10 famous logos and their hidden meanings
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Why a designer should know the meaning of the logo?? Why can’t he/she design their own logos based on their own ideas? Will it not possible? Yes, they may, but they may not always be flawless. The past and sense of real-time logos should be understood. So that we will always have a clear understanding of how to pick, plan, and execute our logo design ideas. Let’s learn a few of the branded logos we see on a daily basis and try to find out what’s hidden in their meanings.

Let’s find out some interesting facts of world’s 10 famous logos and their hidden meanings. This is going to be so much fun 😃

Table of Contents:

1. Apple

Apple Logo
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😮 Interesting Fact: The first apple logo portrays Newton Isaac sitting under an apple tree, followed by the bitten apple with rainbow colors, the bitten apple with black, and finally the bitten apple with a gradient look. We have no idea why the apple is half eaten!! The explanation for this is that if the logo didn’t have the bite, it might be mistaken for a cherry.

😉 Meaning of the logo: What makes this logo so well-known? Have you ever considered what it entails? It has significance because it is derived from the of tale of Adam and Eve. The apple is meant to represent the fruits of the “Tree of knowledge” and is based on the biblical apple Eve.

2. Toyota

Toyota Logo
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😮 Interesting Fact: TOYODA is how Toyota’s founder spells the company’s name. the spelling has been modified because katakana (a Japanese script) needs eight strokes, and the number eight is considered a lucky number in east Asian countries.

😉 Meaning: Few logos are as inventive as we believe. In this logo, we have all of the letters that make up TOYOTA. It’s simple, isn’t it?


FedEx Logo
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😉 Meaning: The FEDEX logo is designed to look like a name, and the colors are usually normal. Most of us, however, ignore the fact that the letters E and X were generated by merging two separate fonts, and the negative space between the letters E and X depicts an arrow and seems too natural, representing the delivery app’s speed and precision. So, this is what hidden in its logo.

4. LG company

LG Logo
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😮 Interesting Fact: DO you know that LG stated in 1947 as Lak-hi chemical Co-operation, a Korean chemical company? Lak-hi was initially pronounced as Lucky, but it was later merged with the brand gold-star, and the company was renamed LG. Following that, television and air conditioners were introduced.

😉 Meaning: The business emblem portrays the letter L as the nose and the letter G as the rest of the face outline and right eye. This demonstrates their approachability and affinity for their clients.


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😮 Interesting Fact: Sony owns the VAIO brand. Steve Jobs provided Sony executives with a Vaio PC running MacOS in 2001, signaling the prospect of co-operation. Since the success of the windows-based premium PC brand was rising, Sony’s Vaio team eventually turned down the proposal as a waste of resources.

😉 Meaning: This logo is designed in a unique way that incorporates technical terminology. Electronic devices are represented by a mixture of analog and digital signals represented by the letters V, A and I, O.

6. Pinterest

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😮 Interesting Fact: Pinterest is a top 10 social network services and one of the best 50 websites in 2011. It won the People’s Voice Award for best working graphic interface as well as the best Social Media App.

😉 Meaning: Can you find out the hidden message which Pinterest wants to show? In the logo, the designer depicted the true meaning of Pinterest. The white letter P in the middle of the red background resembles an abstract illustration of a pain. The user will always pin photos or content that they are interested in and save to online pages.

7. Nike

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😮 Interesting Fact: In 1987, Nike used the Beatles’ song “Revolution” in a commercial for Air Max shoes. Do you know that a Beatles song was used for first time in any television advertisement? Yes it was.

😉 Meaning: Looking at the logo, the designer represent a sense of the brand’s strength, speed, and acceleration. The world Nike means victory in Greek mythology. The symbol of the logo represents “YES”, which is a symbol of affirmation and positivity.

8. Gillette

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😮 Interesting Fact: The Business strategy of Gillette is very interesting, it’s a lock-in business model. He took the patent rights for the blade and so that no one can make the same blade to fit to the body of Gillette. The body of the Gillette is low cost and the replaceable cost is high.

😉 Meaning: As we look at this razor blade logo, we get the impression that it is sharp, and the extras of the letters G and I are precisely cut with a sharp razor blade.

10. Beats

Beats Logo
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😮 Interesting fact: Dr. Dre, a music producer, and Jimmy lovine, a record label executive, formed Beats. It was mainly thanks to lovine that two major issues were identified: the effects of privacy and the poor audio offered by Apple’s plastic earbuds. Beats mostly used actors, pop, and hip-hop music artists to advertise their products.

😉 Meaning: Take a look at the picture given above; The white portion of letter b resembles a person wearing headphone.

11. Lamborghini

Lamborghini Logo
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😮 Interesting Fact: Ferrari owner Enzo mocked Ferruccio Lamborghini after he complained that the Ferrari was too loud and rough for road use. Ferruccio’s technical notes irritated Enzo, so he told him to concentrate on his tractors. Then, in just four months, he built his own cars, sold his first thirteen cars, and the rest is history.

😉 Meaning: There are two reasons why Lamborghini’s logo is a bull. Ferruccio Lamborghini created his logo entirely on his own. He has a vision for his logo, and the first explanation is that his zodiac sign is Tartarus, which is a bull. He is a bullfighting enthusiast. His goal is for his logo to convey a sense of power, speed, dominance and danger.


An important point to understand: Although a great logo isn’t the only indicator of a successful company, a well-designed, eye-catching logo will help you establish yourself as a credible brand in a crowded market. See, creating a brand logo is not rocket science; just you need to follow the right steps.

So, these are some of the incredible logos with their meanings hidden underneath their shapes, colors, and names. Let u know in the comments section which meaning amazed you the most.

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