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In this blog we are going to cover up the most important design resources that every graphic designer must know and use.

Today when we say content is ruling the industry, we should also mention the fact that the content alone, in itself, is incomplete without a strong visual image. Not exaggerating or anything, but today, people prefer to read that content which is supported by a perfect visual graphics.

Today’s economy is more of a creative economy and companies who doesn’t get along with the dynamic & creative changes in the industry, might fail to enjoy the competitive edge

Graphic design isn’t just about creating interesting visuals it has become a full-fledged medium- a medium through which millions of artists communicate, a medium through which companies are widely accepting to promote their brand’s visions and ideologies.

 Graphic designers create attractive visual content and blend it perfectly with content so that it leaves a larger impact on the mind of consumers. They develop an interactive campaign using the relevant visual graphics and video to complement the plethora of content.

With a digital device and a right designing software, a designer is a warrior who can fight in any situation by presenting their ideas and thoughts or can even convert their vision into reality.

Why Designers need resources?

Importance of design resources for designers
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Today the scope of Graphic design is increasing tremendously and thanks to this technology that we can easily convert ourselves from a beginner to master using the online resources.

With the advent of modern technology, designers are becoming updated with the latest digital software and producing stunning pieces of art. Photoshop and Illustrator has become a ‘go to tool’ for every designer.

As a graphic designer, you have to keep yourself updated with the coming trends and changes. For a designer, creativity, digital skills, communication and patience are the main elements which helps him to stay at the top in the industry.

Designers works on several projects and over time they develop certain palette of colors, fonts, typefaces, layouts images and other design elements so that they don’t have to spend time in searching for that again.

As a designer, you should know how to get the work done smartly. There are dozens of resources available that designers can use to bring that ‘out of the box element’ in their design.

Save your time by bookmarking this blog because, today, I have a list of some really cool free as well-paid resources available on the internet. These resources will help you in enhancing your creative abilities. Whatever your project is about, these resources are definitely going to help you.

So, without any delay, let’s get deep into the blog & learn about all of them:

1. Resource for Stock images

Nothing looks more captivating than a great image. If you are looking for great stock images then, here’s the list of amazing sites that offer free stock images.

  • Unsplash
Design Resources: Unsplash
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Visit Unsplash to get some really amazing stock images for your next project. The website offers images to be downloaded for free. You can also edit and modify images as per your preferences.

  • Pexels
Design Resources: Pexels
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Pexels is another website that offers stock images for free. You’ll get high quality HD images which will improve and enhance the quality of you design.

  • Burst by Shopify
Design Resources: Burst
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Shopify is e commerce platform which allows you to download stock images for free. It is not mandatory for a person to be a shopify user. You can use the images even for commercial purposes. You can also download images in resolution of your choice, i.e images are available in both high and low resolution.

  • Photo Creator
Design Resources: Photo Creator
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Do you also want a photo that no other site has? Check out Photo Creator. This website allows you to combine different images to create one stunning image. You can combine buildings, people, backgrounds or any object.

 The application comes with a user-friendly software which makes it easy for people to understand it.

2. Resources for Illustrations

Illustrations are the new trend.  People are attracted more towards hand drawn sketches and illustrations Check out these sites to enjoy free illustrations and use them on both print and digital projects

  • Drawkit
Design Resources: Drawkit
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Get beautiful illustrations for your next project from Drawkit. Drawkit offers tons of free illustrations that you can customize according to your need.

  • Freepik
Design Resources: Freepik
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Whether you need an infographic, a visiting card, a banner or illustrations, Freepik has everything for you. You can browse over 100 categories and download it. The files are available in PSD, EPS and JPG format. You can easily download them and modify it as per your need.

  • Humaaans
Design Resources: Humaaans
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Pablo Stanley has created something really interesting. Humaaans offer different vector illustrations that you mix and match or even modify according to your need. Whatever you create, you can use that for both commercial as well as non commercial purpose.

  • Vexels
Design Resources: Vexels
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Vexels is another website to download perfect minimalistic illustrations. You can download high quality illustrations for your next project from here.

3. Resources for Icons

Icons are definitely one of the essential elements of every design. There are dozens of websites available that provide group of icons. Check out these sources to explore.

  • Flaticon
Design Resources: Flaticon
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Flaticon comes with over 2 million of icon that you can modify and adjust according to you. Flaticon is totally free and offers icons in different format- you can download it in PNG, JPEG, EPS or SVG file format

  • Noun Project
Design Resources: Noun Project
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Similar to flaticon, Noun Project is one of the best resources available to designers for iconography. You can also upload you created icons for sale on the website.

  • Animaticons
Design Resources: Animaticons
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Animaticons offers small high quality yet small sized GIFs which are compatible with all the platforms. You can customize it and there’s no special plugin required for that.

4. Resources for Fonts & Typography

Typography plays a vital role in the design. Designer have to choose particular that goes well with the overall mood of the design. Every design project requires a different typography and you can find several fonts for free on below listed websites

  • Google Fonts
Design Resources: Google Fonts
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Created by Google, Google fonts is an open source library for fonts. You can easily download web fonts of different categories like- Serif, Sans serif, Script etc for free.

  • Lost Type
Design Resources: Lost Type
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Lost type is another library which offers contemporary font styles. However, this website does not offer for free you have to pay $25 for font you use for commercial purpose

  • Font squirrel
Design Resources: Font Squirrel
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 Font squirrel is another extensive library that offers free font to you.

5. Resources for Inspiration

For designers, inspiration acts like guidance. Designers can get inspiration from everything around them in the environment. However, there are times when you want to scroll web and get surprised with new things.

There are times when you need a specific inspiration and for that you have to browse the internet. Save these websites for your next project inspiration and thanks me later!

  • Pinterest
Design Resources: Pinterest
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Pinterest is a one stop shop for you to get inspiration regarding any topic. Be it typography, banner, illustrations, paintings, sketches, banners or anything, you’ll get several images and videos related to it.

  • Typewolf
Design Resources: Typewolf
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Typewolf is collection which tells you about what is in trend in the industry. Be it blog posts, typography, fonts, design layouts, you’ll find tons of element on this platform to get inspired.

  • Fonts in Use
Design Resources: Fonts in Use
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You can use Fonts in Use to identify the typefaces used in the design. The website offers great collection to both typographers and designers.

6. Tutorials and Blogs

Design industry is very dynamic. It changes with even a blink of an eye. It is important for designers to stay updated with the latest trends and changes in the industry. There are various blogs and tutorials available for designers to brush up their existing skills.

  • 99Design Blogs
Design Resources: 99designs
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99Design blogs always offer in depth guides and tutorials for designers to expand their knowledge. You can get to know about the latest changes, international design standards, design movements and basic design principles under one roof

  • ADMEC’s Blogs
Design Resources: ADMEC Multimedia Institute
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ADMEC’s Blogs are a staple for every designer. From graphic and web to video editing and post production, they have various categories for designers. You can learn about visual grammar basics or can even understand advanced concept in much easier way.

  • Digital Arts Tutorials
Design Resources: DigitalArts
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Digital Arts tutorial is one of the best websites for graphic designers to dig in. the website offers tons of tutorials on graphic and web tutorials. You can learn anything and most probably everything from the website

These resources will make your design even better. I hope this article will fill your mind with creative option and tons of inspiration. These resources will give the power to complete your work more efficiently.

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So that’s all from my side folks! If you know any other resources, do mention them in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more informative blogs. Till then, Keep Exploring

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