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A week before, I was going through various websites on internet searching related to graphic designing and suddenly what caught my attention was the title of one blog which goes like a IS GRAPHIC DESIGN DEAD?

I stayed, looked at it again for my confirmation and went into the page to understand what they want to convey through their blog but to my surprise, they have deliberately used that title to increase the visitors on their sites.

Obviously, there’s no point (even in imagination!) of considering that Graphic design is dead.  Graphic design has emerged into a whole new world which has opened up several avenues for us and all the people out there.

Our world runs on the visuals. We live in a world that thrives on design and since the time we have discovered the design around us, we have always used it in an uncertain way to differentiate ourselves from the rest.

Companies felt tempted towards interesting banners, extraordinary product photography, memorable logo designs, and strong visual identity and made graphic Designing as an essential part of their marketing strategy.

Their constant reason to differentiate themselves from the crowd of competitors through effective graphic designing can probably be the reason behind the increasing demand of graphic design professionals.

Today we are going to look over the flamboyant nature of the designing industry in our blog – from where it all started, how concepts have been transformed, how people have challenged themselves to explore more about the industry and much more, we are going on a long journey, my friends!

Graphic Design today: How the World has Changed – The Past & Present

Graphic Design today: How the World has Changed - The Past & Present
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If we go back in the past, designers used to sketch their ideas and concepts on paper. As we become more technologically sound and industry got familiar with the latest trends, designers started using innovative digital tools. The field of Graphic design has evolved into a full-fledged career option.

Graphic design, in simpler terms, is a process that involves communication through thoughts, ideas, text, images and other design elements. Graphic design offers creative freedom to designers and allows them to directly communicate to their audience through the visual medium. Different shapes, colors, and various design elements open up the door of creativity and imagination for designers and with digital tools, they paint the canvas to bring the imagination into reality.

When we go deep into the history of graphic design, we understood that it is an art form and we humans have always explored different ways to express ourselves through art. Be it photography or various dance forms, we have always connected ourselves with them and explored the raw of ourselves.

The same goes for Graphic designing. Initially, people used to draw or sketch on paper and as soon as we got our hands-on digital software, Graphic design became the new platform for us.

The idea of designing digitally bought a whole new revolution in the industry and with the invention of the Gutenberg Press, it reached to the masses.

As I just mentioned how Graphic Design is a kind of language and industry experts believe that just like the communication process, it is also constantly evolving and developing into a more complex term.

Human psychology, behavior, trends, color sense, and environmental changes, today everything affects the designing process. The more we understand humans, the more design transform.

Today, Graphic design has evolved into a better and professional art form. It has adapted itself according to this modern world- this modern world doesn’t follow only one language of style and trends but has treasures to explore!

Graphic design has become an inevitable part of our life. From the time we wake up to the time we sleep, we are surrounded by the designs.  These small design things around us have become a source of inspiration for the designers

The newspaper we read in the morning, the cereal box that we take for breakfast, the banners and hoardings we see on the road while going to the office, the menu which we look at for our lunch to the ads we like on Instagram, everything incorporates design. It is the ubiquity of Graphic Design- it is everywhere!

How Graphic Designing Is Evolving?

How Graphic Designing Is Evolving?
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Who has imagined the fact that we actually witness the time where we can connect to anyone over digital platforms but here we are! Today, the revolution in the digital industry has transformed everything the way we think, the way we conceptualize, how we present ourselves and even the way we eat our food. Everything has been tremendously affected by the technologies.

We can only look at things and how they have completely changed the way we used to be. The digital revolution has brought change in our work profiles and how we communicate today.

Among all the developments and changes that rule the industry, it is how graphic design has turned into modern design become the center of everyone’ s attention.

Graphic design is not the same anymore. The field is now more about than just designing. Designs have become more user-centric and intuitive and designers no longer take much time to understand what their audience wants in reality.

Here are some changes that I have observed in Graphic designing that has resulted in the future growth of the industry

  • Companies are investing hugely:
Companies are Investing Hugely
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With 80% of consumers, looking for products on an online platform, it has become important for companies to have their brand on the online domain. Every single company wants to strong out its online presence to stay ahead in the competition. Technology has given a platform to the brands to increase their online reach and companies are embracing. Websites have become a backbone for the brands. websites are not a mere marketing tool for companies it has become an essential part of their marketing strategy.

Graphics are an essential part of the website. Companies are investing hugely in Graphic designing and probably this could be the reason for the growth in demand of graphic designers.

  • Blending Content Marketing with Graphic Design
Blending Content Marketing with Graphic Design
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Whether it is about the company’s vision, their strengths, their goals or about their product, space is required to store all of them. Websites do all for a brand. Content has always been the king of industry and the success of any brand does get affected by the content they deliver through their website.

Through content only, the consumers get to know about what companies actually want to convey. Through graphics, companies are providing support to their content and bringing the change in the process of delivering the context.

Graphic designers combine content with illustrations, stock images and bring the meaning of content in a more enhanced and effective way.

  • New channels to explore
New channels to Explore
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With the improvements to the internet, there are a lot more avenues opening up for designers to explore. Social media has become another with 80% of consumers, looking for products on an online platform, it has become an important platform where companies can interact, communicate and target the potential audience.

Designers are now embracing these new channels and exploring new skills that they can add up. Now they do not just design to capture the audience but also create designs in which even the audience can interact too!

New disciplines like User Experience, User Interface, responsive designs have emerged into the world of the design industry and offering a lot more career scope to designers.

How the Role of the Graphic Designer has Changed – The Modern Trends of Design

Role of the Graphic Designer has Changed
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The role of a graphic designer has changed a lot in recent years. They are not just mere designers now; they have evolved into an interactive designer.

They are now pushing their limits and crossing the virtual and physical boundaries that stopping them from creating something unusual, out of the box yet real designs.

Today, brands not only rely on individuals who can create just a basic logo for them but they are looking for designers who can build an entire visual identity for them.

Graphic design is not just about the artwork, it is the process of making a connection between the brand and its potential customers using images, illustrations, text, effects, and other design elements.

Something that appeared to be a trend for designers in 2018 might become outdated for us now. A similar situation is happening in the designing industry. Till now 2019 has been a great year for the industry but we are almost 35 days far from entering a WHOLE NEW DECADE and there will be a set of new trends ruling the industry.

These are some relevant trends that will balance the dynamic behavior of the Graphic Industry. Let us look at them in detail.

  • Simplify
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The audience for which designers create the design is busier than ever. People have no time to look at the designs in detail, understand the complexity behind it and appreciate it. They need something which can convey the actual meaning without any hassles.

Gone are those days, when companies actually thought that the complex logo design, the chaotic design elements will create a big impact on the audience. Today, simplicity rules the industry. Simple designs are taking designs to the new and professional level.

  • Bigger the better
Bigger the better
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If you are following our latest blogs, you will know that “The bigger the better” is the top trend reigning in the industry. You will also agree with the fact that companies are stressing over bold and bigger elements in their designs.

Designers are making bold choices by choosing offbeat color palettes, various typefaces that are heavy and strong in nature to leave a long-lasting impression on the viewer’s mind in less time frame.

For instance, Have you looked at the recent logo of dropbox?. How the designer has used a bold and multiple color palette in the logo to show that they offer storage to every business irrespective of any industry and field they belong to.

  • Larger Impact
Larger Impact
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Graphic design, no doubt has become simple but it has become much more comprehensive. Just look at the logo of YouTube. it is just the logo left now. no words no text just a few vector shapes. They have presented the whole idea of their brand through just a single icon.

Graphic design is not about being complicated but it is about making a larger impact in a much simpler way.

Looking at tomorrow- A Future in Graphic Design

Looking at tomorrow- A Future in Graphic Design
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Graphic design has become one of the most important forms of visual communication. With technology, we have access to the unending world of creative graphic design has for us to offer.

The more we go into the process of Graphic designing, the more it will leave us awestruck with all what it has stored inside.

Today, the important point to understand in graphic designing is that designers just not have to make a brand look impressive on multiple online platforms, Graphic Design is more about contributing to enhancing the customer experience for that particular brand.

It is not just creating visuals; it is about making memorable visuals- the visuals that last longer in the mind of consumers.

Graphic Design has offered a lot of career options until now and has become a favourable career option for many people like us. As a leading digital media training education institute in Delhi, Graphic Design Institute which is partner of ADMEC Multimedia Institute has been #1 in providing professional training in graphic designing courses.

Since its inception, our entire focus remains on the quality of education we offer to our students. We have numerous career-oriented courses in every field of designing and individuals can customize them as per their choice.

From short term certificate courses to long term diploma courses, we take care of every individual’s needs.

So, That’s a wrap from my side guys. I hope you liked reading the article.

What do you guys think about this change in the graphics industry? Did you guys also feel overwhelmed by the unexplored side that it shows to us or still think of it just like a normal art form?

We would like to make you part of us. Share your thoughts on this with us. Write to us about your journey as a graphic designer, we would love to hear!

Stay tuned with us for more informative blogs! Till then, Keep Designing, Keep Exploring!

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