Why you should learn adobe illustrator
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Hello folks this Graphic Design Institute admin here and today one of my task was to create banner and I thought to myself which software should I choose Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and yes obviously I chose Adobe Illustrator and later I decided to write an article to convince you lot about why you should learn Adobe Illustrator whether you are a Graphic Designer or Web Developer.

The Big Muscles to Adobe Illustrator

You might think that it’s pointless to learn Adobe Illustrator in 2021, since most of the work can be done on Adobe Photoshop and since the release of Adobe XD all layouts and planning can be done there. What’s the point after all? Well here are a few things that Adobe Illustrator does best but first 

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a software developed and published by Adobe Inc. since 1987. At first it was only available for Mac but later years it was for windows as well. It is used for making vector scalable graphics. 

What is Vector Graphic you ask?

There are two types of 2D graphic vector and raster. 

Raster Graphics

Raster Graphics are made up of a grid of pixels each one of them can have different colors. The main drawback of these is that they only can be scaled down (size can be reduced) but if you try to increase the pixels will break and the image will become blurry. Ex: digital photographs, icons etc. 

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphic software used for editing these types of images.

Vector Graphic

Vector graphics are made up of simple paths which can be line forming shapes, letters or any other objects. They follow mathematical formulas that provide information about these lines like color, and what shapes to form etc. These types of graphics can be scaled infinitely and it will never lose the design.

Now since that’s out of the way let’s get back to our main topic

Why Learn Adobe Illustrator?

Here are the quick reasons of why should you learn Adobe Illustrator.

It is always better to design a logo in vector format so you can resize it as much as you like any color. Clients always like to zoom in, check the detail view of the logo, it’s easy to customize a vector graphic. 

Exported to SVG

One of the best things about Adobe Illustrator is that it can be directly exported in the form of SVG which is best for websites you don’t have to worry about different resolutions.

Web Designing

Adobe Illustrator is really best for creating wireframes (basic structure of a website or an app) and lay outing and has several in-built features to do so.

Create your custom font, cartoons and art works

Ever saw that stylish looking text or art work on Instagram or any social media platform and wondered like I want to create something like that but didn’t know how? Here’s your answer: learn Adobe Illustrator and with practice you’ll be able to just that.

Make Iconic Fonts

  • Sketching: Sketch out the letters by hand.
  • Tracing: Use a scanner to get that image in the system and open that image in Illustrator now trace the letters with the pen tool.
  • Reorganizing: Refine and organise the letters to get the exact look, readability, and kerning you want.
  • Saving: Save the glyph and export it using additional plug-ins.
  • Using: Put that brand new font to good use in your next design.

Patterns with just few repeats

With Illustrator repeat options it’s easier to build patterns. You repeat, reflect and then simply manage the space between objects and your pattern is ready.

The Infographic

Infographics is a very popular way to explain a topic with shapes, objects, some data, and text. Charts are easy to create in Adobe Illustrator just need to enter some values and done. Infographics can be easily designed in Illustrator. This infographic is even saved in EPS format which is best for printing.

Easy to Learn 

Ever tried to learn Adobe Photoshop, your first week will literally be the toughest learning of all those shortcuts whereas Adobe Illustrator is fairly easy to learn. No need to create new layers every single time, in Adobe Illustrator you simply do your work as you like the whole screen is your work area (inside or outside of artwork).

In other words what I am trying to say is Adobe Illustrator is a good software which can be used in most scenarios and it gives freedom to express your creativity without wondering how to fill color in a box. Learn It You’ll Love it.

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Time to Join Adobe Illustrator Course

Adobe Illustrator Course in Delhi is a complete course for anyone who only wants to learn Illustrator. We start from the beginning from what is design, how to work on Illustrator, we provide industry-level training. There are various special classes organized to just improve your knowledge about design. These classes also include a special visual grammar class which is the most important topic for any beginner. 

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