students.

Salary after graphic design courses

As a career, graphic designing is one of the emerging and rapidly growing fields. It has become a trending choice of most of the youth. We look at it from the perspective of course types then it is certain true that diploma courses offer a good pay scale to the students comparing to certificate.

Whether you pick diploma or certificate, it is important to understand the potential of this creative industry.

Unstoppable career opportunities in graphic design industry

The field of graphic designing offers numerous career opportunities for everyone every year. Advertising and branding through ads is one of the most common ways nowadays. From making brand identity to promoting brand products on local streets, designs are playing a big role everywhere. Thus, becoming a designer is more a choice, it has become a dream.

So, whether you are going for diploma or certificate, There is an opportunity for every creative mind in this field. All you need is to join a good graphic design training institute.

Our life is incomplete without designs and colors isn’t it? We all love explore magazines and different types of books. Even on digital media, we love to see the unique designing stuff. Therefore designing has unstoppable employment both at present and at future.

To get started all you need is to go for a right course from a right training institute

Our Graphic Design Institute in Delhi offers industry standard training in the form of the following programs.

Top offline and online graphic design courses to join in 2022

Go through the individual course page to read about them in detail.

All of the above mentioned graphic designing courses in Delhi are prepared for the novice with zero design knowledge. Anyone can join them to attain essential skills to become job ready. We at Graphic Design Institute, delivers the best level training according to the standard of industry under the guidance of experts. Contact graphic design institute to get in touch with our career counselor and decide the perfect course for you.

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