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I have been into the industry from past 3 years and witnessed a tremendous growth in Graphic field. We see something one day and the other day it is on trending list. Graphic industry is indeed very dynamic. We often fail to predict what will happen next.

Companies try to inculcate the latest trends in their promotion strategies. They want to try every new thing to stay ahead of the edge. No matter how good and compatible flat illustrations seems to be but it is 3D design which is currently overpowering the industry.

Big brands are incorporating the 3D elements to upgrade their design to another level. Currently for designers, 3D has become a must have skill and probably this could be the reason why designers are stressing over learning a 3D designing software.

As a graphic designer we all must have used and are using Adobe Photoshop. The software not only offer stunning tools for image editing but also offers a 3D tools to designers to explore their 3D platform.

We all know how much Photoshop has to offer to us. But still when we look at its 3D tools, every designer out their feel that there should be another version that can provide them the best of both worlds – the trust of Adobe and the seamless functionality and user-friendly interface just like Photoshop.

Adobe also felt this need and understood the changing needs of designer. 2 years back in March 2017, they started working on a project named Felix but later it was launched under a new name – Adobe Dimension.

Adobe Dimension was the standalone 3D compositing software in the Adobe’s Creative Cloud and it turns out to be a great push for Adobe into the 3D industry.

The launch of the software turns out of the exciting and leading time for Adobe. Its new addition had simply proven why Adobe is called as Leader in World’s most powerful Design tools

We as designers had already explored the hidden capabilities of Photoshop. It was the time for us to take our designs to the new level – it was the time to add “New Dimension to the design”

Dimension offered a whole new arena of opportunities to the designers. Designers had a completely new, unique and raw platform in front of them to experience.

The tool became the ideal software for designers who were involved in working in packaging design industry and creating and visualizing 3D spaces.

 Let us learn what more dimension has stored for us.


What is Adobe Dimension and Why 3D?

Adobe dimension is the latest addition to Adobe Creative Cloud package. The software is designed to assist the designer in creating 3D designs.

What is great about this is that it is developed to provide 3D knowledge from scratch. It is smartly designed with the Adobe’s promise to give a user-friendly interface to its each and every software.

It assumes that the designer had no knowledge about 3D working and offers numerous tools and assets to bring an ease in your work.

Jeanette Mathews, The Product Manager of Dimension says that this tool is built while keeping our Photoshop users in the mind. She further adds that the users will feel Dimension as an extended part of Photoshop.

The software comes with a variety of tools, 3D model structures, environments, lighting effects, materials and textures and allow the designers to tap their inner creativity. With these tools, designers enjoy the creative freedom and create designs that matches the high-end fantasy level.

With software you can either create stunning product images or can work upon various images to bring that highly professional and photorealistic effect.

Dimension CC comes with two major interfaces- one for creating real time layouts and other one to render that. In first layout, you can add the required elements like models, images, materials, lighting and environments. The software also come with multiple angle camera view so that designers can add depth to the images.

The other interface can be used to render the designs and layouts that you have created. You can switch over to render view to get a complete render image.

Dimension comes with its own rendering engine that also supports de-noising. With the in-built render system, Dimension possess the capability to produce a render as good as any other 3D software.

We have discussed about the new 3D software from Adobe, but it is equally important for us to know why we including Adobe felt the need of another 3D software?

While I was preparing a draft of this blog there was a question that kept on buzzing in my mind-  Photoshop is already ruling the editing industry, we can also solve our basic 3D purposes with it, we have other 3D graphic software in the industry too then what is the need of a whole new software?

The need of dimension raised when we started embracing 3D designs more. When we use Adobe Dimension it directly implies that we adopt the new design trend of the industry. 3D has become an essential skill for designers especially when are involved in manufacturing or packaging industry.

3D hasn’t become a new medium overnight, it was here only from decades. It is just that designers have started reciprocating to it on a larger level.  They have made 3D a medium to express their unique artistic style that captures the perfect blend of imagination and reality.

Why we have started embracing it now when it is here from decade can trigger in your mind. The simplest answer to it is, people find majority of 3D software hard to learn.

Be it Autodesk 3DS MAX or Maya, people consider them a comprehensive and complex software and that is why doesn’t pay much attention in learning and exploring them

Adobe has specially built Dimension for modern day designers who wants to extend their knowledge but in minimum time frame and with lesser complexities. While working with Dimension you will feel it as an extended version of Adobe Photoshop.


Blending Photoshop with Dimension

Dimension turns out to be a boon for designers and as I just mentioned that it works as an extended version of Photoshop, it indeed became one. You can easily import images from photoshop and once we are done adding our elements from Photoshop, our capabilities to enhance the design get more widen.

With extended features we can make a basic 2D object look 3D. Dimension not only gives you a 3D base but also provide you all the vital aspect that are required to get perfect results.

There are two major elements that will add life to your models – lighting and material, these two will not only enhance your model but will add a perfect realistic look to it.


  • Adding a lighting and environment to the product

Lighting is essential to give a realistic approach to the design. We, humans are structured in a very sensitive way. We react strongly to the changes and the similar thing goes for designs as well.

While working with lighting effect, a designer has to be very careful while applying it on the model. He or she should smartly add lighting to the product, keeping the shadows, highlights and midtones in the mind.

In Dimension, lighting is incredible and appears to be highly realistic because 3D is somewhat similar to reality in designing world.


  • Selecting materials and Textures.

We should be thankful for the additional stock assets and material library that comes with it. With Dimension, designer get access to tons of material types to match their requirements. Adding material in Dimension seems to be a very easy task and after doing so, designers get a clear vision of how exactly the product is going to appear.

You can add a lot of details to the texture, you can make it smooth, rough or whatever you want.

Dimension, being an Adobe’s product seamlessly integrates with other Creative Cloud software. It comes with an Edit In feature that will take you back to the Photoshop and whatever changes you will make their will be automatically updated in Dimension. This makes the real time visualization very strong


  • Succeeding with Dimension and Photoshop

Adobe Dimension is indeed has become a productive tool for designers. It very well complements with Photoshop and increases the productivity of them. Since Designers can easily switch between these two applications, it offers more flexibility to the designers to work and collaborate.

So that’s all folks. I have presented my views in front of you guys. You have a whole new perspective in front of you. Go and “Discover the new Dimension” of graphic industry.

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Stay tuned with us for more informative blogs. Till then, Keep Exploring!

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