Is There Any Scope to Pursue CorelDraw Course for Graphic Designing
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Early 90’s mark the beginning of digital revolution. With the emergence of digital software, it became quite easy for designers to create digital drawings.

There are various applications available to designers for their effective and easy working. Since the emergence of designing software, Adobe is considered as world leader for providing one of the finest and leading software to the designers.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere Pro are some widely known graphic and video editing software produced by Adobe. These applications are widely used by professionals across the globe to create stunning results.

However, while mentioning some of the prominent software, we often fail to talk about CorelDraw. Corel draw is a vector graphic software produced in 1989 by Corel Corporation.

Being a non-Adobe Product, it wasn’t quite easy for CorelDraw to establish itself in the industry. Adobe has already produced Illustrator in the market and people were getting used to it. When Corel came there was a sudden drift and people shifted towards CorelDraw

With its user-friendly interface, the software became really popular among the users. Today while people have shifted back to illustrator, it becomes extremely important on our part to present the current situation of CorelDraw in the industry.

Corel Draw is one of the most commonly and still used by 60% of Graphic designers and DTP operators. In the beginning years, the software was only compatible for window systems. However, fewer versions of Corel were available for Mac too for a limited time period.

But after understanding the competitive market, after quite long years, CorelDRAW released its updated version few months back which is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system

CorelDraw offers a stunning palette of tools to its users through they can not only create beautiful vector illustrations and business stationery, but can also edit images with basic retouching tools. 

The software is capable of making artist’s task easier, efficient and simpler with its user-friendly workflow.

CorelDraw comes with a different set of tools, clipart and fonts which are useful for designers to create visiting cards, illustrations, logos, letterhead, brochures etc. With this software, tracing and making illustration is fun because the software comes with robust and mind-blowing interactive tools

Although all the drawing programs have a definite anatomy but they share common pattern of tools and commands. the. The path selection for each drawing are composed with line segments with the help of anchor points at each end.

Whether one is busy in doing a large project for a company or involved in the personal project, CorelDraw can become the software you can rely upon.

The software comes with several options to modify the work and produce stunning results. Corel can definitely be a viable alternative for Adobe’s Illustrator.

Scope of CorelDraw

This industry leading software is the backbone of DTP industry. For companies belonging to the advertising and marketing field, CorelDraw can become a top-notch graphic design tool for them. CorelDraw offers a lot of career opportunities to users. One can work as a Layout Artist, brand identity creator, Illustration artist, Visualization master, Logo artist and much more.

You can create various things using CorelDraw such as

  • Business Stationery
  • Magazine
  • News Paper
  • Books Designing
  • Book Cover Designs
  • Illustration Making
  • Logo Making
  • Calendar Making and much more.

So, these were some advantages of learning CorelDraw. However, the industry has become really competitive and companies are preferring those candidates which possess multiple skills instead of having a knowledge about just one software.

Versatility has become the key for the success of Graphic Designer and it is always advisable to them to master at least 3-4 graphic software which are ruling the industry like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign along with Corel.

This will not only inculcate different skills in you but will also open up a lot more career options and job opportunities for you.

As an industry leading institute, Graphic Design Institute offers high quality training in all the prominent software used in the industry. We offer industry-oriented courses in graphic designing in both online and offline mode so you can efficiently and effectively learn graphic design at your comfort.

Another reason to become part of Graphic Design Institute is that GDI is an associate partner of ADMEC Multimedia Institute, one of the finest digital media training and graphic design institutes.

However, if you still wish to learn CorelDraw only, they have a separate CorelDraw Course also in which they provide an in-depth knowledge of all the tools and elements.

So that’s all from my side. I hope you are clear with your thoughts now.

Have a nice day.

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