Top Job Profiles after Graphic Design Courses
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It is the right time to get started in graphic design. At present almost every company whether it is tiny or massive one hires graphic designer for various purposes. And the current occupational outlook handbook based on bureau of labor has predicted that graphic designing industry will increase about 4 percent in the upcoming years. Even Glassdoor (a popular job site) has listed out “graphic designer” as one of the top 50 best jobs in USA for this year based on various factors such as earning potential, no of jobs, and work satisfaction.

From above discussion, we already have understood that graphic designing is a good career option to choose. Once you complete training with graphic design courses from a reputed graphic design institute; it doesn’t take much time to work in the industry on your desired job profile. However, for those who want to know what exactly this art is, let’s first have a look at its meaning.

What graphic designing really is?

Let’s break this term into two parts: graphic and design. When it comes to graphic, it is mainly a visual image of any object that tells something without words. On the other hand design is related to formation of multiple objects. By combining these two terms we conclude on a very simple meaning that graphic designing is an art in which visual contents are made to communicate any message to the viewers. This art includes the combination of various visual hierarchy and techniques. One who creates graphic designs is popularly recognized as a graphic designer.

In order to start in this creative field it is required to have essential software skills along with a good sense of design. To start in the right way, mostly experts recommend joining professional as well as certified graphic designing courses in Delhi. Pursuing a diploma program is generally endorsed for the students or aspirants who want to kick start their career in this field. Graphic Master Plus course is one such diploma course of 12 months which instills you how to think, plan and design in a way that is strategically planned and provides innovative opportunities to you.

You will be leaving this diploma program with a comprehensive understanding of design and a skills set of designing tools and techniques to use them in your innovative landscape through your designs. Once you are ready to apply what you got in your graphic design training, it’s time to take next step in your career.

What kind of jobs a graphic designing student can avail after graphic design courses?

Knowing what types of jobs are available for you in this field will help you in picking up the right job to go for. Below is the list of top 10 job profiles with essential points related to them.

Graphic designer

Average Base Salary (INR): ₹2,98,623/ year

Job roles of a graphic designer

This role has wide-ranging responsibilities to perform which includes idea creation, planning, research and making of final designs.  Final designs include various product layouts, brand logos, web UI, packaging, stationery campaigns, posters, social media ad layouts, books, brochures, booklets, clothing and many more.

To make standout projects, graphic designers need to have their hands on essential color theory, typography basics, image editing, and many other principles. This is important to know to create an appealing design that will target the demographics of the brand. Apart from this, they get most out of industry popular software packages to represent their ideas on digital canvas and to make them more appealing to the targeted audience. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Sketchbook, etc. are few of them.

Some other roles to play are:

  • Discussion with the clients on the projects and make strategies for it to target the right audience.
  • Planning of the essential design elements like colors, fonts, layout, etc. for the project.
  • Work on the designs in the way that it describes what brand is offering.
  • Create vector illustrations using software like Adobe Illustrator, Sketchbook, Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.
  • Produce 3D photo realistic mockups of the products using software like Adobe Dimension.
  • Develop user interface for mobile apps and websites.
  • Make logos and other stationery design items to create brand identity.
  • Represent the final project to the client and targeted person professionally.
  • Work in the team and collaborate with other team members to figure out what else can be added in the final project.  Help others in finalizing their work.
  • Take feedbacks from clients and make suitable changes in view of that.
  • Scrutinize the complete project; look for every detail before forwarding it to final presentation, or publication or printing.

Skills required to become a graphic designer

  • Need for the big C which is fundamentally “Creativity” from where everything starts.
  • Effective communication and branding skills are crucial.
  • Time-management and proper strategy to execute the work.
  • Typography knowledge along with design fundamentals.
  • Proven software knowledge.
  • A good understanding of digital and print designs.

Brand identity designer

Average Base Salary (USD): $48,782/ year

Job roles of a brand identity designer

The main role of this job is to build an identity for the brand. By creating visually compelling logos, visiting cards, back drops, letter heads, posters, envelopes, etc. based on the theme of the brand, brand identity designers represent the sole of the brand. They do research on audience and find out what types of element they can use to create a long lasting presence of the brand in the eyes of its audience.

They take care of every single detail and work efficiently to create a unique individuality by using distinct colors, font styles, layouts, symbols, etc.

Skills required to become a brand identity designer

  • Time and team management expertise.
  • An eye to see the details.
  • Good understanding of complete print and digital designing process.
  • Proficiencies on digital design software applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Troubleshoot problems related to brand identity through designs.

Commercial art director

Average Base Salary (INR: ₹6,45,410/ year

Job roles of a commercial art director

This profession is one of the top rated jobs in this creative digital industry. Commercial art directors are those who know how to bring out the best in design. They use their visualization skills to guide the entire designing team and help them to work effectively on the vision and concept of the project.

They are present in different industries be it fashion industry, textile, print media, advertising, post production, even in animation. They are the first thinkers ideas come from and develop into an artwork.

The commercial art director is also a key person who reviews and approves the projects and artworks created by the designing team members.

In order to maintain the brand image in front of audience, commercial art directors also have to discuss with other directors and seniors coming from the different departments such as marketing and customer service.

Being a commercial art director, you can work with a brand, or freelancing is also a good option to go for.

Skills required to become a commercial art director

  • Ability to create fresh ideas and visual concepts.
  • High level confidence and motivation to express ideas to the team.
  • Organizational skills to manage multitask.
  • Team management is one of the most vital abilities of a commercial art director.
  • Facility to accept criticism and adapt ideas from others to meet their needs.
  • Zeal to know about new trends going on in the industry.
  • Software skills with a good amount of visual grammar and fine arts knowledge.

Publication designer

Avg. Base Salary (USD): $50,425/ year

Job roles of a publication designer

Publication designers work with the companies which required the publication work. They produce visual contents like brochures, books, newspaper, reports, catalogs, user manual, booklets, research papers, etc. They present the provided written content effectively with other visual design elements like shapes and images to make the plain writing looks striking and attention-grabbing to the readers.

In images, graphs and pie charts are most commonly used as they make given data easier to understand, especially in plain reports. Making plain content visually appealing is one of the main roles of a publication artist.

Skills required to become a publication designer

  • Layout planning knowledge
  • Demonstrated software skills
  • An understanding of design principles

Other skills

Apart from time management and communication, there are some other skills which a publication artist needs to have. These are:

  • For publication artist it is important to keep up to date with standard sizes of common products and packaging on different units. He is the one who design for logo, magazine, newspaper, books, and other stationery items. So, knowing all the standard sizes becomes necessary.
  • It is also very imperative to know about the pre-press and post-press process.

Product packaging artist

Avg. Base Salary (INR): ₹2,55,000/ year

Job roles of a product packaging artist

Product packaging artists mainly create designs for the container, labels, or box in which product will be placed to protect it while shipping. Product packaging plays a very important role when it comes to branding of a particular product as the packaging communicates the key features and brand details to the consumer. For designing the labels or containers, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw software applications are used. In these software applications, precise details and measurements are added to create a proper layout. A complete view of the packaging is created in the software.

After this, layout is forwarded to the other team members or client who gives their feedback on it. According to the feedbacks, changes are made and then final design will go for printing.

Skills required to become a product packaging artist

  • A high proficiency on software applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, and Adobe InDesign.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications is important.
  • Not only verbal communication but also written skills are essential to have.
  • Innovative approach with creative thinking to develop unique layout is the strength of a product packaging artist.
  • A sharp eye on every detail is must to have.

Advertising designer

Avg. Base Salary (USD): $43,000/ year

Job roles of an advertising designer

An advertising designer is a person who takes help from photography, graphic design and some sketching to produce gorgeous looking material for the brand which will be used for branding. Mainly advertising designers are busy in creating the print advertisements for websites, social media, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and many more.

They start with the idea layouts or rough sketches and then give them finishing on digital screen, they add variations in the shapes, colors and typography by keeping the targeted demographic in the mind. Later, created designs go for feedbacks and corrections. With feedbacks, changes happen and final design comes into picture.

Mainly they work for multi-national companies, production houses or advertising agencies.

Skills required to become an advertising designer

  • Competitive attitude is required as there are other too who are targeting the same audience.
  • Artistic ability with good presentation skills should be there.
  • Sound software and marketing fundamentals knowledge is also important to have.
  • Good communication skills are imperative.

Multimedia designer

Avg. Base Salary (INR): ₹3,50,000/ year

Job roles of a multimedia designer

Multimedia designers have the capabilities to work for various fields which include graphic design, web design, animation, video editing, photo editing, video game development, set design, architecture, CAD, and many more. They use variety of software applications to create complex yet stunning animated graphics and artwork. They know how to sketch, create idea layouts, and color layouts. They create story boarding, and present a story through their artwork. In animation, they work on sketches, prepare a story timeline and create 3D models. They are also responsible for developing the entire environment for the story.

In post-production field they guide the crew in making suitable adjustments in the lights, and set designs. They also work in video editing and motion graphics line and can do film editing using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

In web design field, they work with UI/UX designers and help them in finalizing the UIs. They also possess programming skills.

Skills required to become a multimedia designer

  • Proficiency in presenting the ideas and message in multimedia context.
  • Combined designing, editing and programming skills.
  • Innovative and creative approach in work.
  • Up-to-date with latest industry trends.
  • Competence to work with all major software applications of digital media.

To become a versatile multimedia artist, it is really vital to join professional multimedia design courses.

UI and UX designer

Avg. Base Salary (INR): ₹6,01,310/ year

Job roles of a UI/UX designer

UX and UI designers are the creative minds who are responsible for the user experience as well as user interface of any website or mobile app. They give design vision to the web developers and mobile app developers and provide them a detailed UI of all the pages for websites or mobile apps which include design assets like vector icons, fonts, colors, and shapes. Nowadays UI/UX designers started to get into some codding too. They know how to work with HTML & CSS and JavaScript which are the languages that are used for developing the real user interface of websites and apps.

UI/UX designers do a detailed research on users’ interest, conduct surveys, and prepare personas to make the design accessible, feasible and enjoyable for the users. They create rough sketches and use different UI design applications like Adobe XD, Sketch, Invision, Zepline, Figma etc. to create wireframes out of the rough designs. They prepare a network of prototyping that gives a real-time view of navigation. They also share prototypes to other team members and clients for reviews and work on recommended changes.

Their main goal is to make a visually appealing and easy to navigate design for the users. They prepare a whole user flow to inspect the chances of conflicts in the design flow so that they are correct that as soon as possible.

Skills required to become a UI/UX designer

  • Technical skills related to the creation of user flow, wireframing, prototyping and final mockup designing.
  • Apart from this you also need to work on your rough sketching skills.
  • Ability to work on concentrated user research, planning and testing.
  • Collaboration with other team members.
  • Knowledge of information architecture and application development.

Photo editor

Avg. Base Salary (INR): ₹2,71,927/ year

Job roles of a photo editor

Photo editors work with photographers and help them in enhancing their raw footages. They work on images and retouch them using photo editing tools such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Making cutouts, changing colors, adjusting angles, combining different pictures together to compose a new scene are some of their main tasks in photo editing. Photo editors work behind the scenes and possess managing skills. They also own a strong understanding of lighting and shadows and play around them to add depth in the edited photographs.

Skills required to become a photo editor

  • Proven technical skills on leading editing applications like Adobe Photoshop.
  • Understanding of light, shadow and color balance.
  • Collaboration skills to work with different persons.
  • Comfortable working under pressure with deadline.

By completing a photo editing course in Delhi, image editing skills can be enhanced.


Avg. Base Salary (INR): ₹295.59/ hour

Job roles of a freelancer in graphic design

Freelancers work autonomously most of the time. They don’t work in the collaboration. They possess a good understanding of users’ psychology and create projects by keeping them in mind. The main goal of every freelancer is to meet with the needs of clients and satisfy them with their projects. They create designs that appeal to clients’ targeted audience which make them more likely to get suggested by their clients.

Skills required to become a freelancer in graphic design

  • Decision making on right time to pick up the projects.
  • Time management is the key here to satisfy the clients.
  • Communication and written skills make job done for freelancers.
  • Good software skills are essential to have in order to turn ideas into design.
  • Design basics’ understanding is crucial as it is the way to produce a tempting artwork.

Please note that the given estimated salary scale data is extracted from Experienced designers and artists’ salary scale is not mentioned in the list.  

It is also important to know that pay scale increases with different factors in which work experience, no of skills and work responsibility level come at the top.

How to start?

We have already discussed about the graphic designing and its career options. Now one thing which comes to our mind, how to start?

Therefore, I have just three points to share with you; these are the steps to follow:

  • 50+ courses are there at Graphic Design Institute in Delhi which you can choose from, though both Graphic Master Course and Master Plus are the top rated among all. These two are the best one to start with.
  • Once you select your program, it’s time to practice hard and apply every concept that you learn in your classes. Remember consistently in the learning is important.
  • It is also crucial to prepare a good set of work. Thus, at last you will prepare and finalize your portfolio. For some ideas you can check graphic design portfolio.

If you really want to be like a graphic design master then you must check-out our wide-ranging graphic design courses which are for all levels be it novice or an experienced person.

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